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Sherwood Ohio 43556


My Favorite Sherwood Thing #1 August 1, 2001

This wonderful MIMOSA (also called silktree, or powderpuff tree) blooms pink all summer, and the leaves close like a book when touched. Native to China and India, but naturalized over most of the world in subtropical and warm-temperate regions. I've seen them in Florida...but in little Sherwood Ohio in zone 5?!!!!

Favorite Thing #2 August 2, 2001

I love this statue on the Civil War Veteran Memorial that stands in Sherwood Cemetery. Unfortunately, unruly children have wired (with RUSTY wire!) an arrow to him as if he were someone fighting Indians.

#3 August 3, 2001

The cornerstone for the Sherwood Firehouse at Vine and Harrison (the main streets of Sherwood):

Favorite Thing #4 August 4, 2001

The west side of US 127 that goes through the Sherwood (our only business block) is named after George Hoberger. I like the fact that these wooden letters have survived so long.

Favorit e Thing #5 August 5, 2001 Nice gravestone!

#6 My Favorite Sherwood Thing How many small towns can boast that they have TWO Wild Turkey hens nesting inside city limits, each with 15 eggs?!!

#7 Favorite Sherwood Thing Bison!

#8 Favorite Sherwood Thing: Our old-fashioned Christmas street lights:

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