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Surnames Ashenfelter, Bailey, Batdorff, Baumgartner, Crane, Fisher, Glending, Helberg, Hinsch, Hittle, Jones, Kill, Lehman, Mattson, McIntire, Miller, Moyer, Peters, Ranes, Shockey, Spray, Stahl, Wechter, and Yochum are included in the first six generations of my family tree. Listed below are direct ancestors only for the first six generations. I'm definitely a very amateur genealogist, and certainly this may contain many errors. Please forgive, and send me corrections at For more detail see my page at GenCircles:

Blue designates an immigrant ancestor Green designates a person on the other side of the pond Orange indicates this is as far as I've found on this line.

Generation One:

John Yochum (b.9/8/1958 Hicksville DefianceCo OH me, this webpage author)

Generation Two:

Frank Yochum and Ruth Stahl (my parents)

Generation Three:

paternal grandparents:

Arthur William Yochum (b.8/24/1891 Delphos AllenCo OH d.8/25/1955 Defiance DefianceCo OH)

Ella May Moyer (b.6/12/1899 Dupont PutnamCo OH d.12/10/1965 Paulding PauldingCo OH)

maternal grandparents:

William Woodrow Stahl (b.3/8/1822 GroverHill PauldingCo OH d.10/12/1944 Normandy France)

Irene Christine Hinsch (b.8/14/1923 Hodges DawsonCo Montana d.3/13/49 Paulding PauldingCo OH)


Generation Four: great-grandparents:

John Gonoras Yochum (b.5/9/1851 NewWashington CrawfordCo OH d.7/29/1914 Landeck AllenCo OH)

Helena Kill (b.9/11/1856 Tiffin SenecaCo OH d.1//7/1937 Landeck AllenCo OH)


Samuel Moyer (b.8/4/1854 AllenCo OH d.3/22/43 Delphos AllenCo OH)

Ida May Crane (b.7/17/1882 Deerfield HardinCo OH d.10/26/47 Lima AllenCo OH)


Henry Jackson Stahl (b.8/19/1897 PauldingCo OH d.1/24/1966 Paulding PauldingCo OH)

Elsie Maud Ashenfelter (b.8/20/1893 GroverHill PauldingCo OH d.7/29/1990 Cloverdale PutnamCo OH)


David Jackson Hinsch (b.2/4/1875 PauldingCo OH d.1/30/1940 Paulding PauldingCo OH)

Edith Della Mattson (b.7/17/1895 Ortonville BigStoneCo MN d.4/23/1974 Hicksville DefianceCo OH)


Generation Five:


Peter Yochum (b.2/17/1811 Alsace-Lorraine d.7/28/1887 NewWashington CrawfordCo OH) immigrant

Catherine Wechter (b.3/30/1815 Prussia d.5/16/1883 NewWashington CrawfordCo OH) immigrant this as as far as I've gone on the WECHTER line


Nicholas Kill (b.11/24/1814 Erpeldange, Luxembourg d.7/29/1899 AllenCo OH) immigrant-- bit uncertain here

Mariam (b.1830 Luxembourg d.12/25/1905) immigrant


Daniel Moyer (b.8/18/1815 Ohio) this as as far as I've gone on the MOYER line

Mary Ann Ranes (b. 7/2/1826) this as as far as I've gone on the RANES line


Alpha Crane (b.1822) this as as far as I've gone on the CRANE line

Mary Rebecca Fisher (b.1842 d.8/26/12 Roma MacombCo MI)


James Sherdin Stahl (b.1/8/1870 PauldingCo OH d.3/13/1959 PauldingCo OH)

Sarah Saloma Bailey (b.9/20/1876 PauldingCo OH d.11/27/1960 Defiance DefianceCo OH)


Isaac Ashenfelter (b.6/29/1865 Ohio d.1/2/46 PauldingCo OH)

Ida Isabelle McIntire (b.12/18/1871 Ohio d.6/2/31 PauldingCo OH)


John Lebrite Hinsch (b.1/7/1835 AdamsCo PA d.3/7/04 PauldingCo OH)

Sarah Mary Lehman (b.2/25/1840 MiamiCo OH d.5/10/1893 PauldingCo OH)


Charles Edward Mattson (b.5/20/1865 Sweden d.3/24/31 Minneapolis HennepinCo MN)

Dora Ella Jones (b.11/12/1867 FultonCo OH d.10/26/42 Brea CA)


Generation Six:


Matthias Yochum this as as far as I've gone on the YOCHUM line

Catherine Glending this as as far as I've gone on the GLENDING line


Peter Kill (b.5/19/1769 Erpledange Luxembourg d.5/3/1824 Luxembourg

Margaretha Peters d.3/5/1834 Luxembourg this as as far as I've gone on the PETERS line


James Fisher this as as far as I've gone on this FISHER line


Henry Jackson Stahl (b.1/10/1828 HanoverCoVA (?) d.1/22/1894 GroverHill PauldingCoOH) this as as far as I've gone on the STAHL line

Sarah Ann Fisher (b.2/4/1835 PerryCo OH d.6/7/19 PauldingCo OH)


George Bailey (b.4/25/1851 Belmont SomersetTwp PerryCo OH d.6/24/1877 PauldingCo OH)

Nancy Ann Spray (b.3/14/1858 OH d. 8/11/18 WhitleyCo IN)


William Ashenfelter (b.4/8/1836 HighlandCo OH d.3/2/18 Adrian MI)

Mary Ellen Shockey (b.9/12/1839 HighlandCo OH d.12/3/1872 HardinCo OH)


Darius McIntire (b.3/14/1828 ClarkCo OH d.6/6/1886 DefianceCo OH) this as as far as I've gone on the McINTIRE line

Lucinda Baumgartner (b.1832 OH) this as as far as I've gone on the BAUMGARTNER line


John Charles William Hinsch (b.2/2/1799 Emmasburg MD d.9/20/1881 DefianceCo OH)

Sarah Miller (b.1807 PA) this as as far as I've gone on the MILLER line


Christopher Lehman (b.1811 OH d.9/21/1852 MiamiCo OH)

Anna Hittle (b.1810 PA d.5/30/1896 PauldingCo OH)


Erick Mattson (b.1834 Copenhagen d. August 1901) this as as far as I've gone on the MATTSON line

Margueritta Helberg (b.1837 Sweden d.1/17/07) this as as far as I've gone on the HELBERG line


Lyman Ransom Jones (b. June 07, 1844 GreenCreek SanduskyCo OH d. March 18, 1922 Olympia WA)

Mary Lovina Batdorff (b. October 10, 1848 LakeHillSta WayneCoOH d. September 16, 1935 Tumwater WA)


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