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Rio Grande Valley birds, butterflies, dragonflies through the eyes of an ex-Buckeye

June 2008
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Antillean Saddlebags

June 5 Bentsen Okay, DAYS LIKE THIS ARE DAYS YOU'RE GLAD YOU LIVE IN TEXAS. The great famous MARTIN REID was down from San Antonio to look at our famous FIRST-EVER-SEEN-IN-THE-UNITED-STATES, a PLANIPLAX Sp! This, as you may recall, was first ID'd as a Neon Skimmer, then as a Flame-Tailed Pondhawk, and now after even more review of the photos from an even wider national audience, is considered a Planiplax, which of course isn't even in the book yet. We did manage two fast looks, but no photos. This beauty (half-red-half-black) is fast!! Then an ode Josh suspected at first, then Martin confirmed, turned out to be a FIRST-EVER-SEEN-IN-THE-VALLEY ANTILLES SADDLEBAGS!!! Then at the very end Martin once again came through and found another first: FIRST-EVER-SEEN-IN-THE-STATE-OF-TEXAS METALLIC PENNANT. Unbelievable. Josh, Jose, Jan, Dave, Tom, Martin and I outside in 100-degree heat in the full sun for four hours that went by like magic.

From the Dragonfly Listserve, Josh writes:

"Howdy folks, The last few days here at Bentsen have been, without a doubt, the most  astounding dragonflying I have experienced in the LRGV. The Dauphins' Planiplax, first US record for the genus, is the undisputed highlight, but not even close to the only noteworthy sighting. Some of the others: Metallic Pennant (Idiataphe cubensis) - FIRST TX RECORD!! found by Martin Reid this afternoon, seen and photographed by all. The diagnostic Idiataphe wing veination is visible in some of our photos. Antillean Saddlebags (Tramea insularis) - FIRST LRGV RECORD! I spotted this one on Tuesday, this is the intriguing Tramea I mentioned then, and is also the critter I mistakenly reported to this list as possibly the Erythemis peruviana; the former sighting was of it perched, the latter in flight. I was fairly certain it was not T. calverti then, but early this afternoon Martin re-found it perched and confirmed it as T. insularis. Black Pondhawk (Erythemis attala) - first park record; found by the Dauphins yesterday morning Three-striped Dasher (Micrathyria didyma) - first park record, I think; found and photographed by Martin Reid this afternoon. Martin also photographed two other Micrathryia spp. today which may or may not turn out to be one of the three species previously documented from the LRGV... Tawny Pennant (Brachymesia herbida) - seen Tuesday and again today Black Saddlebags (T. lacerata) - seen each day this week, I think; very early for the area, I usually do not see this species down here between December and August... As well as such relatively mundane sightings as mating and ovipositing Spot-tailed Dasher (M. aequalis), mating and ovipositing Caribbean Yellowface (Neoerythromma cultellatum), male and female Pin-tailed
Pondhawk (Erythemis plebeja), several Halloween Pennants (Celithemis eponina - much rarer down here than further up the coast), patrolling
Checkered Setwing (Dythemis fugax), patrolling Prince Baskettail
(Epitheca princeps)... Hoh-hum, the same old usual everyday stuff....
Excuse me, I think my brain is melting and leaking out of my ears...."

Yellow-Crowned Night-Heron


Tropical Kingbird



Common Nighthawk

June 7 I headed to Dixieland Park: Black-bellied Whistling-Duck 23, Northern Bobwhite 1 (first I've seen at this park!), Pied-billed Grebe 4, Neotropic Cormorant 11, Great Blue Heron 2, Great Egret 1, Snowy Egret 5, Green Heron 6, Black-crowned Night-Heron 2, Yellow-crowned Night-Heron 1 (eating a crawdad), Turkey Vulture 2, Osprey 1,White-tailed Kite 1, Harris's Hawk 1, Swainson's Hawk 1 (Surprise!), Crested Caracara 1,American Coot 3, Killdeer 10, Laughing Gull 22, Least Tern 2 (first at this park!), Forster's Tern 10, Royal Tern 1, Rock Pigeon 2,White-winged Dove 16, Mourning Dove 29, White-tipped Dove 1, Common Nighthawk 1, Ringed Kingfisher 1, Green Kingfisher (first for this park!) 1, Golden-fronted Woodpecker 5, Ladder-backed Woodpecker 1, Brown-crested Flycatcher 1, Great Kiskadee 3, Couch's Kingbird 3, Scissor-tailed Flycatcher 2, Loggerhead Shrike five!, Purple Martin 6,Bewick's Wren X, Northern Mockingbird 8, Curve-billed Thrasher 2, European Starling 14, Olive Sparrow 4, Northern Cardinal 1, Pyrrhuloxia 1, Red-winged Blackbird 4, Great-tailed Grackle 72, Bronzed Cowbird 2, Lesser Goldfinch 1, House Sparrow 17. I had only been there an hour forty-five when it began to pour rain! The day had begun sunny and blue and it was only 10am!

After it stopped I went to Tiocano Lake: Black-bellied Whistling-Duck 14, Fulvous Whistling-Duck 2, Mottled Duck 2, Neotropic Cormorant 2, Great Blue Heron 2, Great Egret 2, Snowy Egret 2, Little Blue Heron 1, Cattle Egret 30, Green Heron 1, White Ibis 9, Roseate Spoonbill 7, Turkey Vulture 1, White-tailed Kite 1, Black-necked Stilt 20, American Avocet 4, Gull-billed Tern 1, Rock Pigeon 3, White-winged Dove 2, Mourning Dove 3, Golden-fronted Woodpecker 2, Great Kiskadee 1, Scissor-tailed Flycatcher 3, Northern Mockingbird 6, Common Yellowthroat X, Lark Sparrow 2, Red-winged Blackbird 8, Great-tailed Grackle 20, Brown-headed Cowbird 2

At Harlingen's Target, a baby nightjar fell out of the sky right onto the pavement by my car. I snapped a photo before it flew off. I drove around the parking lot a bit and did find a pair of Tropical Kingbirds harrassing a Common Nighthawk! In broad daylight!

At home, the e-mail notified me that a red-billed tropicbird was seen at South Padre Island! We dashed out there and missed it of course. But we did see Black-bellied Whistling-Duck, Mottled Duck, Brown Pelican, Great Blue Heron, Great Egret, Snowy Egret, Tricolored Heron, Reddish Egret, White Ibis, Roseate Spoonbill, Clapper Rail, Common Moorhen, American Coot, Black-bellied Plover, Wilson's Plover, Killdeer, Willet, Ruddy Turnstone, Sanderling, Laughing Gull, Ring-billed Gull, Least Tern, Royal Tern, Sandwich Tern, Rock Pigeon, Eurasian Collared-Dove, White-winged Dove, Mourning Dove, Chimney Swift, Barn Swallow, Red-winged Blackbird, Great-tailed Grackle, House Sparrow and Chihuahuan Raven and White-Tailed Hawk enroute.

June 8 Bentsen A Bird Walk right away this morning at "work" was great fun, with Jerry leading and me counting, as it should be: Black-bellied Whistling-Duck 4, Plain Chachalaca 1, Least Grebe 5, Pied-billed Grebe 25, Anhinga 1, Great Egret 1, Little Blue Heron 3, Green Heron 3, Turkey Vulture 10, Gray Hawk 1, Swainson's Hawk 1, Common Moorhen 3, American Coot 59, Killdeer 1, Black-necked Stilt 5, White-winged Dove 65, Mourning Dove 50, Inca Dove 2, Common Ground-Dove 1, White-tipped Dove 10, Yellow-billed Cuckoo 2, Groove-billed Ani 5, Lesser Nighthawk 3, Chimney Swift 2, Buff-bellied Hummingbird 1, Golden-fronted Woodpecker 18, Ladder-backed Woodpecker 3, Northern Beardless-Tyrannulet 1, Brown-crested Flycatcher 5, Great Kiskadee 8, Couch's Kingbird 15, White-eyed Vireo 1, Green Jay 11, Purple Martin 2, Cave Swallow 2, Black-crested Titmouse 6, Clay-colored Robin 3, Northern Mockingbird 14, Olive Sparrow 3, Northern Cardinal 5, Red-winged Blackbird 4, Great-tailed Grackle 180, Bronzed Cowbird 47, Brown-headed Cowbird 1, Hooded Oriole 1, Altamira Oriole 4, House Sparrow 4.



June 9 Quinta Mazatlan McAllenTX Josh and I went to look for the reported sulphur-bellied flycatcher but we missed it-- we only had our lunch hour to drive there, look and drive back. We did see really good Green Parakeets in their nest holes, as well as other nice birds: Plain Chachalaca, Killdeer, White-winged Dove, Mourning Dove, Inca Dove, White-tipped Dove, Green Parakeet, Yellow-billed Cuckoo, Buff-bellied Hummingbird, Black-chinned Hummingbird, Golden-fronted Woodpecker, Great Kiskadee, White-eyed Vireo, Green Jay, Northern Mockingbird, Long-billed Thrasher, European Starling, Northern Cardinal, Great-tailed Grackle, Bronzed Cowbird, Lesser Goldfinch, House Sparrow etc. I got to see some great baby Chachalacas there (my first for the season), as well as baby Javelinas at our own park of Bentsen (just tiny and red with a black stripe up there backs, also first of the season).  Jennifer found a South Texas Blind Snake, a tiny 6-inches at adulthood, that follows the phermones of ants and termites to eat their eggs and larvae. My very first ever!

June 10 Josh, Jose, Carol and I went to Paul's (near 3-Mile on Bryan) to see his new 1.5 acre nature center he's starting. Checkered Setwings distracted us from the new plantings. Enroute we saw four Green Parakeets at the corner of Inspiration and Business 83, where I've never seen them before, very close to Bentsen park.


June 11 The highlight was definitely a trip to Quinta Mazatlan in McAllen during lunch by Jose and me. We ran into Josh enroute back from a speech at Weslaco, and all three of us watched this Mexican visitor (SULpHUr-BELlieD fLyCAtChER) building a nest in a dead palm tree, and calling its squeaky toy notes! This was fantastic!

June 12 Bentsen I didn't go into work until 2pm, and of course while I was gone there was all kinds of excitement.  From TexOdes Ed Lam (of Peterson Field Guide to Eastern Dragonflies) writes: "So on Wednesday morning, June 11, we were wading in La Parida Banco resaca in Bentsen State Park just west of the boatlaunch where Planiplax has been seen. This species has a dark gray thorax, a bright red abdomen, and dark patches at the base of the hindwing. On the resaca there were a number of dragonfly
species flying that are somewhat similar in color and pattern including two Tramea species, Libellula needhami, Dythemis fugax, Orthemis ferruginea, and lots of Brachymesia furcata. Fabrice netted a dragonfly with a red abdomen, dark patches on the hindwing,
but the thorax was a deep red. We puzzled over its identity. It certainly was not the Planiplax which we later did manage to collect.
I suggested it might be Tauriphila australis Garnet Glider but consulting our trusty Needham, Westfall, and May, it's strongly curved cerci identified it as Tauriphila argo, a neotropical species not previously known to the U.S. The common name listed in NWM is Bow-tailed Glider.At our night program, Josh and I found TWO RHINOCEROUS BEETLES. We have at least two Cuckoo nests, two Inca dove nests, two Kiskadee nests, and an Ani nest in the park headquarters gardens where we held all these activities-- I don't know why they choose to nest so close to people when there are 750 acres of solitude from which to choose.




June 17 Bentsen  I haven't been able to get out birding so they just started coming to me!  At my office door this morning for instance, a female Hooded Oriole sipping from the hummingbird feeder, a Tropical Leafwing at the butterfly bait (beer/bananas/brown sugar), and a Texas Spiny Lizard practically came on in the office!





June 18 Bentsen Martin Reid collected the very first North American for the Claret Pondhawk, a female, the first female record for North America. He also collected a Tauraphila argo (BowTailed or Argo Glider), and we saw many other species including the not-quite-as-rare-but-still-unusual Three-Striped Dasher. Some of these differences are so tiny... I got my first photos of all three, the rare Claret on Jan's hat!  Afterward we did a Butterfly Count anyway, but I'm not sure how accurate it was since we interrupted constantly. We set a new heat record for the day, 103 I think.  I stopped by at McAllen Nature Center after work. I'd never visited before, and it was extremely hot at 5pm, so I didn't explore very long. I was after the Golden-Winged Dancers and the Gray-Waisted Skimmers that Tom and the Dauphins advised are found here. I was surprised to find Chachalacas, WhiteTipped Doves, Green Parakeets, and (unbelievably) actual Purple Martins in the Purple Martin house instead of House Sparrows and Starlings.




June 19 Bentsen On our way to the Hawktower right outside our office door was a threatened Indigo Snake-- chowing down on a Checkered Garter Snake! This was the first Checkered Garter Snake I've ever seen. After the Indigo finished, it was promptly attacked by a Mockingbird and a Mourning Dove! Artemio showed us a great Cicada on the palm. I'm not familiar with South Texas species yet so I have to look it up yet.

Our regularly-scheduled Dragonfly Walk went well, but nothing could possibly top the recently discovered first US records. What was nice was having novices just starting out. We got so many great views of great dragonflies I've come to take for granted, like the Halloween Pennant, the Caribbean Yellowface (found in only 5 counties of the United States) and already the Argos.

June 22 Bentsen was great, especially finding an EASTERN KINGBIRD that should not have been here today! Black-bellied Whistling-Duck, Mallard (Mexican), Mottled Duck, Plain Chachalaca, Least Grebe, Pied-billed Grebe, Great Blue Heron 2, Great Egret 10, Little Blue Heron 2, Green Heron 1, Yellow-crowned Night-Heron 2, White Ibis 9, Turkey Vulture 2, Common Moorhen, American Coot, Killdeer, Black-necked Stilt 50, White-winged Dove, Mourning Dove, Inca Dove, Common Ground-Dove, White-tipped Dove, Yellow-billed Cuckoo, Groove-billed Ani, Lesser Nighthawk, Buff-bellied Hummingbird, Black-chinned Hummingbird, Golden-fronted Woodpecker, Ladder-backed Woodpecker, Northern Beardless-Tyrannulet, Brown-crested Flycatcher, Great Kiskadee, Couch's Kingbird, Green Jay, Cave Swallow, Black-crested Titmouse, Clay-colored Robin 2, Northern Mockingbird, Long-billed Thrasher, Olive Sparrow, Northern Cardinal, Blue Grosbeak 2, Dickcissel, Red-winged Blackbird, Eastern Meadowlark, Great-tailed Grackle, Bronzed Cowbird, Brown-headed Cowbird 1, Hooded Oriole 1, Altamira Oriole, Lesser Goldfinch 2, House Sparrow.

June 24 The dogs and I went to Harlingen's Dixieland Park instead, where we saw two RED-CROWNED PARROTS fly over, chattering all the way. EIGHT JACKRABBITS were way cool, as well. No one was at this beautiful park!  Black-bellied Whistling-Duck 6, Mottled Duck 2, Pied-billed Grebe 3, Neotropic Cormorant 6, Great Blue Heron 1, Great Egret 3, Snowy Egret 10, Green Heron 1, Black-crowned Night-Heron 3, Yellow-crowned Night-Heron 2, Harris's Hawk 4, American Coot 2, Laughing Gull 10, Forster's Tern 1, Rock Pigeon 4, White-winged Dove 20, Mourning Dove 5, Inca Dove 1, Common Ground-Dove 1, Red-crowned Parrot 2, Common Nighthawk 2, Buff-bellied Hummingbird 1,Golden-fronted Woodpecker 1, Ladder-backed Woodpecker 1, Brown-crested Flycatcher 1, Great Kiskadee 1, Couch's Kingbird 3, Scissor-tailed Flycatcher 6, Loggerhead Shrike 2, Northern Mockingbird 10, Curve-billed Thrasher 2, European Starling 20, Lark Sparrow 2, Northern Cardinal 1, Pyrrhuloxia 1, Red-winged Blackbird 2, Great-tailed Grackle 22, Bronzed Cowbird 16, Brown-headed Cowbird 1, Lesser Goldfinch 2, House Sparrow 4.

June 25 Bentsen Butterfly walk today, compare with last week's numbers with today's numbers in red: 13/7 Giant Swallowtails, 1 Southern Dogface, 10/7 Cloudless Sulphurs, 3/5 Large Orange Sulphurs, 71/141 Lyside Sulphurs, 5 Little Yellows, 4/3 Great Southern White, 3/10 Gray Hairstreaks, 2/10 Mallow Scrub-Hairstreaks, 2/2 Lantana Scrub-Hairstreaks, 1/1 Clytie Ministreak, 5 Western Pygmy-Blue, 12/7 Ceraunus Blue, 4/2 Reakirt’s Blue, 3/55 Snouts, 8/5 Gulf Fritillaries, 1/1 Mexican Fritillary, 1/24 Bordered Patches, 2/6 Phaon Crescents, 4/1 White Peacock, 1/4 Tropical Leafwings, 1 Tawny Emperor, 1 Hackberry Emperor, 16/14 Queens, 14/2 Brown Longtails, 2/4 White Checkered-Skippers, 3 Laviana White-Skipper, 2/1 Clouded Skipper, 5 Southern Skipperling, 2/1 Fiery Skipper, 1/1 Whirlabout, 4/1 Southern Broken-Dash (that's him pictured above, with a backwards number 3 on his hindwing), 2 Sachem, 2 Eufala Skipper, 5 Celia’s Roadside-Skipper

June 26 Bentsen Chalky Spreadwing was especially nice for the Dragonfly Walk

Bentsen sightings for the month summarized:

Black-Bellied Whistling Duck—Bird Walk 6/8   

Mexican Duck—Bird Walk 6/15

Mottled Duck—Bird Walk 6/22

**Plain Chachalaca—John 6/2

Northern Bobwhite—Josh 6/3

Least Grebe—John 6/2

Pied-Billed Grebe—John 6/2

Neotropic Cormorant—Bird Walk 6/15

Anhinga—Bird Walk 6/8

10 Great Blue Heron—Bird Walk 6/22

Great Egret—John 6/2

Little Blue Heron—John @ Hawktower 6/2

Tricolored Heron—Josh 6/6

Cattle Egret—Bird Walk 6/15

Green Heron—Bird walk 6/2

Yellow-Crowned Night Heron—Bird Walk 6/22/08

White Ibis—Bird Walk 6/22/08

White-Faced Ibis—John

Wood Stork—John

20 Black Vulture—Dragonfly Walk 6/5

Turkey Vulture—John 6/2

**Gray Hawk—Bird Walk 6/8

Harris’s Hawk—Paul Cryder 6/21

Swainson’s Hawk—Bird Walk 6/8

Red-Tailed Hawk—Dragonfly Group 6/18

Crested Caracara—Josh 6/30

Common Moorhen—John 6/2

American Coot—John 6/2

Killdeer—John 6/2

30 Black-Necked Stilt—Bird Walk 6/8

Lessser Yellowlegs—Josh 6/24

Laughing Gull—Josh 6/6

Gull-Billed Tern—Josh 6/6

White-Winged Dove—John 6/2

Mourning Dove—John 6/2

Inca Dove—John 6/2

Common Ground-Dove—John 6/2

**White-Tipped Dove—John 6/2

Yellow-Billed Cuckoo—John 6/2

40 Greater Roadrunner—Jose/John 6/10

 **Groove-Billed Ani—Josh/Jose/John 6/4

Eastern Screech-Owl—Darrell Vollert 6/8

**Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl—Darrell Vollert 6/8

Elf Owl——Darrell Vollert 6/8

Lesser Nighthawk—John 6/2

Common Nighthawk—Night Hike 6/6

**Common Pauraque—Night Hike 6/6

Chimney Swift-- Bird Walk 6/8

**Buff-Bellied Hummingbird—John 6/2

50 Black-Chinned Hummingbird—John 6/10

**Ringed Kingfisher—John 6/2

**Green Kingfisher—John 6/4

**Golden-Fronted Woodpecker—John 6/2

Ladder-Backed Woodpecker—Bird Walk 6/8

**Northern Beardless-Tyrannulet—John 6/2

BLACK PHOEBE—Josh/Tom Pendleton 6/16

Brown-Crested Flycatcher—John 6/2

**Great Kiskadee—John 6/2

**Couch’s Kingbird—John/ 6/2

60 Western Kingbird—Josh 6/25


ScissorTailed Flycatcher—Josh 6/6

White-Eyed Vireo—Bird Walk 6/8

YELLOW-GREEN VIREO—Keith Taylor@Hawktower 6/6

**Green Jay—John 6/2

Purple Martin—John 6/2

Cave Swallow—John 6/2

Black-Crested Titmouse—Bird Walk 6/8

Verdin—Josh 6/6

70 **Clay-Colored Robin—John 6/2

Northern Mockingbird—John 6/2

LongBilled Thrasher—Bird Walk 6/15

Olive Sparrow—Bird Walk 6/8

Lark Sparrow—John 6/12

Northern Cardinal—John 6/2

Blue Grosbeak—John 6/17

Dickcissel—John 6/11

Red-Winged Blackbird—John 6/2

Great-Tailed Grackle—John 6/2

80 Bronzed Cowbird—John 6/2

Brown-Headed Cowbird—Bird Walk 6/8

Hooded Oriole—John 6/2

**Altamira Oriole—John 6/2

Lesser Goldfinch—Josh 6/6

House Sparrow—John 6/2


Blue Spiny Lizard-- —John/ 6/4

Horned Lizard—Josh 6/30

Texas Spiny Lizard—Josh et al 6/18 HQ Garden

Texas Spotted Whiptail—John 6/2


CHECKERED GARTER SNAKE—Jose et al 6/19 HQ garden

Great Plains Ratsnake—Josh 6/27


TEXAS INDIGO SNAKE—Jose et al 6/19 HQ garden

Eastern Spiny Softshell Turtle—John 6/2

Red-Eared Slider—John 6/2


Black Swallowtail—John 6/11

Giant Swallowtail—John 6/2

Great Southern White—Butterfly Walk 6/18

Cloudless Sulphur—John 6/2

5 Large Orange Sulphur—John 6/2

Lyside Sulphur—John 6/2

Little Yellow—John 6/2

Gray Hairstreak—John 6/11

Mallow Scrub-Hairstreak—John 6/2

10 Lantana Scrub-Hairstreak—Butterfly Walk 6/18

Clytie Ministreak—John 6/11

Western Pygmy-Blue—John 6/4

Ceraunus Blue—John 6/4

Reakirt’s Blue—John 6/2

15 American Snout—John 6/2

Gulf Fritillary—John 6/2

Julia Heliconian—Josh 6/11

Mexican Fritillary—John 6/18

Bordered Patch—Josh 6/11

20 Phaon Crescent—John 6/11

Pearl Crescent—John 6/11

White Peacock—John 6/18

Tropical Leafwing—Josh 6/17

 Tawny Emperor—John 6/2

25 Carolina Satyr—John 6/11

Queen—John 6/2

Brown Longtail—John 6/2

White Checkered-Skipper—John 6/2

Laviana White-Skipper—John 6/2

30 Common Sootywing—John 6/4

Clouded Skipper—Butterfly Walk 6/18

Texas Powdered Skippers—Josh 6/10

Southern Skipperling—John 6/2

Fiery Skipper—Butterfly Walk 6/18

35 Whirlabout—Butterfly Walk 6/18

Southern Broken-Dash—Butterfly Walk 6/18

Celia’s Roadside-Skipper—Butterfly Walk 6/18

Eufala Skipper—John 6/4


Armadillo—Night Hike 6/6

Bat sp—Night Hike 6/6

Black-Tailed Jackrabbit—John 6/8

Bobcat—Mary Beth Stowe 6/26

Collared Peccary—John 6/2

Coyote—Mary Beth Stowe 6/26

Eastern Cottontail—John 6/2

Eastern Fox Squirrel—Bird Walk 6/8

Mexican Ground Squirrel—John 6/2

Northern Raccoon—Night Hike 6/6

Virginia Oppossum—John 6/9


American & Ruby Smokyspot—Martin Reid 6/6

Coral-Fronted Threadtail—Dragonfly Walk 6/12

Amelia’s Threadtail—Martin Reid 6/6

Blue-Fronted, Blue-Ringed, Dusky Dancer—John 6/2

Kiowa & Powdered Dancer— Martin Reid 6/6

10 Double-Striped Bluet—Josh 6/3

Familiar Bluet—John 6/2

Neotropical Bluet—Martin Reid 6/6

Rambur’s Forktail——John 6/2

Caribbean Yellowface—John 6/2


Common Green Darner—Martin Reid 6/6

Narrow-Striped Forceptail—Josh 6/3

Flag-Tailed Spinyleg—Dragonfly Walk 6/12

Eastern Ringtail—Dragonfly Walk 6/12

20 Sulphur-tipped Clubtail—Dragonfly Walk 6/18/08

Ringed Forceptail—Dragonfly Walk 6/18

Five-Striped Leaftail—Martin Reid 6/6

Sulphur-Tipped Clubtail—Martin Reid 6/6

Bronzed River Cruiser—Josh 6/6

Prince Baskettail—Josh 6/5

RedTailed & Four-Spotted Pennant—John 6/2

Tawny Pennant—Josh 6/3

Marl Pennant—Martin Reid 6/6



Checkered Setwing—Josh 6/3

Black Setwing—John 6/2



Pin-Tailed Pondhawks—Josh 6/3

Eastern & Great Pondhawk—John 6/2

Bandwinged Dragonlet—John 6/2

40 Needham’s Skimmer—Josh 6/3

Spot-Tailed Dasher—Josh 6/3

Thornbush & Blue Dasher—John 6/2


Carmine & Roseate Skimmer—John 6/2


Spot-Winged Glider—Martin Reid 6/6

Wandering Glider—John 6/2

50 Slough Amberwing—Martin Reid 6/6

Eastern Amberwing—John 6/2

Filigree Skimmer—Butterfly Walk 6/18

Black Saddlebags—Josh 6/2

Red Saddlebags—Josh 6/3


Other Insects/Invertebrates

Ant Lion—John 6/2

Black Widow—Night Hike (Pavilion) 6/20

Black Witch—Carol 6/6

Bulia similaris (moth)—John 6/4

Cicada—Artemio 6/19

Crawdad—Dragonfly Walk 6/5

Desert Termites—John 6/2

Harlequin Beetle—John 6/2

Harvester Ants—John 6/2

Litoprosopus futilis (moth)—Josh 6/13

Pseudoscorpion—Josh 6/19

Rhinoceros beetles, presumably Strategus aloeus ;Creature Feature 6/12

Southern Crevice Spider—Jose 6/11 Kukulcania hibernalis

Tarantula—Night Hike 6/6

Tortoise Beetles and Larvae


Largemouth Bass—Dragonfly Walk 6/19

Mosquito Fish—John 6/2

Needlefish—Josh 6/19

Tilapia—John 6/2

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