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Fulton County, Ohio wild bird sightings, through2005.

20053/20/5 Wauseon Reservoir First COMMON LOON I've seen this season, plus 8 Common Mergansers, 14 Scaup/RingNecked Ducks, 6 RingBilled Gulls-- fewer birds than I expected! Archbold Reservoir A dozen Mallards, a dozen Ringbilled Gulls, a Bufflehead drake, a Lesser Scaup drake. U/SR34 Hundred or so RingBilled and Herring Gulls in the field. 3/29/5 Denny S. told me about the Ridgeville Corners Sewage Lagoons so I had to check: zilch. Archbold Reservoir Different story here: 39 RED-BREASTED MERGANSERS (my first of season), 50 Lesser Scaup, 10 RingBilled Gulls, 2 pair of Redheads, 2 pair of RingNecked Ducks, 1 Canada Goose on the south pond. The north pond had only 10 Scaup and another Canada Goose, loudly calling for the other. Following 66 north out of Archbold to the intersection of county roads J/23 where a tiny pond on the right held TWENTY Wood Ducks, 6 Blue Winged Teal, 4 Mallard, 1 GreenWinged Teal drake. Not far down the road in a mere flooded field was a huge congregation of ducks: 5 GreenWinged Teal, 12 PINTAIL DUCKS, 6 American Wigeon, 4 RingNecked Ducks, 12 Canada Geese, and 100 Mallards (exactly!). By contrast, the usually productive huge "perfect" marsh at SR66/Turnpike was empty. L/22 had lots of swamp mowed and much more dry than normal-- and much fewer birds than normal too: 2 Wood Ducks, 20 or so Mallards, 4 BlueWinged Teal. StateRoute2/CountyRoad 20 heavy traffic didn't permit more than a quick stop: Wigeon, Shoveler, Hooded Merganser, Mallard, Bufflehead... Wauseon Reservoir So huge and also amazingly deserted: 100+ Scaup/RingNecked flock, 10 Redhead pairs, and a pair of Bufflehead. Rusty Blackbirds were mixed in with Grackles, Cowbirds, Starlings and RedWinged Blackbirds in almost all blackbird flocks. 3/30/5 Jon Diller on OhioBirds@Envirolink: "Observed one Common Loon at the Archbold Reservoir and one at the Wauseon Reservoir today. Both birds were in their summer plumage. There were 3 to 7 Horned Grebes on both reservoirs also-mixed plumages." 73-degree day begged for a walk after work at Goll Woods, where I walked only the deciduous loop. Birds were few and far between but WOW!: excellent viewing of a male YELLOW-BELLIED SAPSUCKER. Hearing a triplet-woodpecker call approaching I watched as a male PILEATED WOODPECKER flew into view, landing just eight feet off the ground! Beautiful bird that I watched for a long time, admiring its white wing patches as it went to the ground and then back up the tree several times. Had to write him off when a family with several loud children approached on the trail, but WOW! Also, my first two PHOEBES of the season called each other and flitted close, oblivious to my presence. Harbinger-of-Spring was the only wildflower in bloom, and Anglewings were flying about the woods, with lots of harder-to-identify flies, wasps and millers. Fox Squirrels barked at Wild Turkeys. Western Chorus Frogs ran their thumbs over combs all over the woods. Other more common birds: BARRED OWL chased by a Crow, GoldenCrowned Kinglets, a Turkey Vulture, 2 RedWinged Blackbird, a Grackle, 2 Titmice, Chickadees, Downy/RedHeaded/RedBellied Woodpeckers, Flickers, WhiteBreasted Nuthatches. Enroute home, I saw my first flock of 50 PECTORAL SANDPIPERS in the flooded field at H/22.75. 4/9/5 CoRd J /23 Tiny Pond held 30 BlueWinged Teal, a Great Blue Heron and 6 pair of Wood Ducks. The flooded field next to it had 10 Bonaparte's Gulls, 16 RingBilled Gulls, 2 Shovelers, 8 BlueWinged Teal, 14 Mallards, 3 Canada Geese, Pectoral Sandpipers somewhat hidden in the grass. Also my first-of-season Lesser Yellowlegs. 6/1/5 An Ovenbird sang loudly near the road near Goll Woods. Archbold Reservoir Absolutely nothing here, until I sighed, and a Great Blue Heron, a RingBilled Gull and 20 Canada Geese suddenly flew in! Still not much, but hey, lotsa stuff in bloom now: Hairy Beardtongue, Virgina and LargeLeafed Waterleaf, Yarrow, Wild Parsnip, Black Locust (yum!), Oxeye Daisy, Yellow Wood-Sorrel, Moneywort, Alsike, Hop, White, Red, and Yellow Sweet Clover, Yellow Goatsbeard, Butterwood, Star of Bethlehem, Blackberry, Mousear, Star and Common Chickweed, and English Plantain (hey when is a wildflower just a plain old weed?!!), plus first (for me)-of-season butterflies like Silver Spotted Skippers, Monarchs, RedSpotted Purples, American Painted Ladies, and European Skippers. 7/14/05 Archbold Reservoir Just a PiedBilled Grebe (juvenal) Wauseon Reservoir 3 Canada Geese and Tree Swallows 66/Turnpike In shocking contrast to WmsCo 16/c, this place is bone dry. A flock of about 50 Killdeer had a look of shock, "There USED to be water here, I swear!" 8/15/05 Archbold and Wauseon Reservoirs Empty SR66/Turnpike was totally overgrown with tall weeds! Dry, way too dry for any shorebird. And no shorebird habitat at all (for opposite reasons-- way too much water) at Williams County's16/C. 8/19/05 Fri The local shorebird sites just aren't coming through this year (Williams County's 16/C is inexplicably too wet, while Fulton County's SR66/Turnpike is far too dry), 8/31/05 Archbold Reservoir, Wauseon Reservoir, 66/Turnpike All totally empty Goll Woods Nothing extraordinary, just Jewelweed and Tall Bellflower. 9/13/05 Archbold/Wauseon Reservoirs empty 10/7/05 Archbold Reservoir/Wauseon Reservoir Empty. Strangely no gulls anywhere locally! 12/11/5 From Toledo "My dad reported seeing a large flock of Sandhill Cranes north of Delta this afternoon. Not sure of the exact time but I would put it between noon and 2pm. He said they were relatively low leading me to suspect they may have been landing. Unfortunately I'm still in school down here in WV. He also reported seeing a Northern Harrier and a mixed flock of Buntings and Larks north of Delta as well. --Joe Hildreth 20 Delta, OH/ Morgantown, WV" 12/17/05 Joe Hildreth and I covered a section of Goll Woods for the Goll Woods Christmas Bird Count today, the best bird of which had to be the HERMIT THRUSH found by eagle-eye Joe, allowing for great viewing right by the trail! This was of course during the only half-hour I was without my cameras. Also during this half-hour FOUR SANDHILL CRANES flew overhead just above the treetops, the last dragging a leg. At the corner just outside of Goll Woods was a wonderfully cooperative ROUGH-LEGGED HAWK (light male) that perched overhead, then flew low beside the car showing us every identification point possible! After lunch we joined up with Jon Diller to cover the Boy Scout Camp near Lake Harrison State Park. Some numbers for our group's section were only one Canada Goose (the reservoir was frozen), 6 Mallards (only because of the warm pond at the water treatment plant), 4 Northern Harriers, 3 Cooper's Hawks , 10 RedTailed Hawk, 3 Kestrels, 3 Pheasants, 4 Sandhill Cranes, 84 Mourning Doves, 96 Rock Doves, 5 RedBellied Woodpeckers, 4 Downy Woodpeckers, 3 Flickers, 20 Blue Jays, 13 Crows, 17 Larks, 7 BlackCapped Chickadees, 6 Tufted Titmice, 11 WhiteBreasted Nuthatches, 4 Brown Creepers, 1 Carolina Wren, 7 Eastern Bluebirds, 1 Hermit Thrush, 150 Starlings, 2 Cedar Waxwings, 9 Song Sparrows, 1 WhiteThroated Sparrow, 15 Juncos, 2 Lapland Longspurs, 217 Snow Buntings, 16 Cardinals, 37 House Finches, 6 Goldfinches, 240 House Sparrows. Team Doug & Micki Dunakin discovered FOUR lingering TURKEY VULTURES at Harrison Lake. For a full list see the Black Swamp CBC webpage. 12/18/05 " Hi John, These are the two pics I took of the Sandhill Cranes in Fulton County yesterday, North of St. Rt. 20 on County Rd. 12 about 3/4 of a mile...--Marc P." 20041/3 From OhioBirds@Envirolink: "Karin Tanquist and I (Pat Coy) drove from Milwaukee, WI to Peninsula, OH today, and stopped for some birding and hiking at Goll Woods State Nature Preserve in northwestern Ohio, in Fulton County. Goll Woods is 300 acres of the last essentially undisturbed remnant of the primeval forest that once graced the Black Swamp territory of NW Ohio. The trees in Goll Woods are among the largest in Ohio, some reaching 400-500 years old with diameters of six feet. It is a magical place, as the numbers of RedHeaded Woodpeckers seemed to suggest: RedHeaded Woodpecker 13, Downy Woodpecker 7, RedBellied Woodpecker 5, Hairy Woodpecker 1, WhiteBreasted Nuthatch 14, RedBreasted Nuthatch 1, BlackCapped Chickadee14, Carolina Wren 6, GoldenCrowned Kinglet 1, Junco 5, Cardinal 21, Goldfinch 4, RedTailed Hawk 1.Goll Woods is just 2 miles south of the Turnpike, right off the exit for Rte 66 and Archbold, OH. It makes a great stop on a long drive across the Midwest...BTW, on the drive from Wisconsin to NE Ohio today, we also had 29 RedTailed Hawks from Chicago to Peninsula.--Patrick Coy Peninsula, OH" 1/7/4 Off work at 4pm, took Wms/FultonCo LnRd (American Tree Sparrow, Starlings, Horned Larks, Juncos, Cardinals, RedTailed Hawk) to Archbold Water Treatment Plant (only 20+ Mallards), then through back streets watching feeders (Mourning Dove, House Sparrows, House FInches, Goldfinches) to Archbold Reservoir (only Canada Geese, Rock Pigeons), then to Sauder's, continuing on SR66 to Ohio Turnpike (Harrier) then to Goll's Woods by 5:20. Best bird by far was BARRED OWL, but heard a GREAT HORNED OWL there too. Too late for Woodpeckers, or anything but Cardinals, but many deer walking around in the moonlight. 1/15 Archbold Reservoir A dozen Mallards kept the last open water from freezing with constant paddling. 1/18 Wauseon Reservoir Completely frozen. 1/19 Archbold Reservoir 2 Canada Geese Goll Woods Dave M. & I covered the trails; only ONE RedHeaded Woodpecker, and only ONE GoldenCrowned Kinglet. )VER ONE THOUSAND SNOW BUNTINGS with about 100 Larks at SR2/CR25. I could only pull 7 LAPLAND LONGSPURS out of the crowd. Snow Buntings landed on the road extremely close to the road for a very enjoyable experience! 1/23/4 Archbold Reservoir empty Wastewater Plant a dozen Mallards.2/5/4 Archbold Reservoir 8 Mallards keep a tiny sliver of water from freezing over.3/5/4 Archbold Reservoir a pair of Goldeneye (I don't think I've ever seen them in Fulton County!), and 5 RingBilled Gulls. 66/Turnpike 75 Mallards, 17 Canada Geese. I was expecting much more. Archbold Water Treatment Plant 4 Canada Geese. State Route 34 at the Henry/Williams County Line 27 Mallards, 5 Lesser Scaup and a Wood Duck. 3/6/4 Enroute to Michigan, we stopped off at the Archbold Reservoir 28 Lesser Scaup, 5 Goldeneye, 2 RingNecked Ducks, 1 Mallard, 1 Canada Goose, 1 Great Blue Heron. Wauseon Reservoir Appeared empty but the scope revealed about a hundred birds bouncing on the chop stirred up by the strong wind, making visibility tough: Scaup, RIngNecks mostly but also a few Bufflehead, RED-BREASTED MERGANSERS (my first of the season), and two Canada Geese. No Gulls. 3/17/4 Archbold Reservoir This vast expanse was wasted on just two Canada Geese and a RingBilled Gull. Turnpike/66 Thirty Wood Ducks at least, on one fallen branch in the little swamp. 3 Hooded Mergansers (one hen), 2 pair of Shovelers, a pair of BlueWinged Teal, 8 Mallards and 7 Canada Geese on the big swamp: not much for such a huge area. Wauseon Reservoir 212 Scaup (didn't scope every bird, but every one I did was Lesser), 23 RingBilled Gulls, 4 Redheads, 4 Hooded Mergansers, and 1 RedBreasted Merganser drake. 3/28/4 SR66/Turnpike Shovelers, BlueWinged Teal, Mallards, Scaup (under ten of each) and 4 Canada Geese. Best bird here: my first-of-the-season Great Egret. Wauseon Reservoir 30 RedBreasted Mergansers, 12 RingBilled Gulls, 8 Ruddy Ducks, 4 Canada Geese, 3 Horned Grebes, 2 Mallards, a Hooded Merganser, and 5 of my first-of-the-season Bonaparte's Gulls in winter plumage. 4/1/4 Archbold Reservoir 5 Ruddy Ducks and 34 RingBilled Gulls. Was surprised by a big flock of PIPITS (first-of-season for me) at the intersection of W and 25, at the Fulton/Williams/HenryCo corner. 4/4/4 Wauseon Reservoir 2 Common Loons, 2 RingBilled Gulls and 9 Ruddy Ducks. SR66/Turnpike A dozen RingNecked Ducks, a dozen Mallards, one Great Egret. Archbold Reservoir A pair of Bufflehead, and single drake RingNecked Duck and a Lesser Scaup drake.4/1/4 Archbold Reservoir 5 Ruddy Ducks and 34 RingBilled Gulls. Was surprised by a big flock of PIPITS (first-of-season for me) at the intersection of W and 25, at the Fulton/Williams/HenryCo corner. 4/4/4 Wauseon Reservoir 2 Common Loons, 2 RingBilled Gulls and 9 Ruddy Ducks. SR66/Turnpike A dozen RingNecked Ducks, a dozen Mallards, one Great Egret. Archbold Reservoir A pair of Bufflehead, and single drake RingNecked Duck and a Lesser Scaup drake. 4/10/4 Delta Reservoir Joe H was home and saw 2 Wood Ducks, 6 BlueWing Teal, 3 Mallards 2 Kingfishers 4/11/4 Delta Reservoir Joe H was home and saw 6 Bufflehead. He also reported Blue and Green Winged Teal at Turnpike/66, and added a Solitary Sandpiper at H/18. 7/13/4Archbold Reservoir (just Canada Geese) SR66/Turnpike Marsh (just Great Blue Herons)7/15/4 SR34/CR26 Judy L. reports ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAKS are STILL coming to her feeders! 9/6/4 SR66/Turnpike Weedy and flooded, not suitable habitat for shorebirds: a Kingfisher, a Great Egret, 2 Turkey Vultures, 6 DoubleCrested Cormorants, 5 Killdeer, 12 Mallards, 24 Chimney Swifts Wauseon Reservoir Just a Cormorant.10/4/4Wauseon Reservoir Empty but for six Killdeer, odd birds for this place.10/6/4 Archbold Reservoir 3 DoubleCrested Cormorants. Wauseon Reservoir A RIngBilled Gull 66/Turnpike 3 Great Egrets, 5 Mallards, a peep, lotsa Killdeer, Great Blue Heron.10/7/4Archbold Reservoir A trackmeet... 66/Turnpike A LESSER YELLOWLEGS still hanging around.10/8/4 Archbold Reservoir zero 66/Turnpike 75 Mallards and 3 Great Blue Herons.10/23/4 SR66/Turnpike Enroute to Detroit stopped off to find a pair of Greater Yellowlegs and a pair of Lesser Yellowlegs.11/8/4 Archbold Reservoir Expected much after yesterday at Hurshtown Reservoir-- nothing here however. 66/Turnpike 2 drake Hooded Mergansers in perfect light, simply beautiful.11/9/4 Archbold Reservoir Four Ruddy Ducks and 12 Canada Geese. 66/Turnpike 3 Great Blue Herons, period. sigh.

12/18/4 Fulton County SR 2/SR66 Audrey G. showed us all a new pond here which contained quite a group of Mallards and Canada Geese... and two SNOW GEESE (one blue, one white)

Archbold Reservoir held 3 Ruddy Ducks, 2 Am Black Ducks, 2 Gadwalls, about 500 Canada Geese, 1000 Mallards...and 3 CACKLING GEESE. The CBC here also found ROBINS: 4 in Archbold, 9 at Camp Palmer plus more.20031/6/3 Archbold Reservoir was not iced but still birdless. A stroll through Goll Woods found all the woodpeckers except the target area specialty, pileated. Consolation prize: excellent views of a BARRED OWL. The deer were extremely plentiful, and best was a nice 8-point buck that slowly strolled by, looking over his shoulder at me. I left there at 5:30pm, and enroute home1/8/3 Archbold Reservoir 16 Mallards and a Great Blue Heron. Startlingly red sunset enroute home on Lockwood Rd but no owls...1/9/3 Archbold Reservoir was blocked by a train, Wauseon Reservoir was frozen over. 1/10/3 Archbold Reservoir the South is still totally unfrozen and the North is half-frozen. In the North pond were almost exactly 100 Canada Geese and 5 RingBilled Gulls. 1/27/3 25/E A huge pure flock of SNOW BUNTINGS, at least 250! and close by a flock of 100 Larks, that I pored through finding ten LAPLAND LONGSPURS before the farmer came out to see if he should call AAA for my car! <grin> 25/B Another flock of Snow Buntings-- about 75. Goll Woods All the woodpeckers INCLUDING PILEATED! Yeah! And a ROBIN! No owls, however, not even on Lockwood Rd enroute home. 3/5/3 Archbold Reservoir Just a small melted pool in the middle of the North reservoir, and still just two drake Lesser Scaup. 3/6/3 Archbold Reservoir Still just a small melted pool in the middle of the North reservoir, and still just two drake Lesser Scaup. Wauseon Reservoir also had a melted middle, but no birds. 3/11/3 Archbold Reservoir 36 Canada Geese and a single drake Lesser Scaup. 3/19/3 Dave G. from work said he saw 3 Tundra Swans at the 66/Turnpike marsh last night, so I decided to stop by after work: only 2 species were there: 9 TUNDRA SWANS and 158+ RingNecked Ducks. Archbold Reservoir 48 Gulls (Herring, RingBilled), 36 Scaup, 29 RingNecked Ducks, 8 Redhead, 8 Mallards and a Black Duck. 3/22/3 Today's highlights were my first Bonaparte's Gulls of the year, in 3 places. Archbold Reservoir 2 RedBreasted Merganser (my first of year), 2 Canada Geese, 3 Canvasbacks, 5 Bonaparte's Gulls, 6 Mallards, 21 RingNecked Ducks, 22 Redheads, 26 RIngBilled Gulls, 50 Lesser Scaup. 66/Turnpike 200 RingNecked Ducks, less than 10 each of: Pintails, Gadwall, Wigeon, GreenWInged Teal, Redhead, Lesser Scaup, Mallard, Canada Goose Wauseon Reservoir 1Mute Swan, 2 Bufflehead, 2 Canvasback, 3 Tundra Swans, 4 Redhead, 7 Canada Geese, 12 RedBreasted Merganser, 22 RingBilled Gulls, 25 RingNecked Ducks, 50 Lesser Scaup, 68 Bonaparte's Gulls 3/22/3 CoRd L between 22 and 23 was very good however! Lots of Mallards, Pintails, Wigeon, GreenWinged Teal, Shovelers, RedHeads, Scaup, RingNecked Ducks...and lots of my first BLUEWINGED TEAL of the year. Wauseon Reservoir 68 Gulls, mostly RingBilled with only a couple Herring and Bonaparte. About 75 Ducks, mostly RingNecked with only a couple Lesser Scaup and Redheads.Turnpike/66 About 50 RingNecked Ducks, a huge flock of Cowbirds and that's about it! 3/26/3 Archbold Reservoir 3 Mallards, 3 Northern Shovelers, 4 Redheads, 9 Bufflehead, 9 RingBilled Gulls, 12 RedBreasted Mergansers, 12 Canada Geese, 18 Lesser Scaup, 29 RingNecked Ducks Turnpike/66 Tree Swallow, 2 American Wigeon, 2 Great Blue Herons, 4 Canada Goose, 4 Mallards, 26 RingNecked Ducks Wauseon Reservoir 1 Coot, 1 Horned Grebe, 2 PiedBilled Grebes, 2 Bufflehead, 3 Bonaparte's Gulls, 250 Scaup/RingNecks 3/28/3 Archbold Reservoir 4 RingBilled Gulls, 6 Canada Geese, 6 Bufflhead, 37 in a group of Lesser Scaup/RingNecked Ducks Turnpike/66 8 Canada Goose are the only birds visible! But of course, 3 kids and a big dog walking the perimeter... Wauseon Reservoir My first-of-the-year TWO COMMON LOONS, a Horned Grebe, 4 RingBilled Gulls, a large group of Scaup/RingNecked Ducks bobbing too high and low on the rough waves to count. 4/1/3 Archbold Reservoir 1 RingBilled Gull, 3 Ruddy Ducks, 6 Canada Geese, 6 Bufflhead, 6 RedBreasted Mergansers, 50 +/- Lesser Scaup Wauseon Reservoir RED-NECKED GREBE, now being seen throughout Ohio, 1 RingBilled Gull, 1 Coot, 2 Mallards, group of 200 +/- Scaup/RedHeads/Ruddy, in too big of a hurry to actually count. 4/6/3 Wauseon Reservoir RED-NECKED GREBE still there per Joe Hildreth. 4/26/3 Joe Hildreth writes on Toledo Naturalist's Association website: "A farmer friend of mine told me he saw a bird and wondered if i could help him id it. he described the bird as mostly white with some spots of orangish brown spots with a long skinny neck and long legs about a foot and a half tall. he said the bird followed him around the field all day behind the tractor and he once saw it catch a mouse. i began thinking and came up with cattle egret. i showed him some pics and he said yea thats the bird. im not sure how rare this bird currently is in nw ohio but i found it interesting this sighting was in rural south delta. A different friend told me his grandpa had found a dead bird that he would like me to identify. he described it and i thought common moorhen then i confirmed this when i viewed the bird this was also in the country south of delta. he said his grandma was mowwing the yard when she flushed the bird from the very small decorative bushes close by the house and the bird flew straight into a large white barn and died immediatly. i consider both of these observations interesting and would like feedback from others on both occurences. joe" 5/6/3Goll Woods Walked the Burr Oak Trail and saw only one warbler, but it was a new-for-the-season Parula, only 10 feet away and at knee-level! Lots of RedHeaded Woodpeckers! Turnpike/66 Flooded with nothing apparent. A lovely day in the Swamp indeed! 5/7/3 Goll Woods Walked the Toadshade Trail and saw only one warbler, a loud Ovenbird. A Pileated always makes this walk worthwhile however! 5/28/3 I found a surprise FultonCo entry on the Toledo Naturalists' Association page ( ): "Typical Goll Woods SNP birds were present today, May 25: Cerulean Warbler, Pileated and Red-headed Woodpeckers, Yellow-throated and Red-eyed Vireos. Virginia and Appendaged Waterleaf, and Wild Geranium are in full bloom, Surprizingly few mosquitoes.-- Eric Durbin" 7/7/3 StateRoute66/Turnpike Marsh Returned from the weekend to find a Black Tern, a 21 Least-Sandpiper salute, a Great Egret, 2 Lesser Yellowlegs, 5 Great Blue Herons and Killdeer at this site. L/22 Surprised that the marsh here was now a field of crops! A RedHeaded Woodpecker was on the telephone pole at least.7/9/3 StateRoute66/Turnpike Marsh Only Wood Ducks, two Least Sandpipers, and Killdeer. 25-2/G Yellow-Billed Cuckoo flies across the road at the bridge. 7/24/3Turnpike/66 Pretty much all the regular shorebirds, albeit less than ten for each species, except for the numerous Killdeer: Lesser & Greater (only one) Yellowlegs, Solitary & Spotted Sandpipers, Least & Semipalmated Sandpipers, Killdeer & Semipalmated Plovers (only 2), Great Blue Herons, Wood Ducks, and a YellowBilled Cuckoo. 7/25/3 Turnpike/66 results very similar to last night except add a dozen Pectoral Sandpipers. 8/7/3 SR66/Turnpike Water was high, and so not much better birds: a dozen Semipalmated Sandpipers, a dozen Killdeer, 4 Great Blue Herons, 4 Solitary Sandpipers, 4 Mallards, a BlueWinged Teal, a Wood Duck, 1 Great Egret, 1 Lesser Yellowlegs 8/12/3 SR66/Turnpike 2 dozen Semipalmated Sandpipers, a few Killdeer, 18 Canada Geese, 6 Solitary Sandpiper, 5 Great Blue Herons, 2 Least Sandpipers, 1 STILT SANDPIPER, 1 Wood Duck. 8/20/3661Turnpike Immediately surprised by a dark BALD EAGLE that flew up from this site which is littered with huge dead carp. Many Killdeer, two dozen or so Semipalmated Sandpipers, 4 juvie ShortBilled Dowitchers, 4 Great Egrets, 3 Great Blue Herons, 2 WhiteRumped Sandpipers, 2 Pectoral Sandpipers, 2 Lesser Yellowlegs, a Greater Yellowlegs, a Semipalmated Plover, a Green Heron, a Solitary Sandpiper, AND (best of all) 2 WESTERN SANDPIPERS (well, I have VERY little experience with these) and wouldn't say anything at all, but they were preening and grooming with VERY close viewing! Goll Woods At least 20 Wild Turkeys floated across the road from the parking lot, amazing graceful slow-motion.9/9/366/Turnpike not much different with over 60 each Canada Geese, Mallards and Killdeer. 2 dozen Pectoral Sandpipers, a dozen or so Semipalmated Sandpipers, 3 Lesser Yellowlegs, a pair of Great Egrets, a Greater Yellowlegs, and a Great Blue Heron. 9/11/3 Only an OSPREY at the Wauseon Reservoir. 10/3/3 Wauseon Reservoir 3 RingBilled Gulls and a smattering of Tree Swallows Turnpike/66 Looks like excellent habitat, but not a single bird! 10/3/3 Wauseon Reservoir 3 RingBilled Gulls and a smattering of Tree Swallows Turnpike/66 Looks like excellent habitat, but not a single bird! 10/6/3 Wauseon Reservoir 3 Bonaparte's Gulls and 3 drake Ruddy Ducks. Turnpike/66 5 Canada Geese, 3 Mallards, 3 Great Blue Heron, 10 Crows, and less than 2 dozen Killdeer.11/6/2003 Archbold Reservoir 5pm 82 Canada Geese, 30 Ruddy Ducks, 12 Bufflehead, 10 Lesser Scaup, 8 Redheads, and 2 RingNecked Ducks. SR66/Turnpike 5:15pm Perfect habitat, no birds. Wauseon Reservoir 5:30pm 60 Ruddy Ducks, 33 Bonaparte's Gulls, 6 Gadwall, 4 RingBilled Gulls, 1 RedBreasted Merganser. 11/7/3 Wauseon Reservoir This place is so huge that often it looks empty when the birds are just so far away: tonight it really was empty! 11/11/3 Archbold Reservoir and 66/Turnpike were empty, with only a RingBilled and 39 Bonaparte's Gulls at the Wauseon Reservoir.12/20/2003 Goll Woods Christmas Bird Count with 50 species and 2648 birds, according to compiler Jon Diller. Nine people in four teams, great time. Nathan, Pete and I on one team, Micki and Doug on another, Don & Lach, and finally Jon and Audrey. The very first birds we saw were two PILEATED WOODPECKERS that called and showed off in the morning sun as we all met in the parking lot! Then Nathan, Pete and I found that there were only RED-BREASTED NUTHATCHES on the west side of the road, while Micki and Doug found only WhiteBreasted on the east. We found two Cooper's Hawks, while Jon & Audrey rousted a Sharpie. Still in Goll's Woods, we also found BROWN CREEPERS. Doug & Micki found 2 PINTAILS on the Archbold Reservoir with the usual Mallards, Canada Geese and RingBIlled Gulls. At Harrison Lake, Pete and I found a YELLOW-BELLIED SAPSUCKER, Bluebirds, SNOW BUNTINGS and the most fascinating Wild Turkeys that one-by-one flew slowly in front of us, and over a tall row of trees. Sheer beauty and grace from these gawky birds! There were also SEVEN Flickers in one small copse in a field there! Best birds for me were Lach & Don's flock of 100+ SNOW GEESE near West Unity. ROUGH-LEGGED HAWK reported by two groups (Jon/Audrey, Lach/Don). Fifty species all total, with most birds being Starlings, House Sparrows or Rock Pigeons most certainly. 20021/8/02 US6/SR 66 (p25 D5) Cooper's Lockport Sharpie, judging from flap-flap-flap and no neck Archbold Reservoir ((p25 D5) had about 500 Mallards and 300 Canada Goose, struggling to keep a bit of open water going. Just the usual CanadaGoose,EuSt,HoSp,RockDoves,MourningDove otherwise. FultonCo 22.75/H (p25 D5)A flock made up entirely of Snow Buntings-- at least 1000! An amazing spectacle as they wheeled, landed, flew high against the slate grey/blue sky, disappeared as their background became snow low, bright and great as they landed on dark, bare field. A flock of 50 Horned Larks near the road, and a flock of 50 or so Starlings with a single Mourning Dove in it, all seperate yet in the same field. 1/14/02 Joe Hildreth tops this with a YellowBellied Sapsucker at Goll Woods! 1/22/02 Joe Hildreth and I explored the Toadshade Trail at Goll Woods and found remarkably little (Downy/RedBellied Woodpeckers, Flicker, WhiteBreasted Nuthatch, BlackCapped Chickadee, Cardinal, Mourning Dove, Goldfinch) but finally at the west parking lot, we heard the distinctive call of the PILEATED WOODPECKER and soon thereafter heard the distinctive flight call of the same bird as not one, but two(!), flew by. We had the best viewing of this beautiful bird as it explored the tall trees of the area,our appetite completely satiated, and then even better wonderful viewing of it as it flew overhead, the amazing wing pattern fully visible. Then we walked the Burr Oak Trail, finding very little except a Carolina Wren. Mysteriously absent were the redheaded woodpeckers. We then decided to call owls, finding a BARRED OWL at the Ranger's Station. Back at the main parking lot, another Barred Owl was calling. 2/1/02 Joe Hildreth reports a Common Goldeneye and 10 Canada Geese at Delta Reservoir, while Wauseon Reservoir had 3 Scaup and 25 Gulls (Ringbilled/Herring) 2/6/02 Preoccupied with family matters this last week, it should have felt good to be out again, but only Canada Geese and Mallards (at least 100 of each) at Archbold Reservoir, oddly enough on the North pond instead of the usual South. Wauseon Reservoir had 39 Canada Geese and a lone Herring Gull. Joe Hildreth, coming by 20 minutes later, counted 42 Canadas out on the ice. 2/10/02 Joe Hildreth makes a wild goose discovery that is intriguing at Fulton Pond between Swanton and Delta. Couldn't get away today, but want to check it tomorrow right away. This he photographed (er, digiscoped) through his binoculars using a digicam:

He saw three of these at Fulton Pond and two at Delta Reservoir. Can't wait for tomorrow! 2/11/02 Archbold Reservoir enroute to see the unusual geese today, held only a pair of Common Goldeneye and 4 RingBilled Gulls. Wauseon Reservoir had about 50 gulls, evenly split between Herring and RingBilled. Fulton Pond's geese were still there today, fortunately. Amidst the perhaps 20 Canada Geese were 4 unusual geese: Goose #1 looked like that illustrated in Sibley's as a Canada/WhiteFronted cross, except that it had a large thick white breast band as well as the white end. The white cheek patch of the Canada was evident, as well as an eye-ring of white. It was as large as the largest Giant Canada there. Feet and bill were orange. Goose #2 looked almost exactly the same, except that the white cheek patch was irregular and swallowed the eye. There was a black eye-ring on this guy. Goose #3 was smaller, about the size of our short-necked migrant Canadas that are only here in the winter. His neck was chocolate brown where a Canada should be black, and his cheek patch was tan instead of white. His bill was also a tan-grey instead of black. There was no opportunity to see his feet. Up to this point, it appeared we had Canada/WhiteFronted Crosses, but Goose #4, whom we found last on a walk around the pond, was extremely large (larger than any of the Canadas) and very obviously domestic. Not knowing my domestic geese real well, I would say it was a Greylag, although it looked nothing like the Greylag illustrated in Peterson's (oddly enough, the chocolate brown goose did look like Peterson's greylag somewhat, in that when he swam away one could see obvious striping on the back of his neck). It was definitely not Chinese, or African, or Barred, or Egyptian, etc but had lots of white with black striping on the grey throat. Bill was bright orange, as well as its feet. This last discovery made me think that perhaps here was one of the parents of the other three. Discoverer Joe Hildreth also had photos of two similarly unusual geese he found on nearby Delta Reservoir. We also saw several large flocks of blackbirds, one of which appeared to be totally made up of Grackles!

2/12/02 JOE HILDRETH VISITS FULTON POND TONIGHT AND FINDS A SAWWHET OWL. His batteries went dead on his digital camera, of course, but his dad brought some from home and he gets GREAT PICTURES THROUGH HIS BINOCULARS--EXCELLENT:

2/13/02 Joe failed to find the Sawwhet Owl, but did see 9 flyover Sandhill Cranes near Fulton Pond. 2/14/02 Joe and I walked Fulton Pond failing to see sawwhet, sandhills, or any canada geese hybrids. We did see a Cooper's Hawk, though, very cooperatively turning to show us her fine rounded tail, the white spot on the back of her head, her bright yellow legs, her black-tipped beak, her rusty checked breast. So cooperative she was still there when we left. There were also 1 hen and 2 drake Mallards keeping the little remaining bit of water from turning to ice. Archbold Reservoir had 2 gulls and the pair of Common Goldeneye. Wauseon Reservoir had 10 gulls. Delta Reservoir had one pair of Giant Canadas and four pair of short-necked small Canadas, while 24/108 only had Canadas as well. 2/21/02 joe Hildreth finds 18 Lesser Scaup at Wauseon Reservoir, as well as a few gulls at Archbold Reservoir. 2/25/02 Joe reports a Turkey Vulture overhead at home in Delta. 2/27/02 Joe Hildreth reports 15-20 Lesser Scaup at Wauseon Reservoir, 3 Ringneck Ducks at 109/FultonCo H pond, 3 Robins and 10 Snow Buntings outside of Delta. I too notice Snow Buntings and Larks in large numbers by the side of the road, out of the snowy fields. 2/28/02 Joe reports 18 Scaup (1 of them Greater) at Wauseon Reservoir with 6 Canvasbacks. Delta Reservoir only 30 Canada Geese and 4 Mallards.3/2/02 Joe reports an American Wigeon at the smallest of the Delta Reservoirs. 3/2/2 Joe found another GREYLAG hanging with the 37 Canada Geese and 3 Mallards at Fulton Pond. Angola/Centenniel (Hidden Harbor Subdivision) he found 8 Redheads, 4 Ringneck Ducks, 6 Mallards & 5 Gulls, Pearson Metropark Window on Wildlife Cowbirds, Grackles, Cardinals, Titmice, House Sparrow, House Finch, Mourning Dove and a PURPLE FINCH; Metzger Marsh 100 Redheads & a couple of Common Mergansers; the resident Great Horned Owl at Maumee Bay ; Bayshore had Bonaparte's, Great BlackBacked, Herring Gulls as well as Common Goldeneye and large (2000!) flock of RedWinged Blackbirds containing at least 5 Rustys. Salisberry Quarry had only Canadas. 3/4/02 Archbold Reservoir had 6 Black Ducks (the first I've seen in a long time), 18 Mallards, and a dozen RIngBilled Gulls. The Turnpike/SR66 still had open water with 100 Canadas, and 10 male Hooded Mergansers chasing each other. Wauseon Reservoir had 6 Canada Geese, 4 pair of RingNecked Ducks and about 18 Lesser Scaup, beautiful to see these ducks again. Independence Dam still had both Eagles at the nest, with at least 70 Wild Turkeys below. There were also Canada Geese, Mallards, and Gulls (about 50 of each), but nothing else. Also at the 66/Turnpike site was a RedShouldered Hawk, something else I haven't seen in a good long time. I thought it was unique until I got home and found an e-mail from Joe Hildreth with an excellent photo of one from Sylvania (King/Bankcroft) yesterday:

3/5/02 Joe Hildreth reports: Delta Reservoir 2 Hooded Mergansers, 11 Ringneck Ducks and 4 Canadas. 109/H had 43 Canadas on the ice. "and i checked out a couple ponds that were so called private property on archbold whitehouse road one had 20 canadas and the other had approx 30 mallrds some ringnecks and i think a couple of redheads this was in the snow way across the pond" 3/6/02 Archbold Reservoir had 20 Lesser Scaup and 48 Gulls (mostly Herring, a few RingBilled). Archbold at the Turnpike was negligible-- a single pair of Canada Geese and a RedTailed Hawk.3/8/02 "3 Scaup at Wauseon Reservoir and a gull; 4 canadas 3 mallards and 2 shovelers at Delta Reservoir" --Joe Hildreth. There were only a pair of Canada Geese and a large group of about 50 ducks, half Mallards and half of them RingNecked Ducks. Gulls numbers were greatly increased to perhaps 150, all RIngBilled Gulls that I could see. 3/10/02 "Wood Duck and a PiedBilled Grebe at Delta Reservoir with 9 canadas" --Joe Hildreth 3/11/02 Delta Reservoir 35 Canada Geese, and 2 PiedBilledGrebes looked like a couple. 109/H had 25 Canadas, 1 Canvasback and 3 Scaup. Wauseon Reservoir had 10 gulls. Archbold Reservoir had 6 Mallards and approx 50 Gulls mostly in the air. 66 and Turnpike had approx 15 Hooded Mergansers 20 Canada Geese, 4 Mallards and 7 TREE SWALLOWS, also 2 Redtails. Harrison Lake there were some gulls and a couple Turkey Vultures and a Great Blue Heron. -- thanks Joe, for an exhaustive report! 3/17/02 Joe Hildreth reports from Fulton County: Delta Reservoir 1 Bufflehead; 109/H 3 Canadas 10 Redhead 3 Scaup; Wauseon Reservoir 25 Gulls 4 Mallards; SR66/Turnpike Killdeer (flock of approximately 20), Pipits 5 , Scaup, Mallards, Canadas, 1 Pied-Billed Grebe, 2 Great Blue Heron, a Redtail that has mastered the art of wiresitting; FultonCoRd L/Tiffin River 30-40 Swallows i think some may have been roughwinged but mostly tree maybe all Tree; FultonCoRd G/Tiffin River Mallard, Canada, many Wood Ducks, a lone Hooded Merganser. 3/18/02 Joe Hildreth reports from Fulton County: Delta Reservoir 3 PiedBilled Grebes 4 Canadas; SR109/FultonCoRd H 10 Redhead 3 Scaup; 66/Turnpike Mallards, 2 Hooded Mergansers, 5 Scaup; L/22 5 PECTORAL SANDPIPERS, 1 YELLOWLEGS many killdeer; 20a and 10-3 marsh 20 Ringnecks, Canadas. also heard a Phoebe at Delta Reservoir and Pipits still at 66/Turnpike. 3/24/2 Joe reports from Fulton County: "Delta Reservoir 2 Canada Geese, 6 Wood Ducks, 2 PiedBilled Grebes, 2 Herring Gulls. l and Tiffin River Gadwall, Wood Duck, Mallard, Canada Geese, Wigeon, Bluewing Teal L/22 had 8 Snipe, 2 Killdeer,many ducks 66 /Turnpike Scaup and 15 Hooded Mergansers."3/27/02 Joe Hildreth of Delta,OH reports: "Delta Reservoir: 15 Horned Grebes, 200+ Scaup, 4 Coots, 2 PiedBilledGrebes, 35 Canada Geese, 10 Mallards, 2 Common Loons, 7 Hooded Mergansers, 10 Gulls (Herring/RingBilled). Wauseon Reservoir: 300+ Scaup, 2 Horned GRrebes, 2 PIPITS; Archbold Reservoir: 30 Gulls (Herring, Ringbilled and at least 1 Bonaparte's), 10 Bufflehead, 2 Hooded Mergansers, 2 Scaup, 2 Ruddy, 6 Mallards; Swanton Reservoir: 3 GreatBlue Herons, 2 Mallards, 2 Gulls; Hidden Harbour 30 Redheads 20 Canadas 60 Ringnecks 60 Scaup;SR295/Angola Road 6 RingNecked Pheasants. Meanwhile, stuck at home, I watched the antics of 5 male RedWinged Blackbirds, and the 3 Fox Sparrows at the feeders. 3/28/02 Joe Hildreth reports: Delta Reservoir 1 Loon, 2 Pipits, 4 Ringbilled Gulls, 30 Bufflehead, 5 Canadas, 6 Redheads, 25 Scaup, 4 RedBreasted Mergansers, 2 Hooded Mergansers, 1 PiedBilled Grebe, 2 Ringnecked Ducks; SR66/Turnpike 6 Mallards, 4 Hooded Mergansers FultonCoRd L/Tiffin River 20 Blue Winged Teal, 100 Mallards, a GreenWinged Teal, 35 Wood Duck, 20 Canadas, 2 Shovelers. Joe took this picture through his binoculars:

4/2/02 Joe Hildreth reports from Fulton County, "There were 7 Loons, 7 Bufflehead, 6 PiedBilled Grebes, 4 Coots and YellowRumped Warblers at Delta Reservoir." 4/3/02 Joe Hildreth at Delta Reservoir: 3 Common Loons, 2 Redbreasted Mergansers, 2 Pied Billed Grebes. 4/4/2 Joe H. reports 1 Loon, 2 Bluewinged Teal, 6 Coots and TEN PiedBilled Grebes at Delta Reservoir.4/5/02 After work headed 10mi north to the Archbold Reservoir 10 RedBreasted Mergansers, a Coot, 2 Mallards, and 50 Gulls, mostly RingBilled, but a few Herring too. 66/Turnpike Swamp. Great birds, but no place to pull over or park to view them! 6 male and 8 female Hooded Mergansers, a Horned Grebe, Great Blue Heron, many RingBilled Gulls, perhaps a dozen Canvasbacks, maybe 25 Redheads, maybe 50 Lesser Scaup, very few Gadwall, GreenWinged and BlueWinged Teal, and a single American Wigeon drake. A;so many many Tree Swallows. I stopped off at Goll Woods, but found out I was not dressed warmly enough to walk far or stay long, in spite of the apparent sunshine. There were 25 Wild Turkeys and Golden-Crowned Kinglets everywhere in the pines, maybe 100 of them! Enroute to Wauseon on State Route 2, at Fulton Co Rd 17, was a flooded field with a pair of Bufflehead, a pair of Mallards, a pair of Canada Geese, and 8 BlueWinged Teal. Wauseon Reservoir had extremely nice viewing of about two dozen Canvasbacks, about 75 Redheads, 3 dozen Lesser Scaup, 3 dozen Ruddy Ducks, and 2 Coots. 4/14/02 I thought the YellowBellied Sapsucker at my Sherwood feeders would be the best bird of the day. I couldn't possibly plan on a phone call from Joe Hildreth at 1pm. Unfortunately I was headed out the door to my sister's Second Anniversary dinner. I rushed from Fort Wayne IN to FultonCo H/State Route 108 arriving about 7pm to see a MALE BREEDING-PLUMAGED SURF SCOTER in a flooded field close to the road!:

taken through Orion scope about 25x with a digital Sony Mavicam

Joe took some 35mm SLR pictures that will be developed soon. We drove on to the next flooded field in the mile and found 4 pairs of BlueWinged Teal, a pair of Wood Ducks and a pair of Mallards. At the Turnpike/66 marsh were lots of Canada Geese and Mallards and 4 Redheads. I'd never been there before but Joe led me to Fulton County L/22, an extremely nice marsh with tons of Mallards, many pairs of GreenWinged and BlueWinged Teal, many American Wigeon, a pair of Black Ducks, a pair of Wood Ducks, and overhead a flying SANDHILL CRANE. 4/16/02 Joe took the Magee tour today, so I covered Fulton County while he was gone: Archbold Reservoir had 2 Cormorants. Wauseon Reservoir had a few Scaup and lots of Ruddy Ducks. Turnpike/66 had a pair of GreenWinged Teal, a pair of Wigeon, and a few pairs of Mallards-- in a word, most of the ducks have left. In their place however are hundreds of sandpipers, all Greater & Lesser Yellowlegs and Pectoral Sandpipers that I could see. Of course, there is no pull-off here so I didn't do a thorough search. L/22 ducks were greatly reduced, but still about 100 Mallards. Turning onto L, there were 40 Greater Yellowlegs loudly vocalizing, 10 Lesser Yellowlegs, 6 Pectorals (easy to count since there were far fewer, far closer to the road, and far less weeds for them to hide in). 4/20/2 Joe at Delta Reservoir: "2 Chimney Swifts, 2 Swamp Sparrows, and a Green Heron which has been there for a week." 4/22/02 In anticipation of the coming warblers, birding today was very lackluster and mundane. Archbold Reservoir had hundreds of Barn and Tree Swallows, a dozen RingBilled Gulls, a single RedBreasted Merganser and a Mallard. Turnpike/66 was almost empty, with 3 RingBilled Gulls, a PiedBilled Grebe, and a few Pectoral Sandpipers. 4/24/02 Turnpike/66 was totally deserted today. Goll Woods wasn't a lot better, but there were lots of deer to keep me company. Six strolled nonchalantly ahead of me on the trail, evidently scaring all the good birds away <grin>. I did see the specialty of the region however, the Pileated Woodpecker, (Micki recently told me of finding one in Paulding County though, and Craig T. told me today of finding one at his feeders on Buckskin Road not far from Oxbow Lake this winter) and lots of Hermit Thrushes, Wood Ducks and Mallards. I also saw my first Purple Martins inexplicably overhead and a fleeting glimpse of my first Winter Wren of the season. No warblers at all, but some interesting first blooms of the season including what I guess to be dwarf ginseng. I don't think I ever saw it before. Also in bloom were spring cress, the first of the wild geraniums, wild ginger, jack-in-the-pulpit, hispid buttercup, white violets, an d a violet I will have to look up-- large and white with a purple throat. 4/25/2 Joe, at Delta Reservoir, had a Catbird, Green Heron, Blue Heron, BlueWinged Teal, Phoebe, Yellowrumped Warblers. 4/29/2 Joe reports 75 more Cormorants at 66/Turnpike. 5/3/02 3 Greater Yellowlegs, 3 Spotted Sandpipers, 2 BLueWinged Teal and a Mallard at FultonCo H75/22.75. and 3 Lesser Yellowlegs at FultonCo 69/180, I discovered while doing errands after work. 5/6/02 Fulton County Trying to mix a little birding in with some after-work chores, I stopped by the Archbold Reservoir , which was full of Barn Swallows and a single first-summer Common Loon. 66/Turnpike Just a single Solitary Sandpiper. Fulton Co 22/L A Spotted Sandpiper, 4 Lesser Yellowlegs, 4 Pectoral Sandpipers, and about 25 each of Mallards, BlueWinged Teal and Greater Yellowlegs. Joe Hildreth reports from Delta Reservoir: "YellowRumped, Yellow, Yellow throated, OrangeCrowned, Tennessee, ChestnutSided, Magnolia, BlackThroated Blue, Palm, Black&White, Louisiana Waterthrush 5/8/02 Joe Hildreth InstantMessaged me that he also went out very late and saw some warblers ( Common Yellowthroat, Palm, Yellow, YellowRump) and an OSPREY at Delta Reservoir. 5/15/02 Joe Hildreth reports from Delta Reservoir a Common Loon! Peterjohn says immatures appear May 5-15 with individuals staying through the end of the month. 5/17/02 Driving around Fulton County while doing chores: Archbold Reservoir nothing but Swallows, all I binoculed being Tree and Barn. 66/Turnpike 4 Great Egrets, 100 Gulls, all I binoculed being RIngBilled. L/22 a pair of Black Ducks, a pair of Green Winged Teal, 6 BlueWinged Teal, 6 Canada Geese, 30 Mallards. 5/18/02 Joe Hildreth reports the same drive I took last night: 4 Great Egrets and 10 Great Blue Herons stil there, but Black Ducks and GreenWinged Teal missing, and in their place FIVE BLACK TERNS. 5/19/02 Fulton County Joe Hildreth and I called SORA at Fulton County L/22 and although we didn't see any well, we did have at least 4 answer the CD. Semipalmated Plovers and 2 way-out-in-the-open Green Heron were particularly memorable, but lots of other birds were there including over 100 RingBilled Gulls. Joe was very patient with my back problem, and we decided to bird near-by Goll Woods. Pulling up in the parking lot, I immediately was glad for the decision: The huge buckeye immediately over the car was in full bloom, with at least EIGHT hummingbirds taking full advantage. The Phoebe nesting under the Informational Booth was a pleasant surprise, as well. Our warbler list was pretty small: BlueWinged, Redstart, Nashville, Ovenbird, but then we had lots of RedEyed Vireos, as well as a single Yellow-Throated VIreo and a single Warbling Vireo. Least Flycatcher, Veery, Swainson's Thrushes, Woodcocks were good, and of course there were tons of common birds that I regrettably easily overlook (Downy Woodpeckers, Gnatcatchers, Catbirds, BlackCapped Chickadees, Chimney Swifts, House Wrens, Blue Jays, Eastern Kingbird, Great Crested Flycatcher, Turkey Vulture, Goldfinches, Indigo Buntings etc). May Apples are finally in bloom. 5/21/02 Changed clothes after work at Goll Woods, but not enough time to walk the trails. From the parking lot were Indigo Bunting, Barred Owl, Swainson's Thrush, Phoebe, Hummingbirds in the Buckeye. Couldn't join Joe Hildreth to go see the Garganey at Mallard Marsh so had to settle for birding Fulton County L/22 before my union meeting: 40 Dunlin, 10 Semipalmated Plover, 1 Least Sandpiper, a way-out-in-the-open Green Heron and 5 WHITE-RUMPED SANDPIPERS-- classic and close to the road making all points visible, including the side marks, the wings past the tail and even the white rump.5/24/02 Joe Hildreth found 100 Dunlin and 10 Semipalmated Plover around Fulton County 22/L. 5/27/02 Joe Hildreth reports Nighthawks over his Delta home, as well as 4 late Ruddy Ducks at Delta Reservoir. Here is a great digiscope he took today:

6/1/02 Joe mentioned that last night he had a FEMALE WILSON'S PHALAROPE at Fulton County's Turnpike/SR 66 marsh. 6/9/2 Turnpike/66 in Fulton County according to Joe Hildreth had "2 Spotted 1 Solitary Sandpiper, 2 Semipalmated Plovers and 3 Killdeer." 7/10/2 Fulton County: Joe Hildreth and I met up at SR66/Ohio Turnpike and had some very pleasant surprises! There were of course lots of Mallards, Wood Ducks, Blue Herons, Killdeer, Great Egrets, Spotted and Solitary Sandpipers, but also a single Bonaparte's Gull, two Dowitchers (Short-Billed probably since longbilled aren't expected until August) , a Cormorant, a female Hooded Merganser, a couple Lesser Yellowlegs, and about ten Least Sandpipers. and Joe messages me to tell me I forgot about the pair of BlueWinged Teal. 7/13/02 Not much time for birding: random thoughts from stops at stop signs enroute to somewhere: Dickcissels at FarmerMark/Jericho and SR18/Evansport Rd. Amazingly cooperative Grasshopper Sparrow at Evansport/Airport Runway. From twenty feet screaming his song into my face, plenty of time to view the ochre in his face and the bend of his wing, his clear breast and sides, the stripe down the top of his head. This was the time one knows cameras should be in all cars all the time. 7/16/02 SR66/Ohio Turnpike There were of course lots of Mallards, Wood Ducks, Blue Herons, Killdeer, Great Egrets, Lesser Yellowlegs, Spotted, Solitary and Least Sandpipers, but just a few Pectoral Sandpipers. Much less exciting than when I was there on July 10. 7/19/2 Quick stop at 66/Turnpike before leaving for Michigan found TWO BALD EAGLES (one adult and one third-year bird) sitting on the sand eating something bloody. Nevertheless hundreds of shorebirds were all around, with ducks, albeit just the usuals. 7/22/2 A quick stop at 66/Turnpike: much the same report! 7/25/2 Meanwhile I stopped in Joe's Fulton County at 66/Turnpike near Archbold after work and instead of merely checking for unusual birds, decided to do a count. The 2 Bald Eagles are still there, for the ninth straight day. I had never seen eagles there before that time. 500 undercounted Killdeer, 66 Pectoral Sandpipers, 34 Lesser Yellowlegs, 27 Least Sandpipers, 20 Mallards, 12 Canada Geese, 12 Semipalmated Sandpipers, 9 Wood Ducks, 4 Spotted Sandpipers, 3 Rock Doves, 3 Tree Swallows, 3 Great Blue Herons (usually many more), 2 Stilt Sandpipers, 2 Great Egrets (usually many more), a Green Heron, a Greater Yellowlegs, a Semipalmated Plover, a RingBIlled Gull, a Yellow Warbler, a Common Yellowthroat. 7/28/2 Today's Toledeo Naturalists' Association butterfly walk was cancelled due to the rain, so I used the extra time to number the birds at Fulton County's Turnpike/66 Wetlands (did my best, but rounded most since accurate numbers just aren't possible): 75 Pectoral Sandpipers, only 30 Killdeer, 30 Semipalmated Sandpipers, 20 Lesser Yellowlegs, 12 Wood Ducks, 10 Least Sandpipers, 9 Greater Yellowlegs, 8 Mallards, 7 Great Egret, 3 Great Blue Heron, 3 Semipalmated Plovers, only 2 Solitary Sandpipers, only 2 Spotted Sandpipers, 2 Stilt Sandpipers, 1 RingBilled Gull. 7/31/2 Fulton County's sr66/Turnpike marsh: 1 Stilt Sandpiper, 2 Rock Doves, 3 Semipalmated Plovers, 4 Spotted Sandpipers, 4 Least Sandpipers, 5 Wood Ducks, 5 Greater and 11 Lesser Yellowlegs, 12 Mallards, 69 Pectoral Sandpipers, 51 Canada Geese, 48 Semipalmated Sandpipers, 350 Killdeer. Zero bald eagles, great egrets or herons...8/6/2 The MetLife blimp chose this moment to go over the marsh at Fulton County's SR66/Turnpike-- birds were everywhere in the air! The best bird was immediately visible: BlackBellied Plover in intermediate plumage, a plumage that kept the black belly, and put a black smudge through the eye on an otherwise pretty white face. When they settled, I counted: 1 Green Heron, 1 Least Sandpiper, 1 Spotted Sandpiper, 2 Greater Yellowlegs, 3 Solitary Sandpipers, 5 Wood Ducks, 8 Great Blue Heron, 9 Semipalmated Plovers, 16 Lesser Yellowlegs, 33 Mallards, 100 Semipalmated Sandpipers, 125 Pectoral Sandpipers, 250 Killdeer. A county employee stopped to tell me that the Eagles nested nearby, but a semi was coming up behind him fast to give me an exact location! 8/7/2 Return to SR66/Turnpike finds the same birds as yesterday, down to the very same Black Bellied Plover. Only discernible change: 7 Great Egrets that weren't there yesterday. 8/10/2 Joe Hildreth assures me that SR66/Turnpike Wetland in Fulton County is still pretty much the same with the usual birds in the usual numbers, including the BlackBellied Plover. 8/12/2 Fulton County's SR66/Turnpike Wetland has changed drastically! It has been so hot and dry that the only shorebirds are limited to the very edges of the wading pools that are left, so numbers are drastically down. Birds there include (from least to most numerous): an adult Bald Eagle, 1 Wood Duck, a single Greater Yellowlegs (close to the road for great viewing!), 2 adult RingBilled Gulls, 2 BlueWinged Teal, 3 Semipalmated Plovers, 4 Rock Doves, 4 Crows, 4 Least Sandpipers, 6 Lesser Yellowlegs, 6 Semipalmated Sandpipers (down from the usual hundred), 8 Great Egrets, 18 Great Blue Herons, 33 Pectoral Sandpipers (down from the usual hundred), 175 Mallards (definitely up from the usual 25!), 300 Killdeer. 8/16/2 Stopped by Fulton County Turnpike/SR 66 Wetland around noon in the rain. Amidst the usuals were two great spangled juvenile SANDERLINGS. 8/18/2 Afterward I stopped at Fulton County's 66/Turnpike Wetland. It was greatly dried up, making counting very easy: 1 Semipalmated Plover, 4 Lesser Yellowlegs, 4 Wood Ducks, 16 Canada Geese, 13 Great Blue Herons, 24 Semipalmated Sandpipers, 26 Pectoral Sandpipers, 250 Killdeer. 8/19/2 I thought it was slow yesterday with 350 birds at Fulton County's 66/Turnpike, but today after the big rains there were only 36 birds!: 15 Semipalmated Sandpipers, 9 Killdeer, 8 Pectoral Sandpipers, 1 Great Egret, 1 Dowitcher, 1 Lesser Yellowlegs, and 1 Wood Duck. 8/20/2 66/Turnpike was back up to large numbers of birds, the most exciting of which was a BLACK-BELLIED PLOVER in full breeding plumage. 8/21/2 Fulton County 66/Turnpike birds were pretty much the same, the star still being a BLACK-BELLIED PLOVER, but today it's a bird that's molting into winter plumage. 8/23/2 Fulton County 66/Turnpike was way down as it is very dry: 200 Killdeer, 38 Great Blue Herons, 11 Pectoral Sandpipers, 7 Great Egrets (no bands), 4 Wood Ducks, 4 Lesser Yellowlegs, 4 Semipalmated Sandpipers. 8/26/2 Fulton County's Turnpike/66 was very low on shorebirds. It gets drier and drier as Paulding Sewage Lagoon fills! 435 Killdeer, 5 Semipalmated Sandpipers, 4 Great Blue Heron, 3 Crows, 2 Pectoral Sandpipers, 2 Great Egrets, a Wood Duck, a BlueWinged Teal, and best bird, a Sanderling. 8/27/2 Fulton County's Turnpike/66 was even drier: 450 Killdeer, 10 Semipalmated Sandpipers, 8 Great Blue Herons, 6 Least Sandpipers, 5 Lesser Yellowlegs, 4 Great Egrets, 4 Crows, 2 Canada Geese, 2 Wood Ducks, a Greater Yellowlegs, a Dowitcher, a RingBIlled Gull, and a Pectoral Sandpiper. 8/29/2 Fulton County Turnpike/66 had 330 Killdeer, 7 Lesser Yellowlegs, 7 Semipalmated Sandpipers, 7 Least Sandpipers, 7 Great Blue Herons, 3 Great Egrets, 2 BAIRD'S SANDPIPERS (too close to the road to overlook!), 2 Ringbilled Gulls, 1 Semipalmated Plover, 1 Wood Duck. Very dry. 9/3/2 After work I had opted to explore the 66/Turnpike Wetland in Fulton Co: 51 Great Blue Herons, 22 Great Egrets, 6 Semipalmated Sandpipers, 3 Pectoral Sandpipers, 2 Semipalmated Plovers, a RingBilled Gull and 138 Killdeer. More dry than ever, the huge bloated carp carcasses are even more visible. 9/4/2 After work visit to 66/Turnpike in Fulton County: 1 Mallard, 1 Ringbilled Gull, 1 Least Sandpiper, 1 Semipalmated Sandpiper, 3 Great Blue Herons, 4 Pectoral Sandpipers, 10 Great Egrets, 94 Killdeer. What water remains has to be absolutely putrid with so many carp carcasses! 9/6/2 Still no rain, so 66/Turnpike was much the same: 225 Killdeer, 22 Great Egrets, 5 Semipalmated Sandpipers, 3 Great Blue Heron, 1 RingBilled Gull, 1 Crow, 1 Stilt Sandpiper, 1 Semipalmated Plover. 9/11/2 Fulton County's Turnpike/66: 25 Great Blue Heron, 20 Great Egrets, 7 Killdeer, 3 Semipalmated Sandpipers. That is all! 9/17/2 Fulton County's 66/Turnpike was really dry. How dry was it? It was so dry there were only 62 Killdeer and a Semipalmated Sandpiper. In the period after work and before the Union meeting, I tried Goll Woods but found precious little, until almost the end of the trail, where I found a small group of birds including 3 BlackCapped Chickadees, a RedEyed and a WhiteEyed (!) Vireo, several Nashville and Tennessee Warblers, a Wilson's Warbler, a BlackThroated Blue, and a Blackpoll!!!! I was truly amazed but couldn't stick around without being late. My stroll previous to this was pretty darn boring, so boring I was even counting mammals!: Barred Owl, Black Squirrel, 6 Blue Jays, a Cardinal, a Catbird, Chipmunk, 3 Chickadees, Flicker, 2 Peewees, 2 Pileated Woodpeckers, RedBellied Woodpecker, Red Squirrel, 4 Robins-- I did get really good looks at a Wood Thrush that either wouldn't leave its claim on a Pokeberry patch, or was too drunk on Pokeberry to leave... 9/22/2 Fulton County's 66/Turnpike was nearly dry: 100 Canada Geese and 3 Crows. 10/4/2 FultonCo Archbold Reservoir and Turnpike/66 were deserted by anything avian in the driving rain. 10/26/2 Archbold Reservoir had a Cormorant, a RingBilled Gull, 4 Ruddy Ducks, 4 Lesser Scaup, and 100 Rock Doves. Wauseon Reservoir had no birds at all, just lots of fishermen and would-be duck hunters. Henry County US24/SR108 just about 5 Canada Geese.11/2/2 Joe Hildreth, FultonCo, Delta Reservoir: Today there were 3 Hooded Mergansers , 4 Wigeon, 6 Mallards, 3 Gadwall.11/4/2 Fulton County's Delta Reservoir "3 Gadwall, 2 Wigeon, ~100 Canada Goose, 2 Cormorants, 7 Mallards" --Joe Hildreth Archbold Reservoir had 5 Ruddy Ducks, a Redhead, and almost exactly 200 Canada Geese. 66/Turnpike was still dry and barren, while Wauseon Reservoir had only about 20 Ruddy Ducks and about 20 Bonaparte's Gulls. They hugged the far shore next to the decoys, silly birds, probably because the last fisherman was hauling his boat into this truck as I pulled up. Henry County's 24/108 pond was empty. 11/5/2 Archbold Reservoir 6 Ruddy Ducks and a pair of Mallards Wauseon Reservoir 12 Bonaparte's Gulls 11/6/2 Archbold Reservoir 5 Ruddy Ducks and a Redhead. 11/9/2 Wauseon Reservoir only had six or so Bonaparte's Gulls. 11/19/2 Archbold Reservoir 5 Mallards, 2 RingBilled Gulls; SR66/Turnpike zero; Wauseon Reservoir 9 Bonaparte's Gulls, 2 RingBilled Gulls 12/5/2 70 Mallards, a Canada Goose but also 9 SNOW BUNTINGS that ate on the ground just outside my car door at Archbold Reservoir (#4). At least 100 more SNOW BUNTINGS were at Fulton County Roads 16/D, and at the Wauseon Reservoir (#7) were about 25 more SNOW BUNTINGS. 12/14/2 Goll Woods Christmas Count found nine birders (Jon Diller, Micki & Doug Dunakin, Lach Ohman, Don Kyle, Professors Reed and Lightner, Audrey Recently-Up-From-Florida, and myself-- but few birds! 12/19/2 Archbold Reservoir 300 Canada Geese, 50 Mallards Wauseon Reservoir 25 Canada Geese, and a few ducks (my scope wasn't along) 20011/9/2001 Archbold OH a Cooper's Hawk flew beside the car from the McDonald's all the way to the Marathon gas station. Nice views, I thought as I tried to watch it and the traffic.1/22/01 A rather tame Cooper's Hawk posed at FultonCoRd 26 and D. 2/8/01 SharpShinned Hawk (male) at Defiance/Oak Streets in Archbold. 2/20/01 Goll Woods had all the usual woodpeckers (Downy, RedBellied, RedHeaded, Flicker, WhiteBreasted Nuthatch, Brown Creeper, Titmice) but I flunked out and failed to see the pileated, nor did i see the barred owl although many Crows were chasing something. A RedTailed Hawk was in the area, too, as well as the usual Cardinals, Blue Jays, etc. A Raccoon slumbered, awakened as I walked by, scratched his ear with his hind leg like a dog, and went back to sleep. 3/14/01Archbold Reservoir had 1 Horned Grebe, 2 Mallards, 3 RingNecked Ducks, and 10 RingBilled Gulls. Wauseon Reservoir was much better with 200 RingBilled Gulls, 35 RedBreasted Merganser, 13 Lesser Scaup, 5 Common Mergansers, 4 Bufflehead, a Great Blue Heron, and 1 Horned Grebe.3/21/01 Goll Woods walk was sunny and warm. Failed to see the Pileated but did see lots of RedHeaded Woodpeckers and a Barred Owl. Archbold Reservoir had 4 RedBreasted Mergansers, 2 RingBilled Gulls, 1 Lesser Scaup drake and a Great Blue Heron. Wauseon Reservoir was much more full: at least 200 RingBilled Gulls, 50 RedBreasted Mergansers, 50 Lesser Scaup, 50 Redhead Ducks, 16 Canvasbacks, 5 Common Mergansers, 2 RingNecked Ducks, and a Mallard.3/22/01Archbold Reservoir had 50 Ducks (divided pretty evenly between Redhead Ducks and Lesser Scaup), 2 RingBilled Gulls, and a Horned Grebe. Tried again for the Pileated at Goll Woods but again only got the Barred Owl and RedHeaded Woodpeckers. Beautiful day for a walk, though. 3/23/01 Goll Woods Barred Owl, yes; RedHeaded Woodpecker, yes; Pileated, once again, no. Two pockets of RedBreasted Nuthatches. 3/26/01 Archbold Reservoir had 10 RingBilled Gulls, 6 Lesser Scaup, 3 Horned Grebes. Wauseon Reservoir had 200 RingBilled Gulls, 100 Lesser Scaup, 50 RedBreasted Mergansers and 2 Mallards. 4/5/01 Goll Woods had RedHeaded Woodpeckers and Barred Owl, per usual, and per usual failed to see the Pileated <grin> Wauseon Reservoir had lots of fishermen so didn't get much opportunity to get accurate counts of the usuals-- about 20 RingNecks, 50 Ruddys, 50 RedBreasted Mergansers, 50 Bufflehead, 150 Scaup, 200 Ringbilled Gulls-but the best bird by far was an ADULT BREEDING PLUMAGE LAUGHING GULL. I had seen a winter-plumage Laughing Gull earlier this winter at a Fort Wayne mall, and winter-plumaged adults on trips to Florida, but this is the first black-headed adult I've ever seen! and the first Laughing Gull I've seen in Ohio. Also, there was a WINTER PLUMAGE BONAPARTE'S GULL. first I've seen this year.4/9/01 Wauseon Reservoir had about 50 each Ruddy Ducks, Lesser Scaup, RedBreasted Merganser, Ringneck Ducks, RingBilled Gulls and Bonaparte Gulls (in all plumages), but no laughing gull. he's gone. There were also 6 Common Loons in summer plumage, a single Bufflehead, and an almost fully summer plumaged Horned Grebe. 4/6/01 Since I didn't have the cameras with me yesterday, I returned to Wauseon Reservoir to get a picture of the Laughing Gull. Yesterday it flew within 10 feet of the car. Today it was always on the opposite side of the Reservoir. No pictures. Had to rush off to Illinois.4/18/01Wauseon Reservoir had huge earth-moving equipment working on the dikes, and yet 10 Bonaparte's Gull, 50 Ruddy Ducks, 20 RedBreasted Mergansers, 4 Bufflehead, and 2 Coot chose to hang around still. Archbold Reservoir had a track team running its perimeter, but still a mixed flock of RingBilled Ducks and Lesser Scaup (about 50 total?) and about 20 Canada Geese. I couldn't help but feel that the birds had their backs to the wall with humans everywhere closer and closer-- the Turnpike, the track team, campers and huge machinery.5/4/01 Tried Goll Woods. Walked alot, and was rewarded finally by a lone Phoebe, and finally a Blue-Winged Warbler that posed for as long as I wanted to watch, singing the whole time. I appreciated it, but again I thought, "What must be going on at Crane Creek?" Nothing else, not even barred owl or redheaded woodpecker. 9/14/2001 I had business in Archbold after work, so stopped by Goll Woods and immediately picked up a Barred Owl and RED-BREASTED NUTHATCH. 9/21/2001 Very quiet, not a bird at Archbold Reservoir. 9/25/2001 Wauseon Reservoir was bitter, cold and barren of life. 10/3/2001 Beautiful weather, but poor birding: Archbold Reservoir had only a single Cormorant, a single RingBilled Gull, and 10 circling Turkey Vultures. 10/4/2001 Archbold Reservoir had 2 Cormorants, and a Great Blue Heron, but Wauseon Reservoir had an amazing variety of waterfowl including my first of the season RUDDY DUCKS (9), REDHEADS (4), GADWALL (4), PINTAIL (1), and GREENWINGED TEAL (8), as well as Northern Shoveler (4), Lesser Scaup (4) and a single Coot. The Coot I found to be especially reassuring since I have been haunted by a recurring nightmare that the 3 Coots on the Paulding Reservoir 10/2 were actually scoters (I didn't take out my scope to check the coots out since there were lots of recreational walkers on the path around the Paulding Reservoir, and I didn't want to block the path...) 10/5/2001 Archbold Reservoir had 3 Cormorants, a Great Blue Heron, 9 Ruddy Ducks, 8 Lesser Scaup, and 6 Bonaparte's Gulls. Wauseon Reservoir had Tree Swallows dotting the entire water surface, with a string of 28 Ruddys/Scaup near the far shore. The real surprise however was at the Archbold exit of the Ohio Turnpike. Just feet north of the exit ramp is a pretty large flat made evidently from the flooding of the Tiffin River (almost a creek, actually). When I first pulled up I only saw two Great Blue Heron and a Great Egret. Then I saw SIX of what were obvious-even-to-the-bare-eye GODWITS. A quick binocular look revealed they were HUDSONIAN GODWITS In spite of the pouring rain, impending darkness and the danger of traffic (I was merely pulled off the road), I pulled out the scope and viewed to my heart's content. They were not frightened even as hundreds of Canada Geese poured in from nowhere. Remembering I had a videocamera in the car, I tried unsuccessfully to videotape the birds through the scope:

Peterjohn's Birds of Ohio had amazing facts about this bird: Did you know that MARKET HUNTING (who would eat a sandpiper?!!) almost exterminated this bird, such that there were only FIVE Ohio sight records between 1900 and 1930?! Or that adult Hudsonians migrate non-stop from Canada to South America?! This explains why these six are juveniles! And Peterjohn was already on to the fact that they appear most commonly between Sept 20 and Oct 15. Eerily Nostradomus-like, he also knew that they almost always appear as individuals or groups of 6 or fewer (although 143 showed up at Ottawa Refuge 9/28/1975). Somehow I have the odd feeling he knew I would see these and where... 10/8/2001 Wauseon Reservoir had only 2 Bonaparte Gulls. The flat at the Archbold turnpike exit had only Great Blue Herons and both Yellowlegs. 10/9/2001 Only Yellowlegs and Great Blue Herons and Killdeer at Archbold Turnpike Exit. Goll Woods had a plethora of RedHeaded Woodpeckers, White Throated Sparrows and RubyCrowned Kinglets. I also saw my first WINTER WRENS of the season, playing at my feet! 10/17/2001 Only a single Great Blue Heron at Archbold Turnpike Exit, only a single DoubleCrested Cormorant at Archbold Reservoir, only a single Horned Grebe (my first of the season) at Wauseon Reservoir. 10/23/2001 Took the Tuliptree Trail at Goll Woods tonight after work. Lots of WhiteThroated/WhiteCrowned Sparrows, Ruby/GoldenCrowned Kinglets, YellowRumped Warblers, Titmice, Chickadees, White/RedBreasted Nuthatches, Hermit Thrushes (4 at once in one spot!), and Woodpeckers (Downy, Hairy, Flickers, RedHeaded and mostly RedBellied). My first FOX SPARROW of the season was there (of course, I haven't been getting out much), as well as a Least Flycatcher, both very cooperative and unafraid. BUT BEST OF ALL WERE THE TWO (not one but two!) PILEATED WOODPECKERS! 10/24/01 2 dozen Dunlin at the Archbold Turnpike Exit. 10/29/01 I walked the Toadshade Trail at Goll Woods. It was dark by the time I got home, because of the time change. Much like last time I was here: Phoebe, Hermit Thrushes (4 in one spot), both Kinglets, White Crowned/Throated Sparrows, 2 Fox Sparrows, 1 Pileated, a Barred Owl, Yellow Rumped Warblers, etc boring by comparison. Oh, and I did rescue a tiny beleaguered Sharpie from a mob of crows by my mere presence. And a large Cooper's Hawk flew quickly away with agile grace through the thick pine woods. 11/5/2001 Archbold and Wauseon Reservoirs had no birds at all. 11/14/2001 Archbold Reservoir had no waterfowl, but there were about 50 SNOW BUNTINGS that careened in a flurry over my windshield, up over the dike, then back. They were astoundingly white against the dark steel grey sky, and again when they landed on the dark green grass of the dike, as close to the car window as one would only expect Starlings and English Sparrows! 11/27/2001 Rushed around after work to Archbold Reservoir only to see 6 Mallards. Archbold's Turnpike Exit also only had 3 pair of Mallards. That was better than Wauseon Reservoir, though, which had nothing at all. The overpass pond at US 24/SR 108 at least had about 30 Canada Geese. 12/6/2001 Archbold Turnpike Exit had hundreds of Canada Geese, but I couldn't pick out any unusual geese in the short time I could feel comfortable scoping with traffic uncomfortably close. Wauseon Reservoir was absent of all but loud large construction machinery. 12/9/2001Joe H. reports that Delta Reservoir "only held 20 canadas, Pond at Worthington Steel held 50 canadas and about 20 killdeer, Wauseon Res. had gulls but without a scope couldnt tell much.12/15/2001 Dan, Dean, Pete, John, Micki, Doug, Lach and I joined to do the Goll Woods Christmas Count today. The remarkable birds on this remarkably warm day (in the 40's!) included RedShouldered Hawk, 4 Great Horned Owls, 2 Pileated Woodpeckers, 2 Eastern Meadowlarks (up in a tree, singing loudly!). Unusual factoids: no gulls, no buntings or longspurs, no waterfowl except for Mallard and Canada Goose. More numbers later. 12/19/2001 Joe Hildreth reports from: "Delta Reservoir 35 Canada GeeseWorthington Steel 20 Canada Geese Wauseon Reservoir 15 Mallards, 2 Black Ducks, 1 Great Blue Heron, 125 RingBilled Gulls" 12/20/2001Joe Hildreth reports from: "Delta Reservoir a Kingfisher, 25 Canada Geese, 2 Mallards and 5 RingBilled Gulls. Worthington Steel 190 Canada Geese and 2 Mallards Wauseon Reservoir 45 RingBilled Gulls, 1 Bonaparte Gull, 3 Bufflehead, 1 female Goldeneye, and a flock of 10 Snow Buntings mixed with 2 Horned Larks. Independence Dam 25 Wild Turkeys. Archbold Reservoir empty. Lots of mixed SnowBuntings/Larks throughout the countryside." 12/21/2001Joe Hildreth reports "70 Canada Geese and 1 Black Duck Worthington Steel 190 Canada Geese and 2 Killdeer Fulton Pond Kingfisher and Pine Siskin Swanton Reservoir PiedBIlled Grebe, 2 Mallards, and 5 RingBilled Gulls." 12/28/2001 Joe H. reports from Swanton Reservoir 100 Mallards, from Delta Reservoir 50 Canada Geese and 20 Mallards, and 15 Pine Siskins from the Window on Wildlife at Oak Opening's Mallard Lake. 2000 1/25/00 Archbold OH has it's very own downtown Cooper's Hawk, this one in a large spruce at the corner of S. Defiance St and South St. watching all the traffic go by. 2/6/00 CR 24/E outside Archbold OH now has a steadily building population of snow buntings--now numbering several hundred! oh, and a Cooper's Hawk. 2/17/2000 An immature Cooper's Hawk flushed from the bushes at Sauder Village in Archbold, probably after the pretty white [Rock] doves, flying overhead. The Snow Buntings and Lapland Longspurs are evidently all gone-- only Horned Larks could be located. 4/25/2000 Broke out of the mold and went to Goll Woods, walking the 1 3/4 mile Toadshade Trail. Nothing to report, however. : ) 5/3/2000Goll Woods' Oak Trail was a very eerie Silent Spring walk, with only Gnatcatchers far above in the canopy. 11/15/2000 Goll Wood's Cottonwood Trail was remarkable. Today was Woodpecker Wednesday, with many WhiteBreasted Nuthatches, Downy Woodpeckers, RedBellied Woodpeckers, but MOST of all, many RedHeaded Woodpeckers everywhere I looked all along the trail. I was surprised to see a male and a female Flicker still here. MOST AMAZING WAS A PILEATED WOODPECKER at the "1/4 mile to Parking Lot" sign. Amazing sight on the three-pronged huge bare yellow dead tree. Then it flew directly overhead. This is only the second Pileated I have seen, and the first Pileated I have seen in Ohio (the first one was in Florida)! The only non-Woodpeckers there were Cardinals, Crows and a Cedar Waxwing. 12/16/2000 Short Goll Woods walk in the middle of a cloud so thick I could barely see ahead of me. Lots of RedHeaded and Downy Woodpeckers, Nuthatches, Chickadees, Titmice and a RedTailed Hawk. No sign of the Pileated. Christmas Count was cancelled due to the bad roads and extreme fog.

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