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Birding in my yard area near SHERWOOD OHIO in an oak/hickory woods 20051/5/5 Amidst all the regulars at my feeders-- a RUSTY BLACKBIRD!!!!!!! Wish I'd been home before dusk so the picture would've been better. 1/31/5 Sherwood Birds are SINGING--it's spring! SCREECH OWL in the neighbor's yard calls tonight. 2/18/5 I still had fifteen minutes of daylight to watch my Sherwood feeders. Pretty dull stuff: 19 American Tree Sparrows, 15 Juncos, a pair of Cardinals, a pair of WhiteBreasted Nuthatches, 2 male Downy Woodpeckers, 2 BlackCapped Chickadees, 12 Rock Doves, and a Song Sparrow. 2/20/5 My Sherwood Feeders Between the Cooper's Hawk snacks were 35 Juncos, 19 American Tree Sparrows, 7 Mourning Dove, 2 male and 4 female Cardinals, 4 Goldfinches, 3 male and 1 female Downy Woodpecker, 3 Song Sparrows, a pair of WhiteBreasted Nuthatches, a pair of House Finches, RedBellied Woodpecker, Tufted Titmouse, BlackCapped Chickadee, Hairy Woodpecker, and of course the Carolina Wren. I went outside and played the tape for the local Screech Owl, who-who-who did not disappoint. 2/21/5 Day Four of GBBC: My Sherwood feeders' only standout was that both Carolina Wrens showed up at once...3/6/5 Grackles arrive here too, goldfish pond thaws with all goldfish surviving! 3/12/5 A yellow House Finch. 3/19/5 First FOX SPARROW I've seen this season. 3/20/5 FOX SPARROW lingers wtih 40 Juncos but only 3 American Tree Sparrows. 3/23/5 First WOODCOCK peents of the season, from the front yard. 3/25/5 Oddly enough, a male Harrier has been hanging around at the incorporation limits sign on SR18, and two male Harriers have been at the incorporation limits sign on US 127. 3/28/5 A pair of Cowbirds finally showed up at the feeder (my first of season), and they were gorgeous. Juncos and Tree Sparrows persist, the Juncos loudly singing!4/7/5 Juncos and Chipping Sparrows mix at the feeders, but not a tree sparrow in sight. 4/17/5 Cock Pheasant and first of year Brown Thrasher welcomed me home. Unfortunately, I saw my first-of-year 3 Caspian Terns at Kenosha WI instead of home... 4/20/5 Short tour through the small woods behind my house surprised me: Pine Warbler (first-of-year for me), Leopard Frogs, many wildflowers: Wood Anemone, Rue Anemone, Bellwort, Showy Trillium, Wake Robin, Blue Phlox, Swamp Buttercup, Spring Beauty, Yellow & White Trout Lily, Common Strawberry, Toothwort, Violets... but best was a butterfly I had never seen before: Sleepy Duskywing. I hope to see it again to be sure it wasn't a dreamy duskywing which has never been confirmed in our county. 4/24/5 I was happy just being home again, watching the feeders. I was happy with the WhiteCrowned and WhiteThroated Sparrows, mixing among the regulars. Then a RED-BREASTED NUTHATCH appeared! 4/26/5 Neighbor Jack S. points out that this year the Wood Duck scouts are sticking around in the yard-- maybe they found a tree they like this spring, even though water is far away. 5/1/5 feeders New visitor: Wild Turkey! 5/7/5Arriving home found first-of-season RoseBreasted Grosbeak (male) at the feeders 5/11/5 My first-of-season House Wren is trying to move back in to his old house as I leave for work this morning. 5/23/5 BlackThroated Green has been singing in the front yard every morning for a week, still here this morning. And a Raccoon at the feeder in broad daylight. 6/10/5 A Wood Thrush sings in the woods behind my home. 6/11/5 Little Wood Satyr bounces through the yard 6/12/05 Nothing special in the bird department today, but my first Giant Swallowtail 6/19/05 A lot of YellowBilled Cuckoos singing here this year, but one sang directly above my head as I worked in the garden, flying from tree to tree as Bruce H and I watched. 6/23/05 While looking for that one box at the storage building I was surprised to hear and then see a pair of Vesper Sparrows almost downtown! 6/27/05 Haven't seen a Cooper's Hawk in the yard for awhile until today. Took inventory of nesting birds in the yard: Bluebirds in the backyard, House Wrens in the tiny house in the front yard, Robins on the fence in the sideyard-- probably the lowest showing in a long time. Why? Well, I also found a feral cat with a litter of four kittens under the house... <frown>. New blooms: Creeping Bellflower, Ohio Spiderwort, Jerusalem Artichoke, and Fringed Loosestrife. 7/7/5 Power Walk #4, 35" down Coy Road, up Sausman and the deserted railroad tracks. Zooming by were: Killdeer, Rock Dove, Mourning Dove, YellowBilled Cuckoo, RubyThroated Hummingbird, Downy Woodpecker, Flicker, Eastern Wood-Pewee, GreatCrested Flycatcher, Blue Jay, Crow, Tree and Barn Swallows, Tufted Titmouse, House Wren, Eastern Bluebird (many!), American Robin, Gray Catbird, Starling, Cedar Waxwing, Eastern Towhee, Chipping and Song Sparrows, Cardinal, Indigo Bunting, RedWinged Blackbird, Grackle, Cowbird, Baltimore Oriole, House Finch, Goldfinch, House Sparrow (32 35" singletrack) New blooms: Spotted Knapweed, Teasel, Bouncing Bet 7/14/5 Sherwood Lagoons Lotsa Canada Geese, Barn Swallows, Tree Swallows etc but best bird was a loud Scarlet Tanager! 7/22/05 A Great Horned Owl fledgling loudly begs for food-- a first for my front yard! 8/27/5 A Screech Owl called as we pulled in the driveway at home. 10/22/05 WhiteCrowned Sparrows have been all over Sherwood for a week but still haven't shown up at the feeders! 11/26/05 Home sweet home for once! In daylight! Moved the feeders to a better window, and started the season (I've been abjectly miserable about filling them lately). I thought it would take awhile for the birds to find the feeders, but within 10 minutes I had 6 Juncos, 2 male WhiteBreasted Nuthatches, a female WhiteBreasted Nuthatch, a Blue Jay, a BlackCapped Chickadee, a female Downy Woodpecker, one Goldfinch. The next ten minutes the Blue Jay left and brought two friends back, a second BlackCapped Chickadee, two more Goldfinches, plus a male House Finch, a male RedBellied Woodpecker, and a male Downy Woodpecker. The third ten-minutes I fell asleep but not before recording a third BlackCapped Chickadee, the fifth American Goldfinch, a second male House Finch, a Song Sparrow, a Mourning Dove, a male Cardinal, a Hairy Woodpecker and a Fox Squirrel. Oh, and a black-and-white cat <grrrrr>. A luxurious, all-too-rare, do-nothing day at home.20042/1/4 Sherwood Finally a quiet afternoon at home! A RedTailed Hawk was terrorizing the feeders for a bit, but after he moved on I heard the Carolina Wrens, realizing they must've made it through another winter. The usual hordes of Juncos, American Tree Sparrows, Mourning Doves, House Finches, Goldfinches and the usual few of Downy and RedBellied Woodpeckers, Titmice, WBNuthatches, Chickadees, Jays, Song Sparrows; nothing unusual but relaxing. The Black Gray Squirrel was keeping the Fox Squirrels at bay. A lone Junco was dead in the seed bag I had inadvertently left outside yesterday.2/16/4 stayed home and enjoyed the feeder birds, nothing unusual, most to least: 30 Juncos, 11 Mourning Doves, 7 Blue Jays, 6 House Finches, 4 Cardinals, 3 Tree Sparrows, 3 BlackCapped Chickadees, 2 Downy Woodpeckers, 2 RedBellied Woodpeckers, 2 Song Sparrows, 2 WhiteBreasted Nuthatches, 1 Tufted Titmouse, 1 Carolina Wren, 1 Hairy Woodpecker... and one Raccoon, in broad daylight! Checked the usual sites for short-eared owls but found none. 2/22 Near home in Sherwood at the creek was a NORTHERN MOCKINGBIRD. 3/1/4 A light grey domestic rabbit has shown up at the feeders eating the fallen birdseed. 3/2/4 The first WOODCOCK of the season have arrived! 3/6/4 The WOODCOCKS have gone bonkers on this cold moonlit night, downright noisy out there at 10pm, listening from the front door! 3/7/4 A second Chinchilla-colored rabbit has shown up at the feeders. They're acting pretty randy so I'm expecting more...3/8/4 My first-of-the-season RUFOUS-SIDED TOWHEE awakened me this morning calling from every bush in the yard. Got glimpses of this wary guy, but no pictures. lists Mar 5 as the early date for this meridian. And a third chinchilla-colored rabbit has shown up at the feeders. 3/12/4 18 Wild Turkeys at the US 127 bridge south of town. 3/17/4 Bruce H. reports 8 Wild Turkeys at the US 127 bridge south of town. 3/22/4 Considerably less excitement here, as the 16/C Marsh was frozen. When I awakened, however, at the feeder were TWO RUSTY BLACKBIRDS (never have seen them at the feeders before!) and a large group of Cowbirds, RedWinged Blackbirds, and Grackles (all unusual at my oak/hickory woods feeders). 3/28/4 The home feeders had an Eastern Towhee and 3 of my first-of-the-season Chipping Sparrows. 4/4/4 In spite of finding live traps in our yard (!!!), and even 3 grown men tromping the flower beds and beating our bushes trying to catch them (!!!!) the three chinchilla-colored rabbits persist at the feeders. Sherwood (SR18/US127) A flock of about 100 LAPLAND LONGSPURS, inside the corporation limits! 4/11/4 The Towhee's back at the feeder, and the Kingfisher's back at the creek; life is good. 4/17/4 Bands of WhiteThroated Sparrows returned today to the feeder 4/23/4 My two first-of-the-season Brown Thrashers had the American Idol rivalry from the front and back yards, with strong competition from the WhiteThroated Sparrows, Juncos and Carolina Wrens. The Corkscrew Willow that last year hosted Bluebirds and the previous year Downy Woodpeckers is now taken over by RedBellied Woodpeckers. The Blue Jay is fighting with the Robins to keep his last-year nesting location.4/25/4 Bruce H. points out my first ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAK of the year, a huge female. 4/26/4 My first-of-the-year PURPLE FINCH a beautiful male FINALLY showed up at the feeders right after my first mowing, joining yesterday's RoseBreasted Grosbeak. I found why the Robins were moving in on the nesting Blue Jay-- a Cardinal nest is in the Japanese Honeysuckle on the fence, where the Robin nest was last year. 4/29/4 After supper a walk in the woods behind us reveals at least 100 warblers eating the swarms of bugs (none of which bit me!). All of them, however, were either Palm or YellowRumped! Many Blue Jays were seen during the hour, one flock consisting of 69 individuals! The level of excitement never rose above BlueGray Gnatcatcher, Brown Thrasher, WhiteThroated Sparrow and the Phoebe that nests under the bridge. The local Sewage Lagoons hosted only a pair of Wood Ducks, a pair of BlueWinged Teal, a Mallard drake, and a Solitary Sandpiper, besides the Canada Geese. 5/1/4 When I arrived home warblers were all over the front yard, plus a singing WhiteCrowned Sparrow (an unusual "OOOOne-three-three-five!" song). 5/2/4 Figured that the male RoseBreasted Grosbeak at the feeder was a good sign 5/4/4 Grosbeak still at the feeder; not a single warbler in the woods tonight! 5/9/4 At home was my first-of-season GreatCrested Flycatcher 5/14/4 Sherwood A singing RedEyed Vireo greeted me this morning. Rescued one of "my" fledgling Cardinals from the mouth of a cat in the yard! So far, Robins in the juniper out front (old Blue Jay site), RedBellied in the corkscrew willow (last year's Bluebird site, two year's ago Downy site), Blue Jays in the See-Rock-City birdhouse, Bluebirds in the backyard birdhouse, Cardinals in the Japanese honeysuckle on the fence (last year's Robin nest), Chipping Sparrows in the yews, as always. 7/15/4 Carolina Wrens moved to the bathroom window to nest, as they did last year, while I was on vacation. 8/5/4 The Carolina Wrens have fledged out of the bathroom window! 8/24/4 Cooper's Hawk in the front yard.9/4/44 Hummingbirds still at home at the feeders 9/14/4 Showered nose-to-bill with a Carolina Wren in the bathroom window. Felt kinda strange to have him watching me, so I was glad when he finally drifted off to sleep.10/25/4 Haven't seen my own feeders in the daylight for a long time! Nice to see two Titmice chasing away a Cooper's Hawk, lots of video-game noisemakers, aka Juncos.10/31/4 Sherwood feeders Surprised by a RED-BREASTED NUTHATCH. 11/5/4 Finally my very own PINE SISKIN 11/7/4 WhiteTailed deer at my feeders in Sherwood. The neighbor took down his shed; the local Carolina Wren looked very lost today.11/13/4 Defiance County My Sherwood Feeders I am so rarely home during the daylight to see the feeders, so I was very happy to see 4 PINE SISKINS today. As I struggled to get a few souvenier photos 11/14/4 My Sherwood Feeders I am so rarely home during the daylight, it was utter luxury to again relax and watch the Siskins. 12/23/4 My Sherwood Feeders Great to see our six inches of snow! Sheer beauty. Wonderful luxurious day of napping and watching the feeders. Happy to see a pair of HAIRY WOODPECKERS among the usual melange (Am Tree Sparrow 6, BlackCapped Chickadee 2, Blue Jay 4, Cardinal (5 males, 5 females), Carolina Wren 1, Goldfinch 8, House Finch (6 males, 10 females), Junco (14), Mourning Dove (34), PURPLE FINCH 1 male that was here yesterday too, 2 Song Sparrows, 10 Starlings (hardly ever get these), 2 Tufted Titmice, other Woodpeckers (Downy pair, female RedBellied), WhiteBreasted Nuthatch 1.


Hairy Woodpecker shares his suet with an American Tree Sparrow at my feeder (from video)

12/28/4 Twenty WILD TURKEYS show up again at the south edge of Sherwood (US127 at the Maumee River Bridge). At the feeders were lots of birds including this the Carolina Wren. 12/30/4 Sherwood My feeder Cooper's Hawk zoomed by me as I stepped outside, in hot pursuit of a screaming Blue Jay. 20031/2/3 At home in Sherwood the feeders were clogged!: 30+ Juncos, 30+ American Tree Sparrows, 3 Song Sparrows, a whole armada of tanks (Mourning Doves 13), plus the usual numbers of Downies, RedBellieds, Nuthatch, Titmice, Chickadee etc. 1/14/3 Arrived home to find a big COOPER'S HAWK chase a lot of birds into the front yard from the back yard where the feeders are!1/26/3 A Crow was at my Sherwood feeders. 2/14/3 Activity is slow due to warm temperatures (33 degrees) and no snow cover: American Tree Sparrow (only 1!), Blue Jay 3, Cardinal 4 (fighting, so probably no more great groups of them), 2 Black Capped Chickadees, 3 Downy Woodpeckers, 18 Juncos, 8 House Finches, 6 Mourning Doves, 1 female RedBellied Woodpecker, 3 Song Sparrows, 1 Tufted Titmouse, 3 WhiteBreasted Nuthatches. 2/15/3 Activity is slow due to high winds and no snow cover: American Tree Sparrow-- only 3!, Blue Jay 3, Cardinal 8 (fighting, so probably no more great groups of them), 2 Black Capped Chickadees, 3 Downy Woodpeckers, 4 Goldfinches, 12 House Finches, 1 House Sparrow, 25 Juncoes, 6 Mourning Doves, 2 female RedBellied Woodpeckers, 1 Song Sparrow, 1 Tufted Titmouse, 2 WhiteBreasted Nuthatches. 2/16/ 3 Stepped out of the house this morning only to hear a loud piercing KEEEEER. Best imitation of a RedTailed Hawk by a Blue Jay, I thought, when WHOOSH up from the front yard flew a RedTailed Hawk, joining another already in the sky. On a low White Oak branch was a grey-phase SCREECH OWL-- I couldn't raise one in the yard using a tape for the Atlas last month! Here was one in broad daylight (10am). Activity is slow due to warm temperatures (33 degrees) and no snow cover: American Tree Sparrow-- only 4!, Blue Jay 3, Cardinal 7 (fighting, so probably no more great groups of them), 2 Black Capped Chickadees, 3 Downy Woodpeckers, 15 Juncos, 4 House Finches, 1 House Sparrow, 6 Mourning Doves, 1 female RedBellied Woodpecker, 3 Song Sparrows, 1 Tufted Titmouse, 2 WhiteBreasted Nuthatches.2/17/3 At home, my Sherwood Feeders held no surprises, but was very enjoyable nonetheless: American Tree Sparrow-- only 4!, Blue Jay 3, Cardinal 7 (fighting, so probably no more great groups of them), 2 Black Capped Chickadees, 4 Downy Woodpeckers (two pairs), 26 Juncos, 12 House Finches, 4 House Sparrow (3 males), 18(!) Mourning Doves, 2 RedBellied Woodpeckers (pair), 2 Song Sparrows, 2 Tufted Titmice, 2 WhiteBreasted Nuthatches.

simply thru a 2x Sony Mavicam, no scope

2/20/3 An adult Tundra Swan magically appeared not even a tenth of a mile from the incorporation sign for tiny Sherwood here in Defiance County. No reservoir or lake or even river nearby-- just a harvested cornfield by Highway US 127. 2/23/3 Nine inches of snow by our way of figuring (ie trusty yardstick)

but best was seeing the snow angel likely made by a Cooper's Hawk catching a Mourning Dove in the backyard! Almost no birds at the feeders all day, evidently due to the hawk. 2/24/3 Lots of birds at the feeder tonight-- hawk must be gone. 3/4/3 Returning to Sherwood a flock of light and dark BLACKBIRDS overhead!!! I'm thinking not Starling shape, not Grackle shape, don't male RedWInged return before the females?-- which leaves Cowbird and Rusty as possibilities...3/16/3 At home in Sherwood I sat 15 feet from the feeders, amazed by the 6 Song Sparrows (occassionally bursting into song) ate peacefully together with a lingering American Tree Sparrow. Suddenly onto the scene burst my first FOX SPARROW of the year. At 7pm walking to the neighbors to take them up on an invitation to rib supper, we heard WOODCOCKS from every woods! and even startled one into flight as we walked up the driveway! 3/17/3 we still have Woodcocks morning and night in Sherwood, many peenting loudly. 4/13/3 Here in Sherwood, "my" Phoebe has returned with loud singing! American Tree Sparrows and Juncos persist. 4/14/3 When I arrived home in Sherwood, I found that "my" Kingfisher had returned to the nearby creek, as well as 3 Northern Rough-Winged Swallows. Wayne R. reports a Purple Martin at his Purple Martin house already! 4/16/3 At my Sherwood Feeders were WhiteThroated Sparrows. 4/17/3 A dozen WhiteThroated Sparrows mingled with a dozen Chipping and Field Sparrows under my Sherwood Feeders, with 2 Fox Squirrels and the black Gray Squirrel and a chipmunk. My first Brown Thrasher of the season was singing from the front yard wisteria. 4/19/3 Defiance County Sherwood Lagoons are being slowly drained, but there is still a lot of water, enough to support 3 BlueWinged Teal, 4 Canada Geese and my first-of-season DoubleCrested Cormorant. About a mile from home (Coy/Lockwood) was a



This was strange not only because it was the first one I've seen wandering around, but also because OhioBirds@Envirolink just had a message today on Chukars: " On Saturday, April 19, 2003, at 12:39 AM, bbolton wrote: A friend told me of an odd bird in his yard (residential Kent, OH, DeLorme 42C1). I saw a photo of the bird, and it was definitely a Chukar. I know Chukars are domesticated, raised for hunting, and found in Colorado, but I wondered how often they have been seen in Ohio. Jean and John Perchalski Van Wert, Ohio responded: The students at Van Wert High School, deep in the middle of our metropolis, found one December wandering the school grounds in the dead of winter. They kept it in a cage in the biology classroom all winter and I understand they released it last month. Don't know where it came from - probably the same breeder who gave Van Wert "Phil the Pheasant" the winter of two years ago. Both birds were very tame, and Phil became quite a road hazard for local drivers and would sometimes hold up traffic for minutes!"4/20/3 My Sherwood home was host to a MOCKINGBIRD I discovered as I was pulling out of the drive enroute to Easter dinner. When I returned home again, I found that the REDHEADED WOODPECKERS had returned, too! 4/26/3 Here at home in Sherwood I opened the door early and frightened a Cooper's Hawk out of the yard, frightened a Blue Jay building a nest by the front door, discovered the 2 Bluebirds were taking over last year's Downy nest in the Corkscrew Willow, and (most striking) a Wild Turkey across the road charging a Turkey Vulture every time the buzzard set down in the field! 5/3/3 Sherwood Other obligations and constant rain saw me birding only close to home today. Unexpected were 3 Green Herons, skeowing loudly, totally out of their habitat. Many Purple Martins, Barn Swallows, Tree Swallows, Catbirds were back in full force. A single White-Crowned Sparrow joined the Field and Chipping Sparrows under the feeder. In the trees were at least SIXTY Palm Warblers and only 2 pairs of Yellow-Rumped Warblers in spite of 4 kids on loud 4-wheelers, and constant gunshots (either poor shots or not turkey hunting after all). Baltimore Orioles and a Brown Thrasher pretty much complete the picture, birdwise, but I also saw my first Tree Frog (in the swimming pool of course!!!) and Garter Snake (under the Almond) of the season. At 7:30pm, a male RUBY-THROATED HUMMINGBIRD showed up trying to get nectar from a window sunflower seed feeder, so I immediately filled up the hummingbird feeder and put it out! 5/23-26/3 A male Blackpoll Warbler has called constantly in my Sherwood yard Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday AND Tuesday, driving me crazy. This is one bird I can definitely wait until next year to hear again! <grin>5/30/3 Sherwood The male singing Blackpoll is finally gone! Hurray! 6/7/3 Sherwood Doing yardwork today, find that the nesting yardbirds include a noisy House Wren, Bluebirds have taken over last year's Downy Woodpecker nest, the Blue Jays have somehow squeezed into the "See Rock City" birdhouse, a Robin is at the top of the blue spruce, 2 fledgling Catbirds beg for food from their parents. The local tom Wild Turkey has been hanging around the neighborhood in plain view. 7/7/3 At home in Sherwood the three BlueJays have fledged making for quite comic goings-on as they begged their parents for food. A very young WhiteBreasted Nuthatch was at the feeder alone, unless you count the black Gray Squirrel, the 3 Fox Squirrels and the 3 Chipmunks. 7/12/3Home in Sherwood A Hummingbird-Moth sips from the front walk flowers (impatiens/petunia/everlasting pea/lilies), while a loud Carolina Wren shows up in the backyard. 7/13/3Home in Sherwood Awakened to the cuh-cuh-cuh of a YellowBilled Cuckoo yellow_billed_cuckoo.ram. Yesterday's Carolina Wren is building a nest in the bathroom window, inches from my face while in the shower. 7/15/3 Home in Sherwood Carolina Wren has laid two eggs in the bathroom window nest. 8/2/3 Not often am I home enough to watch the birds in my backyard. This morning while showering I watched the mother Carolina Wren enter the nest

in the shower's window, while the male sang loudly in the backyard. Then two more Carolina Wrens came to the window as if to check on the mother and her eggs. Maybe these were offspring from a previous nest? 8/7/3 Loud cries from newly-hatched Carolina Wrens in the bathroom window 8/26/3 I was home long enough to see that the Goldfinches were bringing their young to the feeder. 10/10/3 A Screech Owl calls in the front yard as I leave for work.10/12/3 A YellowRumped Warbler gets caught in my now-empty outdoor aviary. Amazing how such a common bird becomes beautiful and exotic when held in the hand!10/13/3 A lone Junco appeared today at the feeders (I don't think any birds have been using the feeders this month until today!).10/21/3 Sherwood Sewage Lagoons held nothing but my first WHITE-CROWNED SPARROW of the season.10/25/3 Sticking close to home getting chores done for a change, and find among the regular feeder visitors a new one-- Whislepig! Unusual I'd think in an oak/hickory woods!

11/23/2003Sherwood Trying out my new camera digiscoping Juncos etc in the backyard, everyone (including me) froze for a full five minutes. I looked for the hawk, but couldn't find it until it flushed and flew off-- a small SharpShinned. 11/29/2003 As I loaded the dog for her final car ride, I heard SANDHILL CRANES overhead, but it was too cloudy to see them.

2002 1/3/02 Home sick today so just watched the feeders, seeing just the usual: ATSp,BCCh,BlueJays X,Card,DoWo,EuSt,Gold,HoFi,Junc,MoDo,RBWo,RHWo (only 2 adults, no juveniles, they constantly chased the RBW's!!), SoSp,TuTi,WBNu. 1/4/02 Feeders were much the same-- ok exactly the same. Still sick. 1/13/02Sherwood Feeders were virtually identical every day: American Tree Sparrow XX, BCCh X, Cardinal X, Carolina Wren X, DW X, English Sparrow X, Goldfinch X, HouseFinch XX, Junco XX, MoDo X, RedBellied Woodpecker X, RedHeaded Woodpecker X, Song Sparrow X, TuTi X, WBNu X. 1/20/02The Feeders were pretty crowded today: RedHeaded/RedBellied/Downy/HAIRY Woodpeckers, WhiteBreasted Nuthatch, Juncos, Mourning Doves, American Tree Sparrows, a single Song Sparrow, Goldfinches, BlackCapped Chickadees, Cardinals, and 2 House Sparrows.! 1/21/02 At home at the Sherwood feeders, a Brown Creeper joined the group. 2/17/02 An immature WhiteThroated Sparrow appeared at my Sherwood OH feeders. 2/18/02 Great Backyard Bird Count at the home Sherwood Feeders resulted in 20 House Sparrows (I used to never get any until they "thinned" the woods out back...), 12 Mourning Doves, 12 American Tree Sparrows, 8 House Finches, 4 Downy Woodpeckers, 3 BlackCapped Chickadees, 3 Crows, 3 Cardinals, 2 Tifted Titmice, 2 RedHeaded Woodpeckers, 2 RedBellied Woodpeckers, a WhiteBreasted Nuthatch, 1 WhiteThroated Sparrow, a Carolina Wren, a European Starling, and I was very happy to see the HAIRY WOODPECKER showed up for today's count. Half-a-block away at the Sherwood Lagoons were 32 Canada Geese. Where are the Goldfinches?!! 3/3/02 The first Cowbird appeared at the feeders this morning, and the resident Song Sparrow is singing today. 3/14/02 "My" Bluebirds have returned from their wandering to defend their nest box in the front yard against intruders. 3/16/02 Woke up this morning to the loud commands of my first EASTERN TOWHEE of the season to "Drink your TEA!!" Not just at the feeders, he called from all sides of home. With such good portents Joe Hildreth and I decided to head down to Cincinatti. 3/17/02 The male Towhee spends perpetual time at my Sherwood feeders. 3/25/02 With this weather, the only birding I did was fill the feeders: 3 Song Sparrows instead of the usual one. 3/26/02 Took twice as long to get home from work tonight due to the freezing rain/heavy snow mix. With Paulding County under a Level 2 alert, the feeders were the limit on birding that could be done. I had to refill the feeders again, which is pretty unusual since I have so many. In addition to the extra Song Sparrows (now four), there were 2 male and female RedWinged Blackbirds (unusual for my feeders), a White-Throated Sparrow, and THREE FOX SPARROWS, my first of the season. The Hairy and Downy Woodpecker posed together on the suet feeder for the visiting neighbor. The snow brought crowds of Juncos, American Tree Sparrows, and House Finches, but only a few Cardinals, Mourning Doves, Starlings, and one lone male House Sparrow. The RedHeaded Woodpeckers were the domineering couple, with the Blue Jays and RedBellied Woodpeckers staying a safe distance away. 3/28/2 My Sherwood feeders still had the 3 FOX SPARROWS, and the extra Song Sparrows, but the RedWinged Blackbirds were gone. In their place were 2 female Cowbirds, seldom seen as of yet this year. 3/29/02 The 3 Fox Sparrows continue at my Sherwood feeder with 2 male Cowbirds. Today I heard Chipping Sparrows loudly all around. Thought I'd seen them with the American Tree Sparrows lately, but couldn't get a fix long enough on them amidst the crowds of ATS. 3/30/02 Sherwood Feeders: a RedWinged Blackbird male, and my first FIELD SPARROW of the season, cavort with the usuals. The Chipping Sparrows are evident everywhere. Here is a sign that my dog is getting old. She would never have allowed one of these in the yard in days of yore:

3/31/02 Back at Sherwood, a male RedWinged Blackbird, the Field Sparrow and a Fox Sparrow lurked with the others at the feeders, although it was 50 degrees outside.

4/1/02 At the Sherwood feeders are the Towhee, the Fox Sparrows, the Field Sparrow and the Chipping Sparrows still amidst the usuals.

4/2/02 Once I arrived home, I found FIVE Fox Sparrows eating under the feeders, instead of the usual three!!! There were five Song Sparrows there as well, not getting along at all, but constantly fighting and charging each other. 4/3/02 At my Sherwood feeders are the Towhee and a Fox Sparrow among the usuals (including 5 Song Sparrows still). 4/4/2 Home at the Sherwood feeders was the Fox Sparrow with the Towhee and a Grackle, uncommon at my feeder. 4/5/2 Sherwood Lagoons had, as it has for the past weeks, only Canada Geese in spite of the plethora of waterfowl elsewhere. 4/6/02 2 Fox Sparrows continue with 5 Song Sparrows at my Sherwood feeders. Unusual visitors today were 3 Turkey Vultures, dining on the Fox Squirrel that was hit by a car out front, and the other 2 Fox Squirrels that fell into my swimming pool and drowned while trying to dine from the feeders. There's still at least one left though:

4/8/02 Enroute to work this morning, I was surprised by a visit froma Short-Eared Owl at StateRoute 18/Coy Road here in Sherwood! 4/10/02 A YELLOW-BELLIED SAPSUCKER at my Sherwood Feeders today. 4/13/02 At the Sherwood feeders were 1 male and 2 female PURPLE FINCHES mingling with the Gold and House Finches this morning, while White-Crowned and White-Throated Sparrows mingled with the Chipping Sparrows and Juncos below. Above flew 2 RoughWinged Swallows.

4/17/02 Had to do yard work tonight, so stayed home and watched my spring visitors (RedWinged Blackbirds, Purple Finches, WhiteCrowned, WhiteThroated Sparrows) at my Sherwood feeders mingling with the residents. RedHeaded Woodpeckers may have chosen a nestsite easily photographed. Of course, the Bluebirds always do but I never photograph them. <grin> 4/19/2 Walking around the Sherwood Lagoons tonight after work found more than the usual 50+ Canada Geese, but not much. A pair of Mallards, a drake BlueWinged Teal, lots of YellowRumped Warblers everywhere, and finally I'm the last person in Ohio to get his first WHITE-EYED VIREO and RUBY-CROWNED KINGLETS of the season. Field and Song Sparrows were everywhere, and a single Tree Swallow. Mosquitos were there by the thousands so that as I walked the cloud made quite a loud scream, like a panic sound from a horror film. Miraculously, although I wore only a pair of shorts, I wasn't bitten once in my whole walk around the area... At the feeders, a male and a female Purple Finch were still extremely delightful. 4/20/02 A Wild Turkey visited me here in Sherwood OH 4/22/2 Sherwood Lagoons at least had my first Swamp Sparrows and Chimney Swifts of the season (I know! I know everyone else saw them weeks ago!). Two pairs of Wood Ducks, a single BlueWinged Teal, a pair of Mallards and the requisite Canada Geese were there as well. No warblers at all. 4/24/2 At home in Sherwood a Palm Warbler appeared as I pulled the lawn mower out of the shed.5/1/02 My first Rose-Breasted Grosbeak pair are at my Sherwood feeders this morning. 5/3/02 RoseBreasted Grosbeak pair continue 5/4/02 Rosebreasted Grosbeaks continue at my Sherwood feeders this morning, mixing with the WhiteThroated/ WhiteCrowned/ Chipping/ Song Sparrows. 5/4/02 Found time at the end of the day (7:30pm) to take a quick walk around the Sherwood Sewage Lagoons to see the regulars (GreatCrested Flycatchers, RubyCrowned Kinglets, Gnatcatchers, YellowRumped and Yellow Warblers, Common Yellowthroats, a pair of Wood Ducks, a pair of Blue Winged Teal, lots of Canada Geese,etc), but what should I spy but my first of the season SCARLET TANAGER! 5/5/02 Sherwood feeders today had new visitors: I've seen SharpShinned, Cooper's, RedTailed Hawk, Harrier in the yard, but never KESTRELS. And this pair was going in and out of a hole in a tree in my yard, checking it out as if to move in. This of course could be nice and could be bad, but surprising either way 5/8/02 First chance to get out was not until 8pm. A simple walk around Sherwood Lagoons would be more eventful than I expected though no warblers at all. The usual pair of Mallards, pair of BlueWinged Teal, pair of Wood Ducks, 3 pairs of Canada Geese, etc. but also lots of swallows (Barn, Tree, Northern RoughWinged, and BANK), and my first RubyThroated Hummingbird of the season. Denny S. had his first early, I'll have to check with him to get that exact time. 5/14/02 Not yet fully deterred, I tried the Sherwood Lagoons at home-- with not much better results. Lots of Tree and Barn Swallows and Chimney Swifts, and Purple Martins. Three Pairs of Canada Geese. Four Palm Warblers, 20 YellowRumps, a YellowThroated Vireo, a WhiteEyed Vireo, Orioles, another Swainson's Thrush, a pair of Common Yellowthroats, and a couple Yellow Warblers. A RedTailed Hawk. Not real good. Sitting in the backyard watching the feeders however, a Magnolia warbler, a pair of Common Yellowthroats, and an ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER wandered by to mix with the WhiteThroated and WhiteCrowned Sparrows. I also found the nestsite of the RedHeaded Woodpeckers! 5/15/02 Back at home, my Sherwood feeders had 8 WhiteCrowned Sparrows but zero WhiteThroated.5/25/02 Sprummer or Summing here at home in Sherwood, too, as a Black-Throated Green and a RedEyed Vireo play in the oaks, while other birds are already nesting. Out in the front of my small yard on the telephone are the Bluebirds while a Cardinal has chosen a Burning Bush just outside the hallway window for her nest. Here she is taken through the Venetian blinds: . A Robin has chosen the sideyard fence amidst the climbing Japanese Honeysuckle, very well hidden, too, where one has already hatched today!Eating the fallen seed from the feeders are two Cottontails. The birds don't mind them, and they don't mind the birds, even the big Jays and Grackles:

5/26/02 Another day of yardwork to ready for Memorial Day here in Sherwood. In readying the outside aviary for my pet birds, I discovered a House Wren had already made a nest inside! I simply moved the box outside the aviary and the Wrens readily found it. They had lots of eggs!:

The neighbor told me that he often saw Blue Jays flying out of my Juniper out front, and surely enough, a Blue Jay had built a nest there. It's too high to really see anything in it, but a quick internet search ( is the remarkable site) told me that "...a peculiar habit of this bird is to line its nest with a piece of cloth or waste paper. This is true in the majority of nests placed near dwellings..." and this nest is mostly made up of toilet paper from the last time I was TP'd:

I am totally amazed that this number of birds of different species could nest in such a small yard! And with the feeders always so busy! 5/28/02 Another yard work night at home here in Sherwood. I'd hate to miss any late warblers, but this sure hasn't been a migrant trap yet this year <grin>! Discovered another nest in the yard: Downy Woodpecker halfway between the Blue Jay and the Cardinal, in a dead branch of the Corkscrew Willow. Here's a poor picture of it, so I'll hopefully replace it tomorrow:


Birds were pretty normal at the feeder (RedWinged Blackbird still hanging around though), but lots of amphibians around (a toad and 6 tree frogs in various colors):

5/30/02 Crows sweep into my Sherwood yard unperturbed by me or the swarm of Blue Jays around them, rip into a nest I had not seen 10' off the ground in a young spruce, and carry off baby birds! Judging by the actions of the Chipping Sparrows, evidently their offspring. The nest, now in ruins, had been snuggled up to a deserted Robin nest.6/18/02 A doe and her fawn at the feeder here in (and I do mean in) Sherwood! 6/19/02 Still at the feeder this morning were the doe and her fawn. 9/12/2 What the cat dragged in and why cats shouldn't be allowed outside:

10/3/2 The good birds were in the yard when I arrived home in Sherwood where many YELLOW-RUMPED, CAPE MAY, BLACKPOLL and MAGNOLIA WARBLERS were passing through. 10/5/2 Woke up too late to join in on the Stockbridge Audubon Society adventure, but did find a large group of YellowRumped Warblers (and a single Magnolia) in the front yard with a low-sitting Phoebe (the bottom of a lilac?!). 10/17/2My first Junco of the season was at my Sherwood feeders today, along with the first House Finch I've seen in quite some time. The feeders have been unusually bare all summer, until today. 10/21/2 At home in Sherwood, the feeders have exploded from nothing to crowded, with a RufousSided Towhee joining many Juncos, Goldfinches, House Finches, Downy & RedBellied Woodpeckers, Cardinals, Blue Jays, Titmice, BlackCapped Chickadees, WhiteBreasted Nuthatches-- maybe it was this cold snap. YellowRumped Warblers and hundreds of Robins persist in the yard this week, with the Bluebirds especially active.11/2/2 Sherwood Lagoons held only 150 Canada Geese. 12/8/2 Woke up to a CAROLINA WREN flitting about the house, here in Sherwood. Here he sits on a loaf of bread in the kitchen:

Just a block away from home encountered a roadblock of five truckloads of hunters-- jeez guys, this is Sherwood Incorporated though it looks like countryside. And how many guys DOES it take to shoot a deer? The Carolina Wren reminded me to enjoy the feeders a bit. In 15 minutes, maximum numbers were 12 Juncos, 11 Housefinches, 8 Mourning Doves, 7 Cardinals (5 of them male), 3 Blue Jays, 2 RedBellied Woodpeckers, 2 Downy Woodpeckers, 2 American Tree Sparrows, 2 House Sparrows, 2 American Goldfinch, a BlackCapped Chickadee, a Tufted Titmouse, a male WhiteBreasted Nuthatch, a Song Sparrow, and a WhiteThroated Sparrow. 12/17/2 Sherwood Sadly, a Carolina Wren wing was outside the front door of my home here in Sherwood... 12/21/2 My Sherwood feeders had the first black-phase Gray Squirrel (first Gray Squirrel actually) ever this afternoon. 3 Fox Squirrels chased each other around, ignoring or oblivious to his presence. 1993 10/30/93 Feeders: American Robin, BlackCapped Chickadees, 6 Blue Jays, Cardinals, Downy Woodpeckers, 2 Fox Squirrels, Hairy Woodpeckers, House Finches, male RedBellied Woodpecker, RedBreasted Nuthatch, WhiteBreasted Nuthatch, Tufted Titmice 10/31/93 Feeders: American Goldfinch, American Robin, BlackCapped Chickadees, 6 Blue Jays, Cardinals, 2 Carolina Wrens, 2 Chipping Sparrows, Downy Woodpeckers, 4 Eastern Bluebirds, 25 European Starlings, 2 Fox Squirrels, Hairy Woodpeckers, House Finches, 10 Juncos, male RedBellied Woodpecker, WhiteBreasted Nuthatch, Tufted Titmice, male YellowShafted Flicker 11/1/93 Feeders: Blue Jays, Cardinals, Chipping Sparrows, Downy Woodpeckers, Fox Squirrels, Juncos, male RedBellied Woodpecker, WhiteBreasted Nuthatches 11/2/93 Feeders: Blue Jays, Downy Woodpeckers, Fox Squirrels, House Finches, Juncos 11/3/93 BlackCapped Chickadees, 4 Blue Jays, Cardinals, Downy Woodpeckers, Fox Squirrels, Juncoes, RedBellied Woodpecker, Tufted Titmice, WhiteBreasted Nuthatches 11/4/93 Blue Jays, Downy Woodpeckers, Fox Squirrels, Juncos, Tufted Titmice 11/5/93 Blue Jays, Chipping Sparrows, Downy Woodpeckers, Fox Squirrels, House Finches, Juncos, RedBellied Woodpeckers, WhiteBreasted Nuthatches 11/7/93 American Goldfinches, American Tree Sparrows, BlackCapped Chickadees, Blue Jays, Downy Woodpeckers, Fox Squirrels, House FInches,Juncos, RedBellied Woodpeckers, WhiteBreasted Nuthatches 11/8/93 Blue Jays, Downy Woodpeckers, Juncos, RedBellied Woodpeckers, WhiteBreasted Nuthatches 11/20/93 American Tree Sparrows, American Goldfinches, BlackCapped Chickadees, Blue Jays, Downy Woodpeckers, Fox Squirrels, House Finches, Juncos, RedBellied Woodpeckers, Tufted Titmice, WhiteBreasted Nuthatch 11/21/93 BlackCapped Chickadees, Blue Jays, Downy Woodpeckers, House Finches, Juncos, WhiteBreasted Nuthatches 11/26/93 3 Fox Squirrels, Junco, RedBellied Woodpecker, WhiteBreasted Nuthatches 11/27/93 6 American Tree Sparrows, BCCh, BJay, Card, DoWo,2 FxSq, HoFi,25 Juncos, TuTi ,RBWo, WBNu 11/28/93 AmGo, 6 ATSp, BCCh, BJay, Card, DoWo, 3 FxSq, HoFi, 25 Junco, TT, WBN 12/11/93 8 ATS, BCC, 3 BJ, Card, DW, FxSq, 11 HoFi, HW, 10 Juncos, RBW, TT, WBN 12/12/93 ATS,HF, J, WBN 1994 1/2/94 17 ATS, DW, HoFi, HW, 25Juncos 1/5/94 ATS, Card, DoWo, HoFi, Juncos, 3 Mourning Doves 1/8/94 AmGo, ATS, BJ, Card, DoWo, HaWo, HoFi, 10 Juncos, RBW 2/27/94 15 ATS, BCC, BJay, Cardinals, Carolina Wren, Cooper's Hawk, DoWo, EuroStarlings, 3 Fox Squirrels, HaWo, 30 House Finches, 30 Juncos, Mourning Doves, RedBellied Woodpecker, 5 Song Sparrows, TT, WBN 3/6/94 ATS, Cardinals, DoWo, FSq, HaWo, 6 Juncos, SoSp, WBN 4/17/94 AG, BCC, Chipping Sparrow singing, too, DoWo, Eastern Bluebirds nesting in front yard, FSq, TT, Turkey Vulture overhead, Carolina Wren still here. 4/20/94 BJay, BrownHeaded Cowbirds, Card, 26 Chipping Sparrows, DoWo,WBN, 3 White Throated Sparrows, YellowShafted Flickers 4/21/94 Male and Female Purple Finches! at the window feeders 5/1/94 Four Male and 2 Female ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAKS at the window feeders. 5/15/94 2 CAPE MAY WARBLERS in the yard! 5/17/94 The RoseBreasted Grosbeaks have left. 5 Crows stop by for a snack! House Wren fighting with the nesting WhiteBreasted Nuthatches in the backyard house. The House Wrens are also chasing the Carolina Wrens! American Goldfinches again plentiful. 5/20/94 2 Barn Swallows stop by and rest on the telephone wires. 5/21/94 RT Hummingbirds on the columbine, in the shower of the garden hose and at the feeder on the willow. SilverSpotted Skippers on the lilacs. Fox Squirrels and Red Jimmys eating together on the picnic table. BROWN THRASHER appears. WhiteThroated Sparrows still here. 5/30/94 Bluebirds fledged today! 1995 1/14/95 AmGo, ATS, BCC, 3 Blue Jays, BrownCreepers, 9 male Cardinals at once!, Carolina Wren, Chipmunks, Cooper's Hawk, DoWo, HaWo, 50 House Finches, Juncos, RBWo, Red Jimmys,TuTi, one day invasion of YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLERS 1/16/95 5:20pm all i can see are a Brown Creeper and a female Downy Woodpecker. 1/29/95 2 AmGo, 20 ATS, 3 BCC, BJay, Brown Creeper, DoWo,FSq (first in a long time), HaWo,50 HoFi, 30 Juncos, Mourning Dove (first in awhile!), RBW, TuTi, WBN 1/31/95 20 ATS, BCC, Cardinals, DoWo, HaWo, 40 House Finches, 20 Juncos, RBWo, TuTi, WBN 2/10/95 Brown Creeper, 6 male and 3 female Cardinals, DoWo,4 Mourning Doves 2/12/95 10 AmGo, 8 ATS, BCC, 5 B Jays, Card, DoWo, 50 Starlings swoop in, sadly, FSq, HaWo,25 HoFi, Juncos, 6 MoDo, RBW, WBN 2/18/95 AmGo, ATS, BCC, 3 B Jay, BrownCreeper, Card, DoWo, FSq, HaWo, 20 HoFi, Juncos, 8 MoDo, RBW,TuTi, WBN 2/20/95 ATS, BCC, Brown Creepers, 2 pair of Cardinals, Chipmunks,DoWo, HaWo, Juncos, 12 MoDo, RBW 2/21/95 15 AmGo, ATS, American Crow, BCC, 3 BJays, Brown Creeper, DoWo, HaWo, 20 HoFi, Juncos, 6 MoDo, RBW 2/26/95 AmGo,ATS, BCC, Brown Creeper, Cardinals, DoWo, HaWo, 11 HoFi, 6 Juncos, 12 MoDo, RBW, WBN 2/27/95 AmGo, 15 ATS, BCC, Brown Creeper, Cardinals, DoWo, HoFi, Juncos, MoDo, RBW, WBN 3/4/95 Brown Creeper, BCC, DoWo, FSq, WBN 3/5/95 12 AmGo, BCC, BJay, Brown Creeper, Cardinals, DoWo, 10 HoFi, 20 Juncos, RBW, TuTi, WBN 3/17/95 6 AmCrow, BCC, Cardinals, DoWo, Junco, RBW, WBN 1997 3/31/97 THE VERY FIRST FOX SPARROW I'VE EVER SEEN IN MY OWN BACKYARD! 4/1/97 The Bluebirds have returned to their nextbox out front. My first Cowbird of the season is eating corn in the backyard. Videotaped the Fox Sparrow today. 4/2/97 First Rufous-Sided Towhee of the feeders for me is videotaped in the backyard! AmGo, BCC, Cardinals, DoWo, 2 FSq, HoFi,10 Juncos, RBW, 1 Song Sparrow, 1 Starling, TuTi, Turkey Vulture overhead, WBN, YellowShafted Flicker. 4/3/97 A MALE WOOD DUCK is checking out the backyard oaks and hickories for a new home evidently, at 7am and still there at 7:55am! The male Towhee is back as well. Also a MALE PURPLE FINCH. BCC, BJays, Cardinals, a pair of Cowbirds, DoWo, FSq, HoFi, 15 Juncos, MoDO, RBW, Robins, 2 SoSp, 2 Starlings, TuTi, WBN 4/5/97 BJay, Cardinals, DoWo,3 Fox Squirrels, 10 Juncos, 2 MoDo, RBW, RSTowhee, SoSp, a Starling, TuTi, WBN and the first Chipping Sparrow of the year. 4/6/97 AmGo, BCC, BJay, 3 FoxSq, 6 Juncos, Robin, SoSp, TuTi, WBN 4/7/97 2 ChSp, 3DoWo, 2 FoxSq, 5 Junco, 2MoDo, Robin, 2 TuTi and a male HARRIER flies through! 4/8/97 BCC, BJay, Cardinals, 3 ChSp, DoWo, 2 FoxSq, HaWo, HoFi, 4 Juncos, 4 MoDo, RBW, 2 Starlings, SoSp, TuTi, WBN 4/10/97 AmGo, BCC, BJay, Cardinals, Crow, ChSp, DoWo, FSq, HoFi,14 Juncos, 4 MoDo, RBW, Starling, TuTi, WBN 4/14/97 10 Chipping Sparrows, 10 MournignDoves, 10 Juncos, plus CC, DoWo, SoSp, and a WhiteThroated Sparrow. 4/18/97 FEMALE PURPLE FINCH at the feeder 9am. MALE PURPLE FINCH ARRIVES at 9:10 am. At 9:20 a second male Purple Finch joins them! and a second female at 10am! AmGo, BCC, BJays, Cardinals, 6 ChSp, FSq, HoFi, MoDo, SoSp, Starlig, TuTi, WBN 4/19/97 AmGo, 4 BCC, BJays, Cardinals, DoWo, Juncos, MoDo, a pair of Purple Finches, RBW, Robin, 2 SoSp, a Starling, TuTi, WBN 4/20/97 AmGo, BCC, BJays, ChSp, DoWo, FIELD SPARROW, 5 Fox Squirrels, 2 SoSp, WBN 4/21/97 BJays, Cardinals, DoWo, HaWo, MoDo, RBW, SoSp, TuTi, WBN 5/3/97 10 AmGO, BCC,4 BJays, 3 ChSp, Cowbird, DoWo, 2 Field Sparrows, HaWo, HoFi, Robin, TuTi, WBN 5/4/97 AmGo, Cardinals, ChSp, pair of Cowbird, DoWo, 2 FSq, HoFi, a House Sparrow,MoDo, RBW, REDHEADED WOODPECKER returns!, Robin, male RoseBreasted Grosbeak, Starling, TuTI, eight WhiteThroated Sparrows, 5/5/97 BCC, BJay, DoWo, 2 FSq, 2 MoDo, REDHEADED WOODPECKER, female ROSEBREASTED GROSBEAK 5/9/97 A pair of INDIGO BUNTINGS eat millet thrown on the ground today! AmGo, BCC, BJay, ChSp, DoWo,MoDo, TuTi, 2 WHITE CROWNED SPARROWS, WhiteThroated Sparrow, WBN 5/10/97 Today's best: male INDIGO BUNTING, a pair of ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAKS, first RT HUMMINGBIRD and HOUSE WREN of the season in the yard. AmGo, BCC, 4 BJays, Cardinals, 6 ChSp, Chipmunk, Cowbird, DoWo, Field Sparrow, 3 FSq, HaWo, HoFi, pair of HoSp, House Wren, male Indigo Bunting, 4 MoDo, Robin, pair of RoseBreasted Grosbeaks, RTHu, 2 Starlings, TuTi, 6 WhiteCrowned Sparrows, WBN 5/17/97 AmGo, BCC, 6 Blue Jays, ChSp, Cottontail Rabbit, 2 Cowbirds, DoWo, FSq, Grackle, HaWo, 6 HoSp, HouseWren, 3 MoDo, RBW, Robins, 2 Starlings, TuTi, 8 Turkey Vultures overhead, 2 WhiteCrowned Sparrows, WBN 6/4/97 Baltimore Oriole, BCC, DoWo, RBW, Robins, RT Hummingbird, TuTi 8/2/97 BJay, BCC, Cardinals, DoWo, FSq, HaWo, RBW, RedSq, TT, WBN 10/15/97 5 AmGo, BCC, BJay, Chipmunk, DoWo, FSq, HoFi, MoDo, female Purple Finch, RBW, Starling,TuTi, WBN, Y Shafted Flicker 10/16/97 AmGo, BCC, Chipmunk, DoWo, RBW, Robins, TuTi, WBN, 5 YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLERS 10/22/97 6 AmGo, BCC, BJays, Cardinals, DoWo, 12 MoDo, RBW, 26 Robins, TuTi, WBN, 5 YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLERS 12/4/97 AmGo, BCC, Brown Creeper, DoWo, FSq, HaWo, HoFi, 10 Juncos, 19 MoDo, A PAIR OF PINE SISKINS--LIFEBIRDS!, RBW, SoSp,Starling, TuTi, WBN, YS Flicker 12/12/97 5 AmGo, ATS, BCC, Cardinals, DoWo, FSq, 20 Juncos, MoDo, RBW, TuTi, WBN 12/13/97 AmGo, Brown Creeper, BCC, Cardinals, DoWo, FSq, HoFi, 14 Juncos, 4 PINE SISKINS, RBW, TuTi, WBN 12/15/97 BCC, HoFi, 5 Juncos, 28 Mourning Doves, RBW, Starling, TuTi, WBN, WhiteThroated Sparrow 12/19/97 BCC, DoWo, HaWo, Junco, WBN, 2 WTSp

1998 1/26/98 AmGo, BCC, Cardinal, DoWo, HaWo, Junco, MoDo, RBW, 2 RingBilled Gulls overhead, WBN, WTSp 2/8/98 BCC, Cardinal, DoWo, 4 BLUEBIRDS, MoDo, SoSp 2/10/98 AmGo, Brown Creeper, BCC, DoWo, FSq, HaWo, MoDo, RBW, SoSp, WBN, WTSp 3/2/98 BCC, DoWo, Junco, MoDo, RBW, SoSp, TuTi, WBN, WTSp 3/3/98 8 AmGo, BCC, DoWo, FSq (one had no hair on his body, except for his head and tail), RBW, TuTi, WBN 3/4/98 AmGo, ATS, BCC, BJays,Cardinals, Crows, DoWo, 17 Juncos, MoDo, RBW, SoSp, Starling, TuTi, WBN, WTSp 3/11/98 AmGo, BCC, Cardinals, DoWo, FIELD SPARROW, FSq, 23 Juncos, 4 MoDo, RBW, Robins, WBN, WTSp 3/25/98 BCC, DoWo, FIELD SPARROW, HaWo, 14 Juncos, 4 MoDo, RBW, SoSp, 3 Starlings, TuTi, WBN, WTSp 4/23/98 AmGo, BCC, 4 BJays, Cardinals, 6 Chipping Sparrows, pair of Cowbirds, Crows, DoWo, FSq, Juncos, MoDo, RBW, Robins, SoSp, 2 Starlings, TuTi, 4 Turkey Vultures overhead, WBN, 2 WTSp 4/26/98 BCC, TWENTY BLUE JAYS, Cardinals, Chipmunk, DoWo, Grackle, RBW, FEMALE RUFOUS-SIDED TOWHEE, TuTi, WBN, WTSp 4/29/98 AmGo, BCC, SIXTEEN BLUE JAYS, Cardinals, ChSp, Grackle, Juncos, MoDo, MALE REDWINGED BLACKBIRD, 2 Starlings, TuTi, 2 WTSp 5/1/98 FIRST HOUSE WREN OF THE SEASON ARRIVES EIGHT BLUE JAYS, Cardinals, 12 ChSp, FIELD SPARROW, HoFi, MoDo, EIGHT WHITE-THROATED SPARROWS 5/7/98 BJays, Cardinals, House Wren, MoDo,RBW, MALE RED-WINGED BLACKBIRD, THREE FEMALE ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAKS, 2 Starlings, TuTi, WhiteCROWNED Sparrow, 12/20/98 5 AmGo, BCC, 4 BJays, Cardinals, DoWo, FSq, 10 HoFi, 10 Juncos,10 MoDo, RBW, TuTi, WBN, WTSp,1 JUVENILE RED-HEADED WOODPECKER19991/2/99 Only two Juncos remain, one dazed from hitting the patio door, and one from hitting the living room window, trying to escape from a hawk that snatched one from the blue spruce by the goldfish pond. It was so fast I didn't see victim or hawk at first. Six inches of snow on the ground, and five minutes ago we had what looked like hundreds of birds at the feeders. Only four minutes later, there are 9 American Tree Sparrows, 2 Blue Jays, 4 pairs of Cardinals, a pair of Downy Woodpeckers, 25 Juncos, a Song Sparrow, and 2 Tufted Titmice. Eight more minutes, and all are gone except for the Song Sparrow. I don't see a hawk, but I know he's near. Another 5 minutes, and alot of birds return. 1/3/99 4 AmGo, 7 ATS, 2 BlackCapped Chickadees, 8 Blue Jays, 4 pairs of Cardinals, 2 DoWo, FSq, 15 House Finches,16 Junco,15 MoDo, ADULT REDHEADED WOODPECKER, 1 Song Sparrow, 3 Starlings, 6 Tufted Titmice, 1 WhiteBreasted Nuthatch 1/7/99 ATS, Cardinals, Juncos, MoDo, 2 Song Sparrows 1/9/99 10 inches of snow: 10 ATS, 1 BCC, 1 BJay, 7 Cardinals, DoWo, 14 Juncos, 1 MoDo, RBW, JUVENILE REDHEADED WOODPECKER, 4 SoSp, 3 Tufted Titmice, WBN 1645 all disappear suddenly 1646 screaming jay returns 1653 all others return 1703 all leave hawk takes cowbird and sits in blue spruce to eat him. 1715 20 birds return, getting dark 1720 only 5 birds remain 1/10/99 2 AmGo, 8 ATS, 3 BCC, 7 BJay, 7 Cardinals, DoWo, 2 FSq, 8 HoFi, THIRTY Juncos, 2 MoDo, RBW, Juvenile RedHeaded Woodpecker, 4 Song Sparrows, 6 Tufted Titmice at once, WBN RedHeaded Woodpecker chasing RedBellied from tree to tree. 1/14/99 1 ATS, 2 AmGo, 4 BCC, 4 BJays, 3 pairs of Cardinals, 2 Crows, 3 DoWo, Hairy Woodpecker, 1 HoFi, 23 Juncos, 10 MoDo, RHW, 2 SoSp, 2 Starlings, 6 TuTi RedHeaded Woodpecker now furiously chases all the Downy Woodpeckers! 1/17/99 3 ATS, 2 BCC, 4 BJays, 2 DoWo, 3 Fox Squirrels, 4 HoFi, 6 Juncos, 19 MoDo, A RED SQUIRREL , 6 Tufted Titmice 1/31/99 AmGo,14 ATS, 2 BCC, 2 Cardinals, 2 DoWo,16 Juncos, RHW, 2 WBN 9/6/99 6pm feeders:4 Black-Capped Chickadees, Blue Jay , Chipmunk, Downy Woodpecker pair, Hairy Woodpecker male, 6 House Finches, Mourning Dove, 3 Ruby- Throated Hummingbirds, Tufted Titmouse, White-Breasted Nuthatch 10/3/99 a 2mi walk down the railroad tracks from my house to Delaware Bend resulted in (remember I stop counting after 50) Goldfinches, RedWingedBlackbirds,EnglishSparrows, Chipping Sparrows, Canada Geese, Blue Jay (12), Crows (7), Mourning Dove (2), RedTailed Hawk (1), Ruddy Duck (1 male), Turkey Vultures (8), but best of all was a Buckeye butterfly. 10/11/99 7 PINE SISKINS! lots of goldfinches and robins, 3 titmice, 3 chickadees, 1 red-headed woodpecker chasing 6 red-bellied woodpeckers from the feeders, a pair of downy woodpeckers, 6 mourning doves, 1 blue jay (didn't watch very long) and a Mourning Cloak.10/16/99 14 goldfinches exasperated the 2 titmice, 4 white-breasted nuthatches, and 4 black-capped chickadees trying to get into the feeders. They are always polite enough to grab a seed and leave. Why were those goldfinches loitering and blocking the way to others?!! :) Only 1 male downy, and 1 female red-bellied in woodpeckers. A single junco and a single mourning dove fed on the ground.10/17/99 rainy sunday with a video camera. caught a brown creeper, and a carolina wren among the usual flock of house/goldfinches, jays, nuthatches, titmice, cardinals, mourning doves, downy/hairy/red-bellied woodpeckers, juncos, chipmunks. very busy time, but no sparrows. also got unusual video of what appears to be a flicker dad having an extended conversation with his son...11/5/99 A Cooper's Hawk menaces birds at my feeder. 20001/28/00 1/2 mile from my home outside of Sherwood OH (10miles further west) was a pretty evenly-mixed flock of LAPLAND LONGSPURS, SNOW BUNTINGS, and Horned Larks (about 100 in the flock). 1/29/2000 the snow buntings were everywhere-- coy rd at SR 18 near Sherwood, farmer mark rd at SR 18 near Mark Center-- two huge flocks of 50 each with nothing but buntings. The best part of today was an immature ROUGH-LEGGED HAWK at Flickinger Rd/Lockwood Rd (halfway between Defiance and Sherwood, 1 mi off SR 18). He was quite strikingly black and white AND I got him on video : )  2/17/00 3 Ring-Necked Pheasants were about a quarter mile from my house in Sherwood, near the road. 2/21/2000 Bruce H. reports the first KILLDEER I've heard of this year-- at SR 127 and Scott Rd near Sherwood/Ney OH. 3/11/2000 The first Meadowlark of the season was about 1/4 mile from my home in Sherwood near a group of 7 Turkey Vultures feeding on a carcass. The usual group of 3 Ringneck Pheasants were also nearby. At home at the feeder was the first Fox Sparrow of the new millennium. 3/12/2000 The Cowbirds have returned and are at my feeder in Sherwood OH, with yesterday's Fox Sparrow still there. 21 Turkey Vultures are feasting on that carcass today! 3/18/00 At home, a Purple Finch dropped in at the feeders. 3/19/00 The field near Sherwood has held 3 RingNecked Pheasants as per usual, too. --Here are the results of my Cornell Feederwatch (Dec 11-12, 18-19, 25-26/ Jan 1-2, 8-9,15-16,22-23,29-30/ Feb 5-6,12-13, 19-20, 27-28/ Mar 4-5,11-12,18-19,25-26/Apr 1-2):

AmericanTreeSparrow (6,8,9/2,5,7,17,5/6,21,3,1/5,9,10,5/-) Blue Jay (1,4,3/-,-,1, - ,2/2,2 ,3,-/-,1,1,- /-) Brown Creeper (1,1,-/-,- ,1,1 ,-/-,- , -,-/-,-,- ,- /-) Cardinal (4,8,8/3,4,12,12,8/6,7,7 ,3/6,5,5,2/3) Black-Capped Chickadee (3,2,3/3,2,3,3,5/2,2,2,5/5,5,2,2/3) Carolina Wren (-,1,-/-,-,-,-,-/-,-,-,-/-,-,-,-/-) Cooper's Hawk (1,-,-/-,-,-,1,-/-,1,-,-/-,-,-,-/-) Cowbird (-,-,-/-,-,-,-,-/-,-,-,-/-,3,-3/7) Crow (-,-,-/2,2,4,-,3/2,2,2,3/-,2,4,-/-) Downy Woodpecker (2,2,2/2,1,2,2,5/3,2,2,3/2,2,2,1/2) Fox Sparrow (-,-,-/-,-,-,-,-/-,-,-,-/-,1,1,1/-) Goldfinch (7,14,22/3,-,12,2,2/-,2,-,-/3,6,2,5/3) Hairy Woodpecker (1,2,1/3,1,2,2,2/2,2,2,2/2,2,2,1/2) Housefinch (5,7,12/12,2,8,14,6/17,5,20,3/3,17,6,-/-) House Sparrow (-,1,1/-,-,1,-,-/1,1,1,-/5,-,2,-/-) Junco (5,9,22/1,5,30,20,20/17,15,11,3/6,12,12,6/9) Mourning Dove (4,12,7/4,14,1,48,14/42,24,22,3/4,6,6,6/1) Nuthatch (2,2,1/2,2,2,2,2/2,2,2,2/2,2,2,1/2) Purple Finch (-,1,-/-,-,-,-,-/-,-,-,-/-,-,1,-/1) RedBellied Woodpecker (1,1,2/1,1,2,1,2/2,2,1,2/2,1,1,1/2) Song Sparrow (2,2,1/1,1,2,1,1/1,1,1,1/1,1,4,2/2) Starling (-,-,-/-,-,-,-,-/-,-,-,2/2,5,4,4/3) Tufted Titmouse (3,3,2/3,1,2,3,3/2,2,2,2/2,2,2,2/2) Yellow-Shafted Flicker (-,-,-/-,-,-,-,-/-,-,1,-/1,-,-,-/-) --Project Feederwatch at

3/25/2000 Bluebirds are scouting out the houses. 3/26/2000 First Chipping Sparrows of the year at the backyard feeders. 4/9/2000 The Towhee is back along with three other unusual visitors at the feeder-- a pair of Wood Ducks and a Red-Tailed Hawk! 4/8/2000 The First Rufous-Sided Towhee of the season for me was a male today at my backyard feeder in Sherwood. 4/21/2000 Still no time to bird with the wedding, friends up from out of state, and Easter preparations, but 2 Ospreys found me at my home in Sherwood, and a Purple Finch was at the feeder. 4/23/2000 Awakened to White-Throated Sparrows at the feeder. 4/29/2000 Awakened this morning to the loud but pleasant song of a House Wren (first of the season). Then the House Wren flew into the house when someone opened the door, as if to say "I'm back!" Hope that wive's tale isn't true...5/3/2000 When I arrived home at Sherwood what should greet my wondering eyes but Red-Headed Woodpeckers! Usually they are here year-round, but I hadn't seen them all winter. 5/4/2000 Stuck close to home here in Sherwood DefianceCo OH tonight, but saw nice views of a Great Horned Owl distracted by a mob of Crows. Two Phoebes by the bridge were quite cooperative. My first Ruby-Throated Hummingbird of the season was on a large tree in the woods, instead of half-a-block away where my hummingbird feeders anxiously awaited! Nearby was my first White-Crowned Sparrow, Crescent, and Meadow Fritillary. The Trumpet & Amur Honeysuckle, Wild Geraniums are in full bloom, and the Mayapples, Ginger, Solomon's Plume are just in full bud.6/1/2000 Hummingbird moths at the Lantana! 8/27/2000 A huge ruckus in the backyard had us running to spot a Magnolia Warbler feuding with two Carolina Wrens. He evidently stumbled too close to their nest. Other birds (chickadees, titmice etc) came running, too, to see what the loud screaming was about! 9/8/2000 Today is my birthday and with the day off work, I decided to totally relax. Birds viewed around the yard today: Black-Capped Chickadee, Bluebird, Bluejay, Canada Goose, Cardinal, Catbird, Chimney Swift, Cowbird, Crow, Dickcissel, Flicker, Goldfinch, Grackle, Horned Lark, House Finch, Hummingbird, Indigo Bunting, Killdeer, Meadowlark, Mourning Dove, Peewee, Robin, Sparrow (Chipping,English,Field,Song) ,Starling, Titmice, Turkey Vulture, White-Breasted Nuthatch, WoodDuck,Woodpecker (Downy,Hairy,Red-Bellied,RedHeaded) Best Bird: Yellow-Throated Vireo, singing! Missing: House Wren (nested twice in different houses this year), Carolina Wren (nested in side yard), Wood Thrush (sang all summer from the woods out back). 9/12/2000 Sherwood Lagoons had only a single Wood Duck versus 67 Canada Geese. For quite some time, their numbers have been about 30 each. 9/25/00 Sherwood OH found 100 Cedar Waxwings, a family of Bluebirds (a male, a female and four juveniles), 3 male House Finches, 2 Phoebes, 11 Canada Geese all in one place, while sitting in my car at the entrance to the Sewage Lagoons. 10/16/2000 A Brown Creeper is at the feeder here today in Sherwood OH! Yay! Winter can't be far away! 10/30/2000 A hen RingNecked Pheasant was in the neighbor's yard this morning at 6:25 am! 11/2/2000 Sherwood Reservoir had 1 Canada Goose and a Killdeer. 84 Crows flew into the backyard here in Sherwood. 11/4/2000 Sherwood Reservoir held 91 Canada Geese and a Kingfisher. 11/10/2000 Sherwood Reservoir had 250 Canada Geese-- until someone took a shot from behind some bales of straw. I got out of there fast! 11/12/2000 Sherwood Reservoir had 4 Canada Geese. 11/25/2000 the Sherwood Reservoir, zilch.

20011/1/2001 Awakened to the sound of a Flicker, but the first bird I saw this year was a Junco. 1/2/2001 Awakened by a Great Horned Owl outside my bedroom last night. Y2K PROJECT FEEDERWATCH ( for my local Sherwood feeders (Nov 12,19,26/Dec 3,10,17,24,31/Jan 7,14,21,28/Feb 4,11,18,25/Mar 3,10,17,24/Apr 1,8): AmericanTreeSparrow(-,1,-/-,1,3,6,8/7,12,1,6/19,4,1,3/-,-,1,2/-), American Goldfinch (16,27,28/28,12,21,3,2/2,4,2,6/2,4,2,1/1,-,4,2/4),BlackCapped Chickadee (2,2,2/2,2,2,2,2/2,2,2,2/2,2,1,1/2,2,3,2/2,1), BlueJay (4,5,2/-,3,3,9,9/7,7,2,6/3,-,-,-/5,2,6,1/2), Cardinal (2,2,-/-,2,4,6,4/4,5,7,3/7,4,3,8/3,1,3,2/2), Carolina Wren (1,-,-/-,-,-,-,-/-,-,-,-/-,-,-,-/-,-,-,-/-),Common Grackle (-,-,-/-,-,-,-,-/-,-,-,-/-,-,-,-/-,-,-,-/1), Cooper's Hawk (-,-,-/-,-,-,1,-/-,-,-,-/-,-,-,-/1,-,1,-/-),Cowbird (-,-,-/-,1,2,-,-/-,2,-,-/-,-,-,-/-,-,2,-/3,7), Crow (-,-,-/-,1,-,-1/1,-,-,2/-,4,-,2/2,2,1,2/2), Chipping Sparrow (5 on April 8), Downy Woodpecker (2,2,2/2,2,5,3,3/3,2,3,1/3,3,4,2/3,2,2,3/3,1), Eastern Bluebird (-,1,-/-,-,-,-,-/-,-,-,-/-,1,-,-/-,-,-,-/-), Hairy Woodpecker (-,-,1/-,-,-,2,1/2,2,2,-/2,2,-,-/1,-,-,1/-), Harrier (-,-,-/-,1,1,1,-/-,-,-,-/-,-,-,-/-,-,-,-/-), House Finch (6,16,27/27,48,69,28,63/29,38,83,13/26,13,29,18/8,3,4,6/2,2), House Sparrow (1,1,-/-,3,1,-,-/-,-,-,-/-,1,1,-/-,-,-,-/1), Junco (4,18,8/8,12,51,62,21/16,28,23,14/82,15,27,32/26,3,30,27/12,16), Mourning Dove (3,2,1/-,14,13,22,13/7,22,41,2/16,15,10,3/28,-,4,12/5,5), Purple Finch (-,-,-/1,1,-,-,-/-,-,-,-/-,-,-,-/-,-,-,-/-), RedBellied Woodpecker (1,1,1/1,1,1,1,1/1,1,1,1/1,1,1,1/2,2,2,1/2), RedTailed Hawk (-,-,-/-,-,-,1,-/-,-,-,-/-,-,-,-/-,-,-,-/-), RedWinged Blackbird (-,-,-/-,-,-,-,-/-,-,-,-/-,-,-,-/-,-,-,1/-), Song Sparrow (1,-,1/2,1,1,1,1/1,2,1,2/2,1,-,1/-,1,1,2/2), Starling (-,-,-/-,9,-,2,1/1,2,2,2/-,-,-,-/2,2,2,2/2), Tufted Titmouse (2,2,2/2,4,2,3,3/2,2,2,2/2,3,2,1/2,1,2,2/2,1), WhiteBreasted Nuthatch (1,2,2/2,2,2,1,2/1,2,1,2/2,2,2,-/2,1,1,2/1,1),WhiteCrowned Sparrow (-,-,-/-,-,2,2,2/2,3,3,2/2,-,-,-/-,-,-,-/-), WhiteThroated Sparrow (-,-,2/2,-,-,-,-/-,-,-,-/-,-,-,-/-,-,-,-/-), YellowBellied Sapsucker (1 on April 8) 3/14/01 Enroute out the door to work, the unmistakable peenting and show-off calls of the Woodcock were at the end of the block right here in Sherwood. I like the new sunlight so early, too, as it enabled me to see a Common Snipe, also a block away. Sherwood Lagoons had 150 Canada Geese and my first PiedBilled Grebe of Defiance County of the season. 4/8/01 Returned from a weekend in Illinois to find Ohio totally different-- spring has sprung. At the feeders were my first Chipping Sparrows (5) and YellowBellied Sapsucker of the season. 4/11/01 A male Rufous-Sided Towhee at the feeder today!! 4/21/01Here at home in Sherwood OH the CHIMNEY SWIFTS were back. I've never seen a MOCKINGBIRD in Sherwood, but there was one not half-a-block away from home.4/25/01 First step outside this morning, I heard the familiar song of the House Wren for the first time this season. Took a walk around the block after work--2 blue-grey Gnatcatchers, AND two TURKEY NESTS, both within half a block, and both with 13 eggs in. One hen turkey ran down the road, but I don't know which nest she belonged to. Near one turkey nest was a long Blue Racer! Turkey season started Monday. Had Field, Song, Chipping and WhiteCrowned Sparrows at the Feeders.

5/5/01 Stepped out of the door this morning enroute to Crane Creek, and heard a warbler. There in my own front yard: my first Blackburnian Warbler of the season. A male, he posed and sang for an unlimited time-- I just couldn't help wondering what was at the Boardwalk, so finally just had to leave. 5/23/2001 Wednesday. The local Wild Turkey nest hatched out today! There were 15 babies following mother around, only half-a-block away from home here in Sherwood!

6/10/2001 Haven't been doing much birding, but the house and yard are looking much better. Here at home in Sherwood OH I was amazed to watch the Bluebirds defend their home bravely against a marauding RedHeaded Woodpecker. The RedHeads here chase both the RedBellied Woodpeckers and Blue Jays, so it was great to see them be chased by such mild birds. The Peewees are singing (mourning?) in the yard again, as are Brown Thrasher, Great Crested Flycatcher, but I'm missing the Wood Thrush this year. The female Turkey is walking on the other side of the road, across from the front yard, but the field is too overgrown to see if the young ones are with her.9/26/2001 Sherwood Lagoons had only 50 Canada Geese, and a nonwary Whitetail doe. 10/3/2001The Goldfinches at the feeders are looking great with their piebald molting plumage:

10/8/2001 YellowRumps have invaded my backyard in Sherwood, joined by a Nashville Warbler, a loud Carolina Wren, and God forbid Anne Murray's Snowbird! 10/27/2001 With all the reports of Siskins appearing at feeders right now, I coccooned on the couch with the telephone and watched my feeders. I always keep them full year-round, but must confess I haven't been watching them much at all. It felt good to watch birds in warmth and comfort, mostly the usuals (House Finches, Goldfinches, WhiteThroated Sparrows, Juncos, Mourning Doves, Downy Woodpeckers, Blue Jays, Titmice, BlackCapped Chickadees, Cardinals, WhiteBreasted Nuthatches, RedBellied Woodpeckers, etc) but was very happy with the FEMALE PURPLE FINCH, RED-BREASTED NUTHATCH, RED-HEADED WOODPECKER and CAROLINA WREN that showed up today, too. Not able to watch very long though, with a Halloween party at 3pm...11/12/2001 The RedBreasted Nuthatch and the Carolina Wren continue at the feeders here in Sherwood OH, and a YellowRumped Warbler came by to sip from the goldfish pond. 12/9/2001Pam A. reports a juvenile WhiteThroated Sparrow at her Paulding/DefianceCo Line feeder-- one is at my Sherwood feeder as well. 12/9/200150 Canada Geese at Sherwood Lagoons.

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