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November 17-18 finds us heading for Whitefish Point MI. Enroute, of course, the famous Mackinac Bridge:

The lighthouse at Mackinac is quite impressive:

In spite of wind warnings to drive only 20mph, the drive was much like driving across any other bridge:

This is how warm it was! I expected to be snowed in, not to see Geraniums blooming in near 60 degree temperatures!

Of course, THE destination and highlight of the trip would literally be PARADISE, 11 miles from Whitefish Point:

See why they call it Paradise?!! :


Even the Shadow-men are patriotic here...

Another beautiful lighthouse awaited us here.

Last weekend was the anniversary of the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald. Remember the Gordon Lightfoot song?-- it plays every third song inside this museum:

HERE is definitely the HIGHEST POINT of the trip!

This homey restaurant with the owner's penguin collection was a high point, too, evidently a favorite of many Whitefish Point birders. : )

Oh, and I almost forgot this float we saw when we accidentally ran into the Sault Ste Marie, Canada Christmas Parade!

Birders mark their trails with the strangest things!!!!