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"Stahl Genealogy"


"What John Yochum has found out about his ancestor Stahls so far."

May I have your attention: This is not complete. Please read with the knowledge that there may be errors and that there are certainly omissions. If you cannot bear this thought, please read no further. But please, if you can correct or add to this pool of knowledge I have tried to collect, please please contact me: John Yochum, P O Box 27, Sherwood OH 43556, or call (419)899-4227. Thanks. Last update 3/6/96,11/5/96,12/6/96. Posted 3/25/06 This does not include all the Stahl descendants. For more names, dates, begats, and detail see my page at GenCircles: Posted 3/25/06 to the net, in hopes of finding out more about my family.


Henry Jackson Stahl (great-great-great-grandfather)

James Sherdin Stahl (great-great-grandfather)

Henry Jackson Stahl (great-grandfather)

William Woodrow Stahl (grandfather)

Ruth Stahl (mother)

John Yochum (me)


In 1996 Dwight Crum sent me The Stahl Family written by his father, Ernest D Crum, whose preface I will borrow: "The Stahl Family originated in Germany and belongs to that large group of Americans who are called Pennsylvania Dutch. Stahl is a German word meaning steel. A weapon made of steel is often called a steel and it is very probable that the first Stahl was a swordmaker. Many Germans when they came to America used the English translation of their names, thus Schmidt becomes Smith and Stahl becomes Steel."

Great-great-great grandfather Henry Jackson Stahl 1828-1894


I doubt if the phrase bears repeating, but "I know very little about this ancestor." The place on the death certificate reserved for his parents' names are blank. Perhaps he was BORN January 18, 1828 in HanoverCo VA, but the record of his military service says he was 32 on August 20,1861, meaning he was born in 1829. His death certificate says he died January 22, 1894 at the age of 66 years and 12 days, not 66 years and 2 days, implying January 10, 1828 as his birthdate. 1870 and 1880 censuses list his birthplace and the birthplace of his parents as Pennsylvania, while the death certificate and 3/1/1894 obituary in the Grover Hill News list Virginia as his birthplace.

The obituary of his daughter Emma May states that he came to Paulding CountyOH from Hanover County, Virginia about 1870. Dwight Crum writes that he arrived in Ohio at age 9 in 1837. Paulding County was formed from old Indian territory 4/1/1820, the actual organization occurring in 1839. Only about 1000 people were here in 1840. By 1880 there were 13,485, and by 1890 25,932.


"I came to this place this morning from Cecil, six miles by rail and have had a very interesting day. This is about the wildest county in Ohio. It is a new county, but rapidly improving; has doubled in population in the last eight years. The town is emerging from the forest and has a very primitive, woodsy look.

"The place is girt around with a grand primitive forest, waiting its turn to sink beneath the labor of man. The single trees that are left and tand scattered around in the town of Paulding, like sentinels on duty, have the peculiar look of trees grown in the forest of the Black Swamp, where they run up like bare naked poles with their spreading limbs and tufts of foliage on top, to welcome the sunlight and the shower."

--History of Paulding County traveling notes Wednesday 12/8/1886 Howe

According to Price the history can be divided into four periods:

"The first period was from 1820 to 1880. The first settlers lived mostly along the streams, which were the only means of transportation. There were no roads; therefore, they never traveled very far from home.The early settlers were of the opinion that the land a mile back from the streams was no good because it could never be drained. The second period was from 1880 to 1900...greatest growth in population and the removal of most of the large virgin timber from the county...Their lives were one of great hardship and often an early grave. Because the land was so flat, the county was one large swamp most of the year. Their homes were shanties made of logs that were hard to keep warm in the winter. It was lonesome ot live in the woods for years and see strangers. The coming of the railroads caused little towns to be built every three or four miles along them. This helped eliminate some of the loneliness and enabled the lumberjacks to be able to visit

"The third period was from 1900 to 1920. This period saw the draining of the land through the establishing of ditches to take off the water and the building of stone roads. They wre able to clear up the land after the large timber had been removed. They planted a few crops and started the raising of livestock. During this period, some of the farmers could see the future in the use of land fro the growing of crops. Farming was hard work as everything had to be done by hand and horses. When a family started to build a house or barn all the neighbors would come in and help with the work and the material. If a man had an accident or became ill, the neighbors would help with his crop. Threshing was a community endeavor. Each farmer took his turn having his grain threshed and all the neighbors would be on hand to help. The women would help prepare the Threshing Dinner." --History of Paulding County by Don H Price quoted in 5/3/95 Paulding Progress "Paulding County 175 years old" by Sandy Clark


His DEATH certificate and obituary state that he died 1/22/1894 of "consumption." He is buried in the Mount Zion cemetery, across the road from Mt Zion Methodist Church. This cemetery is located one mile east and two and one-quarter miles north of Grover Hill OH in Paulding County in the SE corner of Section 12 in Latty Township. The stone simply says, "Died 1894, age 66."

In the summer of 1995 while researching in Perry County Ohio, I visited an old cemetery in Thorn Township where the Fisher line is from, and found two old tombstones: "John Stahl died April 12, 1819 aged 47 yrs 10mo 10 d" and another engraved in both English and German, "In memory of William Stahl Senior who departed this life August 16, 1834, aged 60 years, l month, and 10 days." I'm sure they will provide vital clues.

marriage and children

At the age of 9, in 1837, Grandpa Stahl came to Perry County OH, and on September 23, 1852 he married Sarah Ann Fisher in that county. She had been born 2/4/1835 in Perry County, and died 6/7/1919 in Paulding CountyOH. Her death certificate lists her as "Mary Ann," while the 1850 and 1870 censuses and son James' death certificate call her "Sarah," while the 1880 census, and the births of Albert and Jim call her "Sarah Ann." She was 84 years old at her death of hemotysis and nephritis, andshe was buried 6/10/1919 in Mt Zion Cemetery, Grover Hill OH.

Mr Crum writes of "Dick," one of their sons

"Levi Stahl, son of Henry and Sarah Ann (Fisher) Stahl, was born in Paulding County, Ohio--died at Geneva, Indiana in May, 1944.

"At the time of his marriage, he had little of this world's goods, and once said that a cook stove, table and bed were his principal possessions. He had become interested in poultry early in life, and shortly after his marriage he worked out the formula of a poultry feed which he manufactured and sold. He was soon able to buy a farm which was the home of his family for many years. A man was hired to operate the farm, while Mr Stahl had charge of the feed business. The farm is located in Eastern Indiana near the city of Geneva. By the time he was ready to retire, he had accumulated a comfortable fortune, and a home was purchased in Geneva where he and Mrs Stahl spent their declining years.

"Although the name 'Levi' appears in the family Bible, his friends called him 'Dick' and few persons knew that he had another name. Of 'Uncle Dick' it can be truthfully said that he was a 'man among men.' He was kind, jovial and generous and the needy were never turned empty-handed from his door. His ambition was to keep his wife and children happy and their wishes were his commands. He was not a strict parent but tried to train his children to become useful citizens. He is buried near Geneva.

"Children: Ethel, Ida, Dorthy, Jesse, died in childhood, Emmett, Albert, Sarah Jane."

The Binkley-Fisher-Frederick-Schaffer in-laws

Sarah, Henry Stahl's wife, was the daughter of Michael and Mary (Binkley) Fisher. I don't know much of the Binkley line except that in the 1850 census, a Sarah A Fisher age 14 is staying with a Jacob Binkley, age 57, laborer, his wife Magdalena age 57, and their children Bernard age 16, and David age 9, in Thorn Twp of PerryCoOH. It certainly could be that Sarah's mother died early (Michael remarried 9/17/1840 in PerryCoOHto Mary Auker b.10/1817 d9/26/1886 Grover Hill i.MtZionCem),and Sarah is staying in 1850 with her mother's parents for a visit at the time of the census. The age is right.Also a David Binkley (b.1841--the right year for the above-named David Binkley d.1912) m.10/3/1867 Isabell Spray (b.1851 d.1886 PldgCoOH both i.Mt Zion Cem):









B.Isabelle (m.David Binkley)

David Franklin Binkley (b.5/7/1881)







David Binkley (m.Isabelle Spray)


The first clue I had of the Fisher side of the family came from a man that Mom worked with at Harlan Cabinets in Harlan IN. Mr Webb wrote:

"Michael Fisher was German. The German spelling is Fischer. He moved from PerryCounty, Ohio, near Reading and Somerset, to Allen County, Ohio in or about 1852. They came in covered wagons and drove their cattle. His first wife bore him Sarah Ann. His second wife had Melissa, Emoline, Ike, Mike, George,

John, Adam. Adam enlisted in the Civil War when he was seventeen years old. He died from a gunshot wound in the leg. Adam, Ike, and John had no children. George had two girls. Mike had nine children.

"In those days Indians from around Wyandot County, Ohio at Upper Sandusky and Wapakoneta, Ohio in Auglaize County, Ohio made frequent hunting trips into various parts of Hardin County. They were friendly with the settlers and the settlers with them. The Indians liked to trade venison for corn meal. The settlers would feed them corn pone, or "Johnny Cake," as they called it. The Indians called it "Johnny Cake." The Indians were the Wyandots of Upper Sandusky, Ohio and the Shawnees of Wapakoneta, Ohio.

"When a few years later the Indians had to move west to reservations, they stopped to say goodby to Michael Fisher who with the setlers had befriended them."

Surely enough, the 1850 census in Perry CoOH showed Michael Fisher at age 38 as a Farmer with new wife Mary (nee Auker), Sarah A at age 14, and five new children, while Allen Co Land Purchases shows a Michael Fisher of PerryCoOH buying in Section 34 on 5/23/1835 two pieces of land: "W 1/2 NE 1/4 & W1/2SE 1/4" & "S1/2 NW 1/4 & N1/2SW 1/4." PerryCoOH HEirlines (June 1992) quotes from History of Fairfield and Perry Counties,OH by Graham and Colburn 1883:

"A large number of inhabitants left Thorn Tonwship at an early day for the northwestern section of the State. The population of Thorn greatly increased from 1828 to 1838, and this, with a highly favorable report of the region named, by those who knew it all, influenced many to move where land was more plentiful, and the contry less thickly inhabited. Rev. Jacob Hooper of Thorn, who from 1820 to 1825 had been a missionary among the Wyandot Indians, brought back such glowing accounts of the richness of the Sandusky region, that every year furnished its movers from Thorn to the new country. Sandusky, Seneca, Hancock, Wyandot and Allen received the greater part of the emigrants from Thorn. In Allen county, so many...settled in one part that they concluded to have a Thorn township named after the old home in Perry [County]...

"Some time in the Thirties there was a failure of crops in the Sandusky country, and Thorn having furnished such a large percentage of the early settlers, responded with alacrity, and the contributions in corn and flour were quite large. Although the people of Thorn were then hard run, they were not slow in bringing in their offerings for the suffering people of the Sandusky region, ranging from one hundred pounds of flour down to a quart of corn meal. The contributions had to be hauled to Sandusky by wagons, Findlay being one of the principal distributing points. Many a tear trickled down the cheeks of the poorer class of people, as they brought in their little offerings of meal, sincerely regretting that, by reason of their own pressing necessities, they could be no larger."


Michael's family tree looks something like this, where each indention is another generation:


PETER FISHER(source mostly The Palatine Families of NY 1710 p.332 by Hank Z Jones)b.1673. He is found in Verbandsgemeinde Enkenbach-Alsenborn, Ihre Burger 1650-1850 by Arnold Ruby (Ludwigshafen am Rhein, 1982) noted on a 1684 roll of the oberamt Lautern at AlsenbornGE. Another source says he was at age 36

with wife

(ANNA LUCIA) and two daughters aged 5 and 2 on Captain Duk's ship in Holland in the 4th party of 1709 (Rotterdam Lists). He is referred to as a husbandman and vinedresser, and were in the 4th arrivals in England later that year. His children were

1.Johann Matthias bpt 10/14/1666, 2.AnnaSybilla who married Velten Staats, 3.Anna Barbara bpt 1/26/1673

4.Anna Maria bpt 7/16/1676 5.Christoph bpt 9/4/1683, 6.Anna Christina bpt 4/15/1686 and finally 7...

JOHANN SEBASTIAN FISHER (again source mostly Hank Z Jones) bpt 1/3/1669 AlsenbornGE Lutheran.

His first wife was Maria Margaretha the widow of Johann Wenkman, who died in 1696 age 30 in childbed in

Alsenborn, in the heart of the region where the Tulpehoecken 1709ers originated. He married

(SUSANNAH) and was in the 6th party in Holland in 1709 (Rotterdam Lists), andwas on the 4 July 1710

Hunter List with 2 persons over 10 years of age and 1 person under 10. He was a soldier in 1711 (Palatine

Volunteers to Canada), and was with three children and wife Susanna at Neu-Cassel ca.1716/17

(Simmendinger Register). He came to the Tulpehoecken region of Pennsylvania in 1723 and signed the

petition to Gov Wm Keith as Sebastian Pisas (Colonial Records of PA VIII p.323). He was on a 1743 roll of

famlies at Tulpehocken. Children: 1.Magdalena b.1697 2.Maria Catherina b.1701, 3.Nicloss b.1702,

4.Lorentz b.1706 who married Anna Barbara Blankenbaker and died in CulpepperCoVA, 5.Peter b.1714 who

married Anna Dorthea Ball, 6. Anna Elizabeth m.1744 Johannes Anspach, 7.Johan Adam b.1724 who married

Christina Burkstoler, and 8...

JOHN JACOB FISHER b.1721SchoharieNY d.8/1/1803 TulpehoeckenPA

(MARY ELIZABETH FREDERICK)b.1722 d.Tlphkn m.12/9/1743 BerksCoPA both i.Tulpehoecken

Christ Lutheran Churchyard at StouchbergPA. She was the dau of JOHN ADAM & MARY REGINA

FREDERICK. They, with their first child were on Capt. Wm Newton's ship in Holland in the 5th party of

1709 (Rotterdam Lists) surround on this roll by other emigrants from the Kraichgau region of Germany.

Johann Adam (sometimes referred to as Hans Adam) is on the 4 July 1710 Hunter List with l person over

10 years of age, with 2 over 10 on 4 Aug 1710. He was naturalized 9/8 & 9/1715 (Kingston Nats), and

were at Beckmansland ca.1716/17 (Simmendinger Register). He was first on tax rolls in the North Ward

in 1717/18 and continued until 1725/26 (Dutchess Co Tax Lists). Thanks again, Hank Z Jones.

John & Mary Fisher's children were:

1.John Adam b.10/7/1744 Tulpehoecken d.11/24/1825

(Margt Elizabeth Reid) m.4/26/1768

2.Anna Catherine b.12/9/1747 " d.1837 m.Christian Noecker

3.Magdalena b.8/1/1749 " m.Jacob Reed

4.Christian b.12/3/1751 " d.1832 m.6/11/1778

(Maria Breitenbaugh)

5.Anna Elizabeth b.9/30/1754 " m.4/21/1778 Adam Krietzer

6.JOHN JACOB FISHER b.5/9/1746 Tlphkn chirstened at Christ Lutheran Ch d.3/26/1829 PerryCoOH moved to OH in1801 i.Zion Ridge Cem ThornTwp PerryCoOH. He received the patent for the entire Section 36 of Thorn township in 1807, but sold 304 acres called the Mouse Hole. He also married Magdalene Moffert and Susannah Leffler (b.12/21/1757 d.9/16/1845) but the wife through whom we are descended was: (CATHERINE SCHAFFER)b.1750 BerksCoPA m.PA d.1790 NorthumberlandCoPA,the dau of JOHN ADAM & MARIA EVA (SAAB) SCHAFFER John & Catherine Fisher's children (all born in the Tulpehoecken, BerksCoPA) included

1.Magdalene b.12/18/1769,

2.John Jacob b.5/23/1771,

3.Mary Elizabeth b.2/21/1775

4.Eva Maria b.1791

5.Catherine b.2/28/1793 d.8/28/1850 m.9/2/1810

(Samuel Zartman)

6.Barbara b.2/5/1780 d.2/15/1866 both i.ZionRidgeC

(John Henry Zartman)b.10/5/1777 d.1/31/1840

7.John Michael b.6/19/1795 d.3/10/1874 m.8/14/1810 farmer

(MaryMagdaleneZartman)b.6/29/1795d.1/1/1870both i.ZionR

i.Leonhart Fisher(b.1820 d.10/10/1824)

ii.Barbara (b.11/20/1823 d.3/3/1825)

iii.Adam (b.1817 d.8/7/1862)

(Sophia Ridenour) b.1817 d.4/4/1849

A.Martha (b.1842 d.4/8/1846)

B.Susanna (b.1845 d.4/13/1846)


D.Joel (b.4/4/1849 d.7/30/1849)

(J A Ridenour)

E.Sarah (d.9/2/1852)

F.Royal (b.1854 d.10/23/1855)

8.Adam F b.9/21/778 d.2/10/1859 m.3/29/1806

(Barbara Miller) both i.ZionRidgeCem PerryCoOH

i.Daniel b.1820 PerryCoOH d.1872 PerryCoOH

(MaryMargtKing)dau of Christian/Margt King

A.Jacob b.ThornTwp PerryCoOH

I.Cipha Fisher

9.JOHN FISHER b.10/25/1776 Tlphkn d.4/6/18457 Fremont SanduskyCoOH. He settled in Thorn Twp PerryCoOH as early as 11/1813. It may have been this John Fisher about whom was written in The History of Perry County OH: "John Fisher, a Pennsylvanian, was an odd genius in his way, and at one time spired to become the largest land owner in the twp, and did, at one time, actually own five sections of land running across the twp, and had it all paid for. He was carrying on negotiations for the sixth section when the failure of a firm for whom he was a heavy indorser, broke him up, and he was sold out by the sheriff. The old man gathered a little from the wreck, and went to Indiana, but he was too much broken down to rise again as a heavy land owner. The acres that he once owned in Thorn twp would be a large fortune in this day." He married (HANNAH WEISER) b.12/22/1780 WomelsdorfPA d.8/2/1859 Fremont SanduskyCoOH both i.Binkley Cemetery there. Hannah's ancestors are so famous there is a whole organization dedicated to spreading books about them. We will detail some in a separate chapter, Chapter 5: The Weisers. John and Hannah's children:

1.Jacob(b.3/22/1798 NorthumberlandCoPA d.10/22/1868 moved toAllenCoOH in1835, where he died i.FisherCemetery,ZionLutheranCh, Lafayette (formerly Herring)OH)

(Catherine Long)d.3/8/1849 m.8/20/1820

(Mary Mechling)m.1851 widow of Elias Swinehart

i.Joseph, Civil War veteran

ii.Benjamin, Civil War veteran

iii.Noah(d.8/19/1862 MemphisTN in Civil War)


(Simon Foster)b.12/2/1828PerryCo m.6/12/1856

v.Mrs Mary Ann Ernsberger

vi.Cornelius b.9/30/1858

vii.Elvira (m.James Hawk)

viii.Aaron b.1/1/1847 d.6/19/26 Allen Co Sheriff & proprietor of Fisher Stone

Quarry of Delphos OH

(Sarah Mauk) m.1/1/1868

ix.Nancy m.Wm Hollman c.Elvira b.5/24/1859,Loretta b.12/17/1860, Noah,

Newton, Izila b.11/17/1870,Norval b.6/1/1873,David,Arminta b.2/19/1881, and

Jenette b.2/8/1883 (from The Weiser Family 1960 p.297 pub:John Conrad

WeiserFamily Association)

2.Maria Eve (b.10/15/1801 NCoPA d.4/25/??

(John Binkley) m.5/25/1820

3.Catherine(b.3/24/1803NCoPA m.6/11/1822 John Lewis

4.Christian Fisher(b.11/19/1805NCoPA d.8/21/1864) --see above with Akerman info

(Eva Stambaugh)b.4/12/1810 d.2/1/1887 m.11/10/1826

i.Joseph b.8/3/1828 d.5/21/03 m.1/27/1850

ii.Margt m.4/17/1851


iii.Mary b.1832 m.1853

(GeoWaZartman)b.7/28/1835 d.6/5/1890

iv.SarahAnn (b.8/15/1840PerryCoOH d.1898)

(John Ackerman)--see far above Harriet Stahl


Sadie(m.JnEdwards, son of Harriet Stahl)

v.Eve b.1834

(Sam B Ackerman, Jn's bro, above)

vi.Charles Fisher b.1838 d.1913

vii.Catherine b.12/31/1841 d.10/1/1847

viii.Hannah b.10/4/1845 d.3/9/1847

ix.Franklin b.1848 d.1854

x.Wm Fisher

5.Hannah (b.9/10/1806 d.after 1880 m.10/26/1826

(Bernard "Barney" Herring)

6.Mary Magdalene (b.9/10/1808 d.after 1880

(Jacob Herring) m.4/24/1828

7.Barbara(b.3/11/1810PA d.10/12/1900 m.3/10/1835

(Geo Brocuhes)

8.Samuel(b.6/27/1811 d.3/1/1881 m.11/20/1834)

(Mary "Polly" Losh)

9.John (b.6/6/1815 PerryCoOH d.1847 AllenCoOH)

10.George(b.11/17/1816PerryCo m.7/8/1838RachelSmith)

11.Frederick(b.5/26/1819PerryCo d.8/8/1881)

(Nancy Barto,Margaret Downhour&Mary Ann Rhinebolt)

12.Sarah (b.4/30/1820 d.1860)

(MatthewHays,John Herring,&David Piper)

13.Joseph (b.4/1823 SomersetPerryCoOH d.8/26/04 CygnetWoodCoOH

(AnnaMounts)b3/19/1836Fremont d9/28/1874 m9/15/1853FremontSanduskyCoOH both


i.Elizabeth b.7/1/1845 d.6/28/1848

ii.Barnard b.10/19/1851 twin d.11/12/1851

iii.Adam b.10/19/1851 twin d.7/21/27

iv.JamesMadison b.4/7/1853 twin d.8/10/53

v.Geo Wa b.4/7/1853 twin d.5/11/1853

vi.Louis Henry b.3/10/1856 d.9/18/07

(Mary Herring) m.6/17/1877

vii.Hannah b.3/28/1858 d.3/26/1865

viii.Andrew b.11/24/1860 d.8/8/1862

--all 8 born FremontOH

ix.ChasJ b.4/21/1864OakHarborOttawaCoO d.3/23/1865

x.WmAllen b.7/5/1866 OakHarbor d.2/11/51

(EttieEmmaMartin) m.9/3/1892

xi.Mary E b.2/1850 Fremont

Most of this info on Joseph is provided by Marilyn Miller Waterman throu Lois Reiling Schanz Eiese 6530 Clay's Mill Rd;LexingtonKY 40514 606-223-1024 who may not ever want to hear from me again due to my beginner-itis

(Mary E Overmeier)

14.MICHAEL FISHER b.3/14/1813 PerryCoOH d.5/8/1897 Ada HardinCoOH

i.StPaul'sReformedCem of AdaOH

(Mary Auker)b.1818 d.9/26/1886 m.9/17/1840PerryCoOH i.Mt Zion Cem GroverHillOH

i.MelissaA b.3/16/1837 PerryCoOH the 1850OHPERE p.345 census shows her as 8

in 1850...d.3/2/1919Ada. Her gravestone, next to her dad's, lists 1837 as birthdate

i.St Paul's in Ada.m.Stevens(d.1857)m.TobiasLong-see below this pg

ii.Emoline b.1844 m.Edwards i.MtZionCem

iii.Isaac, had no children

iv.Michael had nine children:Allie,SAul, Dan,Newt,Mike,Bertha,Daisy,Etta and Cindy

v.George b.1848

A.Mrs Will Howard

B.Cora McKevett

vi.John b.1849, had no children

vii.Adam b.1846, no children

(MARY BINKLEY) m.5/10/1835 PerryCoOH

viii.SARAH ANN FISHER b.24/1835 PerryCOH



The 1870 OH census for Washington Township lists "Farmer Laborer." The 1880 OH census for the same township lists "Farmer." His death certificate of 1894 lists "Farmer." So I think it's safe to assume he was a farmer.


military service-- The Civil War

August 20, 1861, at the age of 32, he served in the Sixty-Third Regiment of the Ohio Volunteer Infantry. This Regiment was organized by the consolidation of the 22nd and 63rd battalions at Columbus, Marietta and Chillicothe from 8/1861 to 2/1862 to serve 3 years. On the expiration of its term of service, the original members (except veterans) were mustered out, and the organization, composed of veterans and recruits, retained in service until July 8, 1865. Our ancestor was discharged 6/14/1864 at camp DennisonOH.

The battles in which this Regiment, under Captains Thomas McCord and George Fitzsimons, fought bore an honorable part including the following. Details are from 1400 Days: The Civil War Day by Day by Bishop, Drury, Gibbons c.1990 by Gallery Books of W H Smith Publishers, New York.


March 3-13, 1862 New Madrid, MO

On the fourtheenth, General Pope's possession of this strategic position is the key to the control of the whole of eastern Tennessee, opening the way for an attack on the Island NUmber 10 in the Mississippi. In spite of the Pea RIdge AK victory earlier, rebel activity in Missouri had one Union soldier and nine Confederates killed in LexingtonMO, with three wounded rebels on the twelfth. On the thirteenth General Pope took control of the area round Point Pleasant MO capturing over a million dollars worth of abandoned rebel supplies, with 50 Union and 100 Confederate casualties, few fatal.


April 8 ,1862 Island No.10, Tennessee

Under General Pope's command, Confederate positions are taken capturing 3000 prisoners and killing 17 Confederates.


April 30, 1862 The seige of Corinth, Mississippi

On the twenty-ninth, the 3rd Division of the Army of OH fights at BridgeportAL killing 72 Confederates and capturing 350. General Halleck, over 100,000 men under his command, begins to move on Corinth.


September 19, 1862 Iuka, Mississippi

On this Friday, Price has command of 14,000 Confederate trooops in this small village on the Memphis & Charleston railway, 30 miles east of Corinth, where General Grant has his headquarters now. Rosecrans' Army of the Mississippi advances to recapture Iuka but an encircling maneuver fails to trap the rebel army. Rosecrans advances 18 miles and is assaulted straight off the line of march. At 4:30pm the leading Union division attacks Little's division. Federal troops continue to arrive until 9000 men are in action with General Ord's 8000 men now only five miles away. Little's 3000 troops are driven back towards dusk and Price retreats during the night. Losses are considered "light:" 790 Union casualties and 535 Confederates concentrated in Little's division.


October 4, 1862 in Corinth again

At 9:30am, Price's conlumn makes an all-out assault during which strongpoints are taken and retaken, with the Confederates pushed back and routed by a Union advance along the whole line. The Texas and Mississippi regiments push forward into a maze of entanglements and pointblank fire from batteries of 30-pounder Parrott guns. The Confederates push on, and pour six volleys into the Texans. Even then it takes bitter hand-to-hand fighting before Van Dorn's men are repulsed. The battle of Corinth costs the Confederates 1523 killed, 5692 wounded and 2248 missing or captured. Federal losses are 315 dead, 1812 wounded and 232 missing. What a Saturday.


May 13-16, 1864 Resaca, Georgia

Johnston's Confederates are joined by Polk's reinforcements after evacuating Dalton, withdrawing to a new defensive line at Resaca on the twelfth. Sherman begins a series of probing attacks, searching for a weakness in the extensive entrenchments. Johnston by the 17th has withdrawn from yet another evacuation at AdairsvilleGA. On the 20th Johnston withdraws again through Cartersville. Johnston on the 21st is at Altoona Pass. Sherman orders a march on DallasGA. WHeeler's Confederate cavalry raid Sherman's lines of communication destroying large quantities of supplies. This hampers the Federal advance, but Wheeler's absence reduces JOhnston's ability to discern Sherman's movements in front of him. Johnston retreats from Allatoona Pass, heading for Dallas via New Hope Church on the 24th.


May 25-June 4, 1864 Dallas, Georgia

Sherman deploys for an assault on Johnston's hastily-constructed defenses at New Hope Church. At 6:00 pm, "Fighting Joe" Hooker (sent west to redeem his reputation, fromer commander of the Army of the Potomac, leading one of Sherman's corps) begins a series of desperate assaults over a rain-filled ditch and muddy field. Sixteen cannon pour caseshot into Union ranks, and some 5000 Confederate rifles dominate the ground. The Federal soldiers christen the area the "Hell Hole." On the 26th, McPherson enteres Dallas with Sherman's right win while the main body digs in opposite Johnston's entrenchments. There is heavy firing all along the line at various times during the day. Movement in this largely uninhabited country is difficult; few roads pass through the dense forests, and a large coordinated attack is difficult. Johnston's counterattack on the 28th is cancelled when Hood's night march leaves him further from the Union lines than when he started. On Sunday the 29th, firing continues in the forest with the Confederates fiding their own casualties mounting as attrition takes its toll, it spite of repulsing several Union assaults with little loss. Monday, Morgan sets off on another raid into Kentucky to attack Sherman's line of communication. Although outnumbered 2:1, Johnston stalls Sherman's advance to an average of about a mile a day, protecting Atlanta. On June 1, Wednesday, Stoneman's Union cavalry seizes the ALlatoona Pass through which rusn the vital Chatanooga choo-choo. This allows Sherman to advance his railhead closer to his army. General Sturgis, meanhilw, defends Sherman's supply line from Bedford Forrest's cavalry. Sturgis leads 3000 cavalry, 3800 infantry and 18 guns from Memphis. WIth eh improved railroad communication, Sherman takes advantage and on June 4 Johnston withdraws to already-created defensive positions on Lost, Pine and Brush Mountains.


June 9-30, 1864 Kenesaw Mountain, Georgia

This was our ancestor's last battle before his discharge on June 16. On June 14, Genral Polk is killed instantly by the thrid round of a Union Parrott battery at 4000 yards, while conferring with General Johnston to abandon their position that night. No great commander, the Episcopal Church bishop nevertheless exerted a great influence on his men and his loss is a bitter blow to the Army of the Tennessee. Johnston withdraws on the 18th to Big and Little Kenesaw Mountains. By the 28th he is planning another line of defense along the Chattahoochee River, under no illusions that his outnumbered army can block Sherman indefinitely. Oh, that we could have heard great-great-great-grandfather Henry Jackson Stahl's version of these events!

It was at the close of this war, according to his obituary, that Grandpa Stahl moved to Paulding County OH, locating in Latty Township, 3 1/2 miles east of Grover Hill, where he resided until his death.


his will

"In the Probate Court of Paulding County Feb 26 " 1894

"This day an instrument of writing purporting to be the last will and testament of Henry J Stall late of Washington Township in this County, deceased, was produced in open Court for Probate; On consideration whereof, it is ordered that the said will be field in this court, and that due notice thereof and of the application to admit the same to probate, and record be given to Sarah A Stall his widow and William H Stall, L A Stall, Harvey E Stall, Hames S Stall, Mary Davis, Emma May Stall, James Bailey, Charles Bailey, Nora Bailey, Cora Edwards, Henry Edwards next of kin of the testator, resident of the State of Ohio, that said application will be for hearing before this court on the 17th day of March 1894 at 2 Oclock PM Darius Leeth, Probate Judge.

"Whereupon, on said 26ht day of February AD 1894 thre issued a notice from said court in the words and figures as follows to wit:

" Notice to Heirs

"In Probate Court, The State of Ohio, Paulding County SS...

"In the name of the Benevolent Father of all I Henry J Stall of Paulding County Ohio do make and publish this my last will and testament. Item l" I give and devise to my beloved wife in leiu of her dower all of my personal property during her natural life 2nd at the death of my said wife desire what remains of my estate, real and personal to be divided equally between my lawful heirs, my grandchildren to have the part their parents would have been heir too had their parents been still living: Item 3" I do hereby nominate and appoint my son William William (sic) H Stall executor of this my last will and testament. I do authorize him if it becomes necessary to sell by private sale so much of my personal property as is necessary to pay my funeral expenses and other just debts that may exist. I desire that no appraisment and no sale of my personal property be made, and that the Court of Probate direct the omission of the same in pursuance of the Statue. In testimony hereof I have set my hand and seal this ith day of January in the year of our Lord AD 1894

"Henry J Stall

"Signed and acknowledged by said Henry J STall as his last will and testament in our presence and signed by us in his presence.

"John W Edwards

"J H Corder

"Darius Leeth

"Probate Judge."




great-great-grandfather James Sherdin Stahl 1870-1959


James was born in Washington Township, Paulding County OH January 8, 1870 (Well, maybe. Early Births PauldingCo OH lists 1/8/1871). He was a staunch Democrat by politics and was a constable for several years. Townships were entitled to two constables, one to assist each justice of teh peace in the operation of his court, but only one might be found serving at any particular time. The position apparently was not highly desired, as there appeared to be quite a turnover in persons serving in the office. It is known that James was constable in 1907 at least.

He also served two terms as township trustee (1922-24 and 1930-32), according to Hipp's The History of Grover Hill. In another place in the book, however, the dates are given as 1922-26 and 1930-34, or four terms.

"Jim" was known far and wide as one of the best "old-time fiddlers" in the country. He played for square dances and for other festive occasions throughout the countryside, winning many of the contests in which he took part. He and Amos Place wre among the best known of the fiddlers playing in Northwestern Ohio.


marriage and children

His marriage certificate reads:


#2156 James Stall and Sadie Bailey License issued the 13th day of May AD 1891 to the above named parties. The State of Ohio, Paulding County, ss. Jacob Weimer having made application for a license for James Stall and Sadie Bailey and being duly sworn says that James Stall is of the age of 21 years, over, and has no wife living and that Sadie Bailey is not of the age of [consent? "18 years" is crossed out] but that he is her guardian and a resident of said County and has no husband living, and that said parties are not nearer kin than second cousins. Jacob Weimer. Sworn to and subscribed before me this 13th day of May 1891 Lafayette Lewis, Probate Judge.


On the next day Thomas McClure, justice of the peace, solemnized their marriage. They wre 21 and 15 years old, respectively, as were my own parents!

the Bailey-Spray-Lucas-Montgomery-McCollough inlaws

4-greats-grandfather James C Bailey, 49 in the 1870 Latty Township Census, was married to Sarah (age 48) with children Jerome, age 20, George age 19, Rebecca age 17, Noah age 15, and Thomas age 12. James died just 6 years later at age 55, of typhoid fever December 16, 1874 (death certificate), a farmer still in Latty Township. He is buried in the Little Auglaize Cemetery in Melrose, listed as being born 12/2/1820. We have already noted that his son Noah married another relative, Arminta Stahl, our Great-great Grandfather James Stahl's sister: Despite his namesake in the Christmas classic, Great-great-grandfather George Bailey did not fare well:

"A sad accident occured at the Mt Zion U B Church, situated in section 7, Washington Twp this Co, of which your correspondent is Pastor, resulting in the death of George Bailey, of Latty Twp, Sunday June 24th.

"The congregation had been dismissed after 10 o'clock services, and were making preparations to depart for their homes. Mr Bailey went to get his horse, the horse was gentle but was evidently sleeping at the time, and as Mr Bailey passed behind the horse, he slapped it with his hand, and on receiving the blow the horse kicked, strking Mr. Bailey wit his feet in the abdomen; the blow knocked him down, but he got up without assistance, and went, and sat down. He was then helped to the shade of the house, when he seemed to sink away but on receiving stimulants revived, and seemed to be sensible of the extent of his injury, called for the Pastor, spoke to him about getting ready at this late hour to meet God, and to prepare for judgement. He was then carried into the church house where he suffered terribly. Cold, clammy sweat moistened his body, and his countenance assumed the pale ashen hue of death.

"At one o'clock he was carried to the house of M A Lacy. Dr Weir arrived at about 2pm but medicine would take no effect, he died at 8pm. He died in four hour after he was hurt. Aged 26 years, 1 month 29 days. He leaves a wife and one child. On Monday at 2pm his remains was followed by relatives, friends, and neighbors, taken to the church, a funeral sermon was preached by the writer after which we laid him away in the cemetery near the Mt Zion Church to await the Resurrection.

"He was connected with no church but after he was hurt, tried to prepare in the few short hours left to make the needed preparation and seemed very composed by trusting in the merits of the atonement.

"Truly in the midst of life we are in death."



George Bailey was born 4/25/1851 in Belmont, Somerset Twp, PerryCoOH. He died 6/24/1877 PauldingCo i.Mt Zion. He had married great-great-great grandmother Nancy Ann Spray (b.3/14/1858OH) 10/13/1873 in Paulding County, she being 15 years old. They had lost a set of twins 5/31/1875, whom they buried in Mt Zion.

Nancy remarried 12/19/1880 in Paulding County to Samuel Ramsey. They moved to Columbia City in Whitley County IN where she died 8/11/1918, i.Salem Cemetery in Noble County IN of liver cancer.

Her death certificate lists her name as "Nancy Johan," her marriage certificate as "Nancy Ann, " and her daughter Sarah's birth certificate as "Nancy Jane!"


JAMES SPRAY (b.1805 WarrenCoOH d.12/25/1860 on his farm "a Jacksonian democrat and a greatly respected citizen...reared a farmer...his father having first emigrated from NC to w PA, and thence came to OH, being among the pioneers of WarrenCo...settled 4mi S of Wapakoneta... assisted the US authorities to remove the Indians expert marksman and hunter, shot many a deer and wild turkey and enjoyed life in the forest...United of the earliest converts...eventually became an ordained minister and for 22 yrs was an itinerant preacher of acknowledged eloquence and power" History of VanWert County A listing of Olive Branch aka Shinbone Cem WaTwpAuglaizeCoOH shows death date 12/24/1860 53 y11d for the Rev James Spray)

(Jane Huey) James Spray's second wife p.John Huey, a native of Scotland m.AuglaizeCoOH

1.James M (d.7/3/1883 WapakonetaACoOH served 4mo10da in CoK 15thOVI, 3yr in CoG 71OVI, shot through the hip 12/16/1864 (see below under Joseph) and "died 7/3/1883, near Wapokenta, from the effect of the wound." --History of Van Wert County) Appointed sergeant 5/1862 discharged 6/26/1865 Camp DennisonO for wounds received 12/15/1864 in battle of NashvilleTN. A listing of Olive Branch aka Shinbone Cem, WaTwp,AuglaizeCoOH shows death date of 7/1/1883 died 42y6m2d GAR; it also shows Mary E d.4/13/1875 6y4m4d and Rachel Spray d.5/1/1875 8m10d c/o JM & H )

2.Joseph C (b.2/4/1842 Shelby CountyOH, "from an old North Carolina family of English-Irish extraction...educated in an old log cabin frontier school-house, learned to read, write, became quite thorough in arithmetic, enlisted in CoK 15OVI for 3 71OVI for 3 yrs," according to The History of Van Wert County m.3/6/1864 Wapak;fought to 5/17/1865 Civil War atRedHouseWV, ColumbusKY 1862; Shiloh,FortDonelson;Clarkesville,WaverlyTN; 1863; FlinLick, Hartsville,TN;Atlanta, Dalton, Resaca, Big Shanty, SnakeCreekGap, Jonesboro, LovejoySta,Nashville,SpringHill Franklin, 11/30/1864 shot through the right arm while carrying the regimental colors as a volunteer, two of his comrades having already fallen while performing this duty, and after his own fall, his own brother James M fell shot through the hip with the flag in his hands. Joseph stayed in Cumberland hospital 2wks and at Louisville hospital 2 1/2 mo, his arm being twice amputated before it would heal,the second amputation 1/22/1865 close to the shoulder. 30 acres in "SpauldingCo" after war, teaching school, then to VanWertCo 8/1879, buying a home in MiddlePointOH, United Brethren Republicans, mayor, town marshall, councilman, pres of school board, assessor, postmaster, charter member & post commander Zeller-Hamilton post #260 GAR, appointed from Corporal 12/1864 discharged 5/16/1865 at Camp Dennison OH for wounds received 12/15/1864 in battle of NashvilleTN)


(NANCY LUCAS) first wife of James Spray p.EBENEZER LUCAS d. & m.ACoOH Ebenezer Lucas is listed as the 1832 owner of Sec 5 land in AuglaizeCoOH; Wm Spray is listed as 1831 sec 25, earliest date given for AuglaizeCoOH

children: Hester,Naomi,two c that died young, and

EBENEZER L SPRAY (b.1827 in AuglaizeCoOH according to his death certificate d.11/24/1875, of "Black Eresiapolis" according to his death certificate. PldgCo m.6/30/1850ACoOH i.Mt Zion Civil War Veteran OVI 71 CoG 1861-5, mustered out 2/9/1865 at ColumbusOH on expiration of term of service, who "returned without wounds but with shattered health and died 11/1876 as a result." --History of VanWertCo) He married (HANNAH MONTGOMERY)b.1833OH d.1906 PauldingCoOH i.MtZion who married .9/15/1878 after Eb's death to Jacob Myers (b.1831GE listed as a farmer in the 1880 census)

4-greats grandfather Ebenezer L Spray, along with his two younger half-brothers James and Joseph, found in the Seventy-first Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, organized at Camp Dave Tod in TroyOH and Paducah KY from 9/1861 to 1/1862 to serve three years, by John W Moody, captain, and John H Hunter 2d Lt. He fought at

--Shiloh, Tennessee Sunday, Monday April 6-7, 1862. At 5:15am Sunday morning 40,000 Confederates bear down on the Union camp, smashing into Sherman's and Prentiss's divisions. A belief that the Confederates were demoralized hand led Sherman to make light of possible risks, so that Southern Scouts could hardly believe the almost festive atmosphere in the Federal camp near Shiloh Church, a small log-built meeting house. It was not fortified, the Northern commanders believing that entrenching will convey an impression of weakness to the Confederates and ruin their own army's morale. Four lines across 3 miles of front is met by a hastily assembled Northern line of battle, with Sherman's and Prentiss's troops, with Grandpa Spray, mostly inexperienced. Known as the Hornet's Nest, this sees some of the fiercest and deadliest fighting of the war. General Johnston personally leads attacks on the right against Hurlbut's division in a position known as the Peach Orchard, and he dies doing so, the highest ranking officer on either side to be killed in battle during the war. Prentiss is finally overwhelmed and surrenders with 2200 men at the Hornet's Nest. WHL Wallace is seriously wounded while leading an attemped breakout through a ravine later known as Hell's Hollow. Both Confederate and Union losses are fearful there. During the evening, the Federals are reinforced by General Lew Wallace's division and by the divisions of Nelson and Crittenden from Buell's Army of the Ohio. This brings Union strength up to 54,000 against a Confederate effective strength of some 34,000.

Monday morning at dawn a Union counterattack supported by gunboats on the Tennessee River forces General Beauregard to retreat back to Corinth. "Bloody Shiloh" is over. Technically a draw, it is strategically a Union victory because it leaves them in virtual possession of the Mississippi basin. Losses are an order of magnitude greater than in any other battle of the war so far, with 1754 killed, 8408 wounded, and 2885 captured on the Unon side, while Confederate losses total 1728 killed, 8102 wounded and 959 captured.

--Clarksville, Tennessee, Tuesday August 19, 1862. 200 soldiers of the 71st Ohio Regiment, our Grandfather Spray's regiment, are captured by the Confederates.

--Fort Donelson, Tennessee Monday August 25, 1862 A Confederate force attacks.

--Cumberland Iron Works, Tennessee Tuesday August 26, 1862 Confederate attack.

--Clarksville, Tennessee, Sunday, September 7, 1862 back again

--Jonesboro, Georgia, Wednesday, August 31 to September 1, 1864 Generals Howard and Thomas cut the rail line from Atlanta to Montgomery, leaving only the Macon line as Atlanta's only lifeline. Hood sends two corps under Hardee and Lee to take up positions at Jonesboro to protect the Macon line, not realizing that Thomas, Howard and Schofield are already within striking distance of finally isolating Atlanta. Lee's and Hardee's reach Jonesboro about 3pm, but are hardly off the trains when they realize Howard's Army of the Tennessee are dug into defensive positons close by. Hardee immediately attacks, aware that the loss of the last rail link will be the end of Atlanta, but after two hours of battle has to withdraw. Confederate losses amount to almost 2000 killed and wounded, against less that a tenth of that figure for the Federal army. Schofield captures the Rough and Ready station, isolating Atlanta. Hood's last telegraph message to Jonesboro before the wires are cut recalls Lee's corps to Atlanta.

Sherman throws his entire force against the remains of Hardee's command at Jonesboro. The Confederates hold out until the end of the day, pulling out as night falls, but leaving 3000 prisoners in Union hands. Hood, bowing to the inevitable, evacuates Atlanta, the cavalry destroying stockpiles of much-needed supplies and ammunition before departing. Our own 3-Greats-Grandpa Stahl had been serving in the 63rd Regiment OVI which had been involved in this Atlanta starving since late July. Grandpa Stahl had mustered out by June 14, however.

--Lovejoy Station, Georgia, September 2-6, 1864 Sherman's telegraphed message to Lincoln states that "Atlanta is ours and fairly won." President Lincoln declares September 5 a day of national celebration, following the occupation of Atlanta and Farragut's victory at Mobile Bay in August. Sherman orders all citizens to leave Atlanta, in order to make it an exclusively military post. He prepares to destroy all structures other than private residences and churches.

--Columbia, Tennessee (Duck Run) Thursday November 24-28, 1864. Hood had been racing his 30,000 infantry and 8000 cavalry to get to the Duck River crossing before Schofield's smaller Union force so that he could attack the Union forces while they were still divided. A heavy storm Saturday makes crossing the Duck River impossible for Schofield, waiting until dark Sunday since Hood's main body now arrives opposite the Federals' hastily dug entrenchments. They cross by 5am Monday, burning the railroad bridge and sinking its pontoons behind them. Confederate deserters paint an exaggerated picture of Hood's strength as the Union troops hurry away toward Franklin on a bright fall day.

--Nashville, Tennessee Thursday December 15-16, 1864. Thomas attacks Hood's lines around Nashville with some 35,000 troops. Outnumber 2:1, the Confederate formations crack. The short winter's day gives way to darkness before the entire Confederate group can be completely destroyed. The Union camps in the cold, wet fields around Nashville, confident that Hood will retreat. Sixteen guns and 1000 prisoners are taken back into Nashville. At dawn Friday Thomas renews the battle as rain alternates with snow. 50,000 Union versus 30,000 Confederates: over 4500 dejected Confederates surrender; Hood's losses in killed and wounded are estimated at 1500. 59 of Hood's 156 cannon are taken. Federal casualties are 387 killed, 2562 wounded, and 112 missing for a total of 3061. The last major Confederate Army in the west has been eliminated. Two weeks late in his orders to attack, Thomas has saved his command by a day.


Back home in Ohio after his 1865 discharge, life is more peaceful for the Sprays and Stahls in Paulding County. Mount Zion Evangelical United Brethren Church, located one mile east and 2 1/4 miles north of Grover Hill in Section 7 of WA twp, was deeded a plot of 42 square rods of ground 7/8/1873 for $10 to Mahlon and Mariah Lacy, filed 2//7/1877 V24p379 PldgCoRecord of Deeds. Members of the Prairie Creek Class in 1872 included Noah McCullough, 4greats-grandfather E L Spray, J T Spray, D. Binkley, C Edwards, L Edwards, H G Stahl, H Edwards, N Spray, I Spray, W Edwards and ME Spray. The first log church building burned i 1882, and the present frame building was built in 1883. (--History of Grover Hill)

In 1869, great-grandfather E L Spray was listed as the teacher in Sub-District No.7. Joseph Spray was listed as teacher in this district in 1867,1871, and 1872. This Eaton School was located one mile south of Grover Hill, in the NE corner of section 35. E L Spray, M Barnhard and William Eaton were members of the board of education at the time. The 8x10rod parcel sold for $14 and was deeded 5/2/1868 to the Latty Twp Board of Education.

Ebenezer Spray is listed as Justice of the Peace from 1872 to 1875. A James Spray is listed as Justice of the Peace form 1857 to 1861 and again 1872 to 1875. Could be his half-brother.



SHADRACH MONTGOMERY (b.1/26/1791 ChesterCoPA d.10/18/1871 VanBurenTwpShelbyCoOH m.9/7/1816 JeffersonTwp MadisonCoOH came to OH with his mother in 1802. Enlisted as a private in the War of 1812, was in Hull's surrender, the battle at Queenstown, Chippeway and Lundy's Lane, and in the famous charge by Colonel Miller. His wounds entitled him to a pension. At the close of the action young Montgomery had 2 oz of British lead in his hip and leg, and was left on the fied but managed during the night ot drag himself inside the American lines. He carried the ball in his leg to his last resting place in Olive Branch Cem, (also known as Shinebone Cemetery, on SR 219 between Knierem Rd (tr 117) and Kohler Rd (CR 125), 4mi E of New Knoxville) WATwp,AuglaizeCoOH. Resided 41 years on his farm in AuglaizeCoOH, was head of the United Brethren church for 32 years, joining 10/13/1839. The land the church sits on was part of an Ohio Patent Deed to S. Montgomery in 1832, S. Montgomery to U.B. Church 8/5/1854 $2. pt se Cor SW 1/4 SW 1/4 W 1/2 section 24, twp 6S, Range 5E, Deed Book 14 p.208, S Montgomery and wife to Olive Branch Graveyard 10/14/1870; 1/2 acre part SE part W 1/2 SW 1/4, Deed Book 30 p.265)

(ISABELLA McCULLOUGH) p.A & Isabell (Clendenin) M. b.1796PA d.1876 WaTwp AuglaizeCoOH

1.Elizabeth b.1815 JeffersonTwp MadisonCoOH m.1/5/1835 AllenCoOH d.1/1/1868 WaTwpACoOH (Zachariah K Ryan)

2.Archibald (his obituary says he was born 3/29 but Mormon records list b.2/15/1819 JeffersonTwp MadisonCoOH d.10/22/1890 WaTwpAuglaizeCoOH "of him it may be said, 'he was a father to the fatherless' and the widow's benefactor. No unfed beggar ever left his door. His home has

not been without one or more orphan children for a period of 30 yrs gone by, much of the time

three or four coposing a part of the family circle. He leaves an aged companion, three children,

seventeen grandchildren and many friends to mourn his death...there were 116 vehicles in pro-

cession and at the church, which could not contain much more than half of the number of persons

who congregated to do honor to his memory." i.Olive Branch cemetery)

(Julia Ann Brannon) m.10/29/1840 AlleonCoOH Archibald's obit lists "Brannum" m.10/15

a.Shadrach S (b.9/8/1841 AuglaizeCoOH d.11/10/25 AuglaizeCoOH at son Wilder's home.

56thOVI, 156thOVI, 192 OVI "a man of sterling qualities and one who believed in a high

standard of citizenship and was a profound student of the Bible and good literature. He

was converted at the age of 19 years and was a close adherent to the faith until called to his

reward" i.Olive Branch cemetery)

(Margaret J) d.3/1904 had 7 children, 3 of which pre-deceased the father

i.R L Montgomery (listed as Justice of the Peace, Auglaize Co 1902-5

ii.A A Montgomery

iii.Wilder Montgomery

iv.S M Montgomery

3.Jane b.1824 TurtleCreekTwp ShelbyCoOH m.5/16/1843 Allen CoOH

(Aaron L Cottrell)

4.Isabella b.1826 TurtleCreekTwp ShelbyCoOH m.11/23/1843

(Richard L Howell),

5.David L b.1829 JeffersonTwp MadisonCoOH

(Sarah Jane Brannon) m.4/18/1849 AuglaizeCoOH

(Mary Ann Hook) m.3/25/1855 AuglaizeCoOH

6.Charles H b.1832 WaTwp AllenCoOH m.11/29/1855 AuglaizeCoOH

(Elizabeth Hinkle)


8.Mary b.1834 WaTwpAllenCoOH m.4/11/1850 (Mormon) 4/21/1850 (marriage rec of AuglaizeCoOH)

(James F Lynch)

9.Samalah b.1835 WaTwp AllenCoOH m.3/17/1853 AuglaizeCoOH

(James M Howell)

10.Susan Sarah b.1838 WaTwp AllenCoOH m.11/1/1855 AuglaizeCoOH

(George W Spray)

11.Shadrach J b.1840 WaTwp AllenCoOH m.5/18/1867 AuglaizeCoOH

(Mary Ann Hinkle)




The History of Western Ohio and Auglaize County (C W Wenson, 1905, Press of Wm Linn and Sons, ColumbusOH) contains numerous errors concerning Shadrach Montgomery. It says he was born in 1789 (Mormon Family Group Records say 1791). It also has him married to Julia Bannon and not Isabella McCullough. Mr Joe Pour of RR1 TroyOH has inserted a note in the copy at Wapakoneta Public Library asserting otherwise, but also quotes Lillian Taylor of ColumbusOH and Eileen Knipfer of CantonOH as saying son Archibald was born in Harrison Co, while son Charles were born in MadisonCo.

Shadrach was a veteran of the War of 1812, Private USV 2nd Reg, Co A. He was assigned to duty under General Hull in his campaign against Detroit and Canada. The disasters of the campaign and the ignominious surrender caused him to be marched through the wilderness to Fort Niagara, where he was exchanged the following year. Upon his return home, he re-enlisted and lived the events recounted in his obituary.

He moved to Darby, ChampaignCoOH, then MoultonTwp Auglaize Co in 1830. He killed the last wolf and the last deer in the County, it is said. He moved to WashingtonTwp, Auglaize Co in 1831. In 1833 "a year following the departure of the Indians from this vicinity" a new township, Duchouquet, was set up with Shadrach becoming on the first trustees. He served as justice of the peace (1853-1856), clerk, treasurer and trustee. In 1842, he became commissioner of AllenCountyOH, re-elected in1844, and in 1848 became the first commissioner of Auglaize County Ohio. "Evidently there was lack of harmony, or at least of unanimity,in the actions of the board, for the closing notation in the journal of the December term declares that 'Shadrach Montgomery dissents to the proceedings had by the board under the statute passed March 5th, A D 1831, believing the same to be illegal and incorrect.' The signature of the dissenter attached to this declaration evidently was written under much stress of ind, for the writer omitted the 'd' from his signature. In this connection it is to be observed that Mr. Montgomery spelled his Christian name 'Shadrick,' though generally where it appears in the writing of the clerk of the board it is given the regular Biblical form of 'Shadrach.'--(History of Western OH and Auglaize County pp779-80)

He was the first white settler in Washington Township, settling in Section 24 in 1830, and "on one occasion he killed two deer at one shot. He saw but one, but after the shot he found a second one had stood in range beyond the one at which he aimed..." --Historical Sketch of Auglaize County, Ohio



Shadrach's wife, Isabella McCullough, has an interesting genealogy as well:


ARCHIBALD McCULLOUGH came from CumberlandCoPA to E OH in 1797, to W OH before 1820


Mrs Elizabeth Campbell (First Presbyterian Ch Sunday School teacher, named her two dau (one died

prematurely) Rachel, after Indian agent Col John Johnson's wife


Mrs Angeline Malahan

Mrs Mary Humphrey

Samuel Houston McCullough (one of the first landowners, section 23 in 1831 of AuglaizeCoOH)

John Clendennin McCullough

Robert Livingston McCullough

James McCullough

(Mary McCullough)

Robert McCullough both b.& m.ColumbianaCoOH Methodist

(Jane Hoey) p.John & Mary (Little) Hoey d.1857

(Mrs Margaret (Downey) Gilbert)

James D (b.9/4/1852 PushetaTwpAuglaizeOH d.10/15/27 same farm lived whole life, their

first home being the 2-room log cabin built by his father, Methodist)

(Margt Campbell)p.John Livingston & Rachel (Stiles) C. b.1/1/1859 m.1/4/1877 d.4/4/49

Etta Jane (m.Wm D Shafer)

Rachel (b.1880 d.1898)

Harry Arlin McCullough (b.2/14/1887 PushetaTwp m.6/6/12 d.7/11/42 Wapak Methodist)

(Nora C Linder)p.Wm & Margaretha(Schneider)L. b.2/24/1881 Fryburg d.9/14/38Wapak

Mrs Howard B (Eileen) Knipfer r.StarkCoOH

Mrs J J (Wanda) Boesel r.AuglaizeCoOH

Mrs John (Jane Dee) Garrett r.AuglaizeCoOH


John Livingston Campbell Sr (Ireland native m.1819 MiamiCoOH)

(Elizabeth (McCullough) Hughey) p.Archibald & Isabella (Clendenin) Mc.

John Livingston C, Jr (b.1826 MiamiCoOH

(Rachel Stiles)b.1832 LickingCoOH p.Benjamin&Jemima(Elliott)S. who are both i.OliveBrCem of

AuglaizeCoOH. Jemima was dau of Samuel Jr & Margt (Parr)E, and granddau of Rev War Capt

Samuel Sr & Mary (Campbell)E and Samuel&Sarah(Leonard)Parr


George Linder (patented his land in 1835, moved on it in 1839, i.Fryburg cem

(Margt (Holtz)Wehrle)

Wm b.1/30/1845 ClayTwp AuglaizeCo Justice of the Peace in Fryburg

(MargarethaSchneider)p.Michael & Margt (Gribling)S, who emigrated from Alsace to AuglaizeCo

in 1846. sibling Michael was said to have been born at sea.


Isaac Burbage

(Eliza Timmons) b.10/22/1818 d.10/22/1878 i.Carlton/BurbageCem WaTwpPldgCoOH

A. Amelia Burbage (b.6/12/1847WorcesterCoMD d.7/8/16 GroverHill m.10/2/1860PldgCo both i.C/B)

(John J Hipp) b.7/271836 AuglaizeCoOH d.1/11/07 GroverHill p.JohnGeorge&Barbara (both b.GE)

1.Carl Otto Bismarck Hipp b.2/19/1879 PauldingCO r.StPetersburgFL

2.Mary Leona Hipp b.9/1/1870 m.Lewis Wms r.FindlayOH

3.Grover Cleveland Hipp b.11/17/1884 d.1980 both i.MiddleCreekCem, GroverHillOH

(Dora Sutton) b.1884 d.1969

a.George S b.10/27/05 PauldingCoOH

b.Ruth Winifred Hipp b.2/13/08 PauldingCoOH

4.Anna Barbara Hipp b.6/16/1873 r.Findlay OH m.Charles Drummond

5.John George Frederick "Jack" Hipp b.12/31/1881 PldgCoOH d.5/6/42 CoSpringsCO

6.Eliza Bell Hipp b.6/16/1873 d.6/16/1873

7.Julia Amelia Hipp

B.John Burbage (b.4//8/1849 MD d.11/8/1889

C.Sarah Isabelle Burbage b.1841 d.1/15/1879 i.C/B

(John Dunlap Carlton) b.11/5/1818 Austintown MahoningCoOH d.5/17/1880 m.1868 p.John&

Elizabeth (Dunlap)Carlton

l.Bahama John Carlton b.3/25/1869

2.Cyrus Carlton b.3/25/1869 m.Mary Hipp

a.Guy Carlton b.3/20/1889

3.Dolly Carlton

(David Mellinger) son of Joseph (b.1794 d.7/20/1845 first settler of WaTwpPldgCoOH) & Catherine

(b.3/2/1803 d.5/12/1866 both i.BoutwellCem WaTwpPldgCoOH) Mellinger

4.Joseph Mellinger b.4/12/1861 WaTwpPldgCo d.2/26/34 i.MellingerCem m.10/8/1886

(Emma L Spray) b.1866 to EBENEZER & HANNAH SPRAY (see above)

a.Oscar M Mellinger b.1891

b.Laverne b.11/30/1899

c.Ethel May b.8/9/1887 d.8/10/87 i.Mellinger

d.Wilbur M MEllinger (b.11/17/1904 d.1934 i.MiddleCreekCem Grover Hill)

e.David O Mellinger b.10/8/1890 (all children born in Paulding County)



James Sherdin Stahl died 3/13/59 and is buried at the Mount Zion Cemetery in Grover Hill between his wife Sarah, who died the following year, and his daughter Ruby.


"James Stahl, 89, died at 4:45pm Friday at his home 2 1/2 miles northeast of Grover Hill....

Services wre conducted at 2pm Monday in the residence byt he Rev. Mark Burden."

--"Grover Hill Man Dies" GroverHillNews 3/13/59


His death certificate lists generalized arteriosclerosis as cause of death, certainly to be expected at age 89.


The Grover Hill and Melrose newspapers printed much on Sadie:

1/23/60-- "Visitors in the Henry Stahl home Sunday were Mrs Sadie Stahl, Mr & Mrs Ike Stahl, and Ronnie, George Stahl and children of Melrose, Mr & Mrs Harvey Gilbert and daughter, Mr and Mrs Jack Panico and family of Hicksville, Mrs Edith Hinsch and Dianne Stahl of Cecil, Mr and Mrs George Straley, and daughter of Paulding, Mr and Mrs Nolan Porter and family of Grover Hill, Mrs Norma Moore and children, Mr and Mrs George Moore and daughter Bonnie Fry of Delphos. Mr & Mrs Frank Yochum and boys from Mark Center called on Henry Stahls Friday eve.

3/17/60--"Mrs Sadie Stahl is staying at the home of her daughter, Mrs Austin Bair

5/12/60--"Mrs Sadie Stahl returned to the Austie Biar home last week from a two weeks' stay with her daughter Mrs Sarah Pugh at ButlerInd

7/14/60--"Mrs Sadie Stahl is improving at Defiance Hospital. She has been in an oxygen tent.

9/01/60--"Mrs Sadie Stahl returned to the home of her daughter, Mrs Pauline Rickles from the Defiance Hospital where she was a patient over two weeks. She is much improved.

11/24/60--"Mrs Sadie Stahl was admitted to Defiance Hospital yesterday.

12/1/60--"Mrs Sarah Stahl, 84, lifelong resident of the Grover Hill community, died Sunday in the Defiance City Hospital...Services were conducted at 2pm Wednesday in the MtZion EUB Church."


Her death certificate lists myocardial infarction as cause of death, contributed to by bronchopneumonia and hypertensive cardiovascular disease.



great-grandfather Henry Jackson Stahl1897-1966


Henry was born 8/19/1897 in Paulding County, was married 2/20/1915 in the Methodist parsonage at Grover Hill, died 1/24/1966 at age 68 in the Paulding County Hospital of vascular collapse and shock due to his severe diabetes and diverticulosis, and was buried at Mt Zion Cemetery outside Grover Hill. Of course, this one sentence is not his entire life.

The Grover Hill News often ran a "Melrose News" column that mentioned Great-grandma and Great-grandpa Stahl. 9/1/1960, for example, "Mr and Mrs Nolan Porter and family, Grover Hill, Mr and Mrs Geroge Straley, their son Rudy Straley who is on furlough from the Navy and stationed at San Francisco, Mr and Mrs Geo. Moore and Judy of Delphos, Mr & Mrs Jack Panico and family of Hicksville and Mr and Mrs Henry Stahl enjoyed a picnic at Welcome Park at Grover Hill," and 4/2/1960 "Callers Easter Sunday in the Henry Stahl home were Mr & Mrs Nelson Fry and girls, Mr & Mrs George Moore and Judy, Mrs Don Moore and children all of Delphos, Mr & Mrs George Straley and Gail of Paulding, Mr & Mrs Jack Panico and family of Hicksville, Mr & Mrs Nolan Porter and children of Grover Hill, Mr & Mrs Frank Yochum and boys of Mark Center, Mrs Hinch and Dianna Stahl and Miss Charlotte Hutchinson of Cecil and Mr & Mrs Isaac Stahl and Ronnie and George Stahl of Melrose..." 1/7/1960: "Mr and Mrs Charles Bair reported seeing a robin in their yard last Monday. Mr & Mrs Henry Stahl reported seeing one in their yard Tuesday. Maybe they think spring is here already..." Of course, neither are all these details his entire life.

I personally was very young at the time of Grandpa Stahl's death, but I do remember always trying to avoid Grandma's kiss at the door, rushing in to hear her canary sing, to see the antlers mounted on shields with velvet, to hurry out the back door to admire the chickens, and slam the screen door back onto the front porch to watch for hummingbirds around the front porch. Grandpa to me was very, very big, and already sick, requiring Grandma to help him up from his recliner and to the bathroom. Of course, I was only 8 years old.


marriage and children

Grandpa Stahl was a farmer, as is attested to by his son William's birth certificate. At age eighteen on 2/20/15 he married Maud Elsie Ashenfelter, age 21, who was born 8/20/1893 in Grover Hill. She had been a teacher in Paulding County's Snyder country school, although she herself had only completed the eighth grade. Hipp's History of Grover Hill has a photo of her with her 1914-15 class. Her class of fourteen pupils included Velma and George Stahl, soon to be her sister- and brother-in-law! Like her mother before her, she was a member of the Ladies Aid Society of the Mt Zion United Brethren Church about one and one-quarter miles north of Grover Hill.

Their children were:


1.Ida Saloma (b.4/23/1916 PauldingCoOH m.1940 d.1995 Paradise Oaks Nursing Home, Cloverdale PutnamCoOH Ladies Aid Society of Mt Zion United Methodist Church

(George Moore) b.1/19/12/d.1992 i.MtZion r.Grover HillOH

A.Donald Moore (Norma) c.Randy,Judy,Bonnie,Rick,Jay

B.Judith Moore


2.Alice N b.1918 m.8/6/1937 at the Oakwood EUB Church

(George K Straley) p. Frank (d.1915) & Sarah (Holmes) S. b.1911

A.Jerry Straley

B.Rudy Straley (sold my mom her car at Jim Schmidt Chevrolet in HicksvilleOH)

(Carolyn Link)

I.Jaynne (m.7/1989 graduated Ft WayneChristianSchool&GraceCollege,teaches at Pldg)

(Gerald Smiley)son of James Smiley

C.Gale (m.Jim Hall r.StMary'sOH)



3.Isaac James "Ike" Stahl b.6/28/1920 m.1947 r.Grover Hill i.MtZionCem


 4.WILLIAM WOODROW STAHL my grandfather b.3/8/1922 Grover Hill. More later.


5.Helen Stahl b.1926 d.10/17/39 PauldingCoOH i.MtZionCem


6.Henry Stahl b.1927 d.1927 i.MtZion


7.George Edwin Stahl b.1/21/31 WATwp PldgCoOH d.1/2/64 Oakwood PldgCoOH i.1/6 MelroseCem. He worked for the PldgCo Highway Dept and was killed when struck by a Nickel Plate train traveling 70mph about two-tenths of a mile east of Oakwood. Stanley Howell of Oakwood, who was also in the truck, survived. m.3/27/50

(Ramona Place) b.11/26/33 m.SLABIE Her family tree looks something like this:


Charles H Place (i.Little Auglaize Cem Vet 64thOVI)

(Susanna Shively) b.1848 d.1931 i.Little Auglaize Cem

Amos Jacob Place (b.3/10/1876PldgCO d.3/4/50 PldgCo m.1917 WinfieldKS both i.LittleAuglaizeCem

(Edith Cottrell)

Mrs Pansy Jones

Suzanna Marie (b.7/7/08 Strafford MO d.10/15/70 LimaAllenCoOH i.Little Auglaize Cem m.7/14/24

m.Leonard Wagner & Bosserman c.June Wagner

(Cora B Stroud) b.8/1/1891OK d.3/12/84 Melrose m.1912 Frank Adams c.James & Charles Adams

p.Wm D & Addie (Cubbison)Stroud. Her siblings are Elmer and Mrs Goldie Bingham

a.Amos Jacob Place b.5/15/18 MontierMO d.4/13/91 Lima OH m.DorisMarckel i.LittleAuglaize

b.George C Place b.7/31/21

c.Wm K Place b.2/16/23

d. Richard D Place b.4/22/24

e.Brooks Rex Place b.3/22/27GroverHillOH d.5/3/72 DelphosOH i.LittleAuglaize vetWWII&Korea

f.Thomas A Place b.5/15/18 m.2/6/41 Grover Hill Edna Shafer



George & Ramona's children are:

A.Mrs George (Diane) Clemens c.George Jr

B.Mrs Stan (Deb) Mohr c.Melissa, Ramona, Dawn, Lonnie Kay

C.Joseph Stahl (m.Brenda Lassiter c.Daniel, Shane)

D.James Amos Stahl (b.4/1/56 r.OakwoodOH m.Cheryl Sprow c.Brandon Michael, KyleeJo)

E.Thomas Stahl

(Yvonne Lily) p.Russell Lily grandp.Vick/Rose Miller

c.Christina b.1985, Devon b.1993, Tommi Marie b.11/21/95


8.Ellen Maxine Stahl b.1933 d.3/13/1945 PldgCo OH i.MtZion


9.Wilma m.10/25/41 NewportKY

(Nolan A Porter)b.5/10/20 WATwpPldgCoOH d.1993 at home r.GroverHillOH i.MtZion

A.Linda Porter m.Gary Gerken 10/10/64 MtZionEUB GroverHillOH

I.Richard Gerken (m.Heather r.DefianceOH)

II.Angel Gerken

B.Rev. Terry Porter m.Sheila Pastor at Dupont Church of the Brethren in PutnamCoOH, officiated at

his grandmother Maud Stahl's funeral



III.Lisa Kay Porter (dental hygiene Lima Tech grad m.3/22/91 Dupont Church of Brethren

(Shane Leon Tegenkamp) grad of Life Chiropractic College MariettaGA son of Thomas T.

C.Michael Porter (m.Donna Peters)

c.Sarah (m.Curtis ?)

Andrew (m.Gabriel ?)

Benjamin, Daniel, Anna, Isaac


Nolan Porter's family tree appears thusly:


Andrew Porter

(Florence Younkin)

Andrew "Mike", Bill, Allen, Rebecca, Mrs Flora Boegal, Mrs Cora Weible

Wilbur Porter (b.9/13/06 LattyTwpPldgCoOH m.1937 d.1993 GroverHill both i.MelroseCem)

(Lois Irene Copsey) p.Albert&Emma(Keist)Copsey b.3/5/1922 d.1995 Dallas Lamb Foundation Home,

Payne, PauldingCoOH siblings:Ray of GrabillIN,Leroy of DefianceOH, Mrs Iva Foreman and Mrs Ova

Philpot, both of PauldingOH and Mrs Dorothy Wilson of Bushnell FL, Clarence, Mrs Edna Hamman,

Alice, Hazel, and Mrs Martha Wolf

c.Mrs Marvin (Deloris)Carr of MariettaGA, Mrs Frank (Barbara) Weaver of Pldg, Floyd

John Henry Porter (b.11/5/1890 WoodCoOH d.3/11/80PldgCo m.3/14/40 PldgCoOH)

(Fray Ethel Aleshire) b.2/25/1896 Scott,VanWertCoOH d.4/21/73 PldgCoOH both i.MelroseCem

Her parents Samuel & Anna (Matson) Aleshire, sibling Edgar Aleshire)

Nolan (m.Wilma Stahl)

Paul (b.5/19/29 d.5/20/29 i.MelroseCem),

Edith LaDean "Dean"(b.2/3/24 d.1994 EvansvilleIL i.LittleAuglaizeCem in Melrose)

Deloy Earl(b.1/21/16 PldgCo d.1996 ParadiseOaks Cloverdale PutnamCoOH, farmer, school bus

driver, Melrose United Methodist i.LittleAugulaizeCem,PldgCo Rev TerryPorter officiating)

(Stella Sherry) m.1935

c.Mrs Irene Andrews r.Oakwood

Norma (b.3/6/40 PldgCo d.10/28/96 OH613 3 1/2mi e of US127 one car accident

(Rodney Dix) r.Pldg ch.Jehovah'sWitness DefianceOH

c.Charles r.Sault Ste MarieMI

Michael r.Defiance

Jeff r.Paulding

Randy r.Paulding

Mrs Connie Osstifin r.SylvaniaOH

Mrs Cherie Nicely r.DefianceOH

Phyllis Porter r.Grover Hill

Mrs Karen Sierer r.Defiance

Mrs Francis Koenig (d.gunshot wound)

c.Mrs Max (Sally) Schutt)

Basil (r.OakwoodOH)

DeLoss "Chub" r.PauldingOH

John Rolland Porter (m. Mary r.Grover HillOH)

c.Patricia Jean Porter (m.2/11/95 Church of Chirst in Christian Union Ch, MandaleOH)

(Gregory Lynn Nichols) p.Donald & Rita Nichols of HudsonIN, owner of Liberty Distrib.

Mrs Don (Wanda)Bisel of Nuenburgh IN,

Lucille Porter (m.Warren DeCamp c.Dana DeCamp r.Van Wert OH)

Richard N b.6/16/31 MelrosePldgCoOH d.8/25/64 farmer m.4/16/55 June Kochenour (p.Elmer K.)

c.ThomasElmer Porter b.1960, DianeMildred b.1958,CynthiaJean b.1956


10.Coral r.Hicksville 1990

(Jack Panico)

A.Jacqueline (married Dr Don Underwood)

B.Jeff (m.1976He and brother John formed Scrape-N-Paint and Tree-Trimming)

(Sandra L Hudson) p.Ed&Shirley(Mollet)H. grandp. Dorothy Mollet and Ben&Lois Anderson

b.12/10/57 HicksvilleOH d.1995 Hicksville i.Lost CreekCem, Hicksville siblings Steven,Scott Hudson


C.James Henry (m.Mary Jane Hayes, and secondly Lisa M Smith in 1989. c.CassandraLynn b.1/16/90)

He played the piano and sang country music, winning some awards. He worked at TriState Music in the Defiance Mall selling pianos and giving lessons)

D.John (m.Melissa Webb. He delivered for Dad's Dog Food; one of his stops was the Defiance Co Humane Society where I was director for ten years.)

E.Janice (m.Mike Smith)

F.Jill (m.McMaster)




11.Opal m.Nelson Fry c.Bonnie and Cathy r.DelphosOH



The Ashenfelter-McEntire inlaws

Great-great-grandfather Isaac Ashenfelter, a farmer, was born June 1865 somewhere in Ohio, according to the 1900 census of "Brown Township, West of Auglaize River" PauldingCo OH. He married Ida Isabelle McEntire 8/4/1888 in Paulding County. She also was born in Ohio 12/18/1871, to Darius and Lucinda (Baumgardner) McEntire both of whom also had been born in Ohio(her dc).

This last name is spelled McEntire on Ida's death and marriage certificates, McIntire on Maud's birth certificate, but McEntyre in daughter Maud's obituary

Isaac and Ida's children were:


1.DAISY ASHENFELTER b.3/17/1889 PldgCoOH d.1931 m. Newton TUCKER (b.1885 d.1935)

c.Vera 1913-1936, Mildred 1917-1935, Marion D Tucker b.2/11/08 PldgCo, all i.Mt Zion Cem

2.ELSIE MAUD ASHENFELTER, our great-grandmother,see above. (M.E. in obituary, E.M. in census)

3.MRS CLOE LULU LOAR b.1/1896 d.1948 i.MtZion (spelled Cloe in Maud's obituary, Chloe in 1900 census)

At Mt Zion Cem she is Lulu Cloe with markers for

c.Harold,Dale,Dorothy,Ralph(b.5/24/19 d.5/25/19), and Helen (B.7/11/19 d.4/19/66).

4.MARIE GOLDIE b.2/10/1898 PauldingCoOH d.1924 i. MtZionCem m. J W SLANE

5.WILLIAM ASHENFELTER b.4/20/1900 d.10/22/1900 i.BowholtzCem PldgCoOH

6.BESSIE C b.6/29/1891 (1900 census says Jan 1891) d.7/190/11 i. Mt Zion m.Joseph BALDWIN (b.1842 CoF 38OVI Vet GAR)


8.FAYE SYLVIA b.9/20/03 PauldingCo m.GeorgeN SMITH (1907-59) and a Mr Bowers (d.1968) i."George and Faye in Mt Zion Cem)



The 1900 census shows that they had a housekeeper (Louisa Miller b.3/1883OH) and a farmhand (Albert Walls b.10/1871OH). Living next door is a Henry Ashenfelter b.6/1869 also a farmer, with wife Nora (nee Adkins b.OH whose parents were born in IN). Henry (1869-1935) and Nora ("w/H 1873-1915) are in the Little Auglaize Cem next to what we assume are their relatives Russell M, Mary E, Alma, Clarence and "inf. d/C&A".

Henry and Nora's children were, according to PauldingCoBirths:

Ethel b.7/1891 i.Little Auglaize Cem, MelroseOH

Almeda May b.2/19/1896 (b.3/1896 in 1900 census) d.1972 i.LittleAuglaizeCem m.Clarence A Birley(1888-1972) c. "inf d 7/10/22"

Clifford b.10/2/01,

Russell Marion b.11/2/03 d.1968,

Jessie Pauline b.3/21/09

The March 7, 1918 newspaper reports that Isaac went to his father William's funeral in AdrianMI.

Great-great-grandmother Ida was almost 60 years old when she died June 2, 1931 10am of "gastritis and colitis with complicating acute nephritis with uremic coma." (dc) She and her husband share the same stone at Mt Zion (almost hidden beneath a huge juniper in 1990!) which says that he died in 1946. There is a photograph of her in Hipp's History of Grover Hill with the Mt Zion Ladies' Aid Society.


Great-great-grandfather Darius McEntire, a farmer in the 1880 census of Middle Point in Van Wert Co, was b.3/15/1828 ClarkCoOH, and m.6/10/1850 UnionCoOH Lucinda (Betsy in the 1860 census? Elizabeth in the 1850 census?) Baumgardner (b.1832OH). His father, and both of her parents, were born in VA. Their children were:

1. E b.1850 OH

2.Clarissa b.1858OH

3.T N b.May 1860OH (these 3 from 1860 census)

4.William b.1866 OH m.9/3/1892 PldgCoOH Jennie Mansfield

5.Ida Isabelle, our great-great-grandmother

6.Minnie b.1875OH m.2/25/1891 PldgCoOH Joseph Niceswander (from 1880 census)

The last name is spelled McEntire on Ida's death certificate, McEntyre in Maud's obituary, McIntire in Maud's birth record. However, when Lucindy McEntire signed her name on the marriage license for Isaac and Ida (Ida was only 16 and needed parental permission), she signed it "McEntire" (but when the marriage was solemnized, the name became "McIntire" again!). She is "Elizabeth" in the 1850 census, "Betsy" in 1860, and "Lucinda" in 1880.

In the 1860 census of Taylor Twp a 19-yr-old David McIntire is a farmhand for James Mitchell, on a farm next to James (age 52) and Jane (age 42) McIntire and their children, George (16) and S P (12-year-old girl). A Deriaus McEntire is buried in Blue Creek Cemetery near Haviland PldgCoOH "d.6/6/1886 58y 2m 3dCo.B 99th OVI,GAR." The year is right. Maybe or maybe not.


Henry Jackson Stahl died Monday 1/24/1966 in the Paulding County Hospital after a stay of one day. The funeral was at 2pm Wednesday at Mt Zion.

Maud Elsie (Ashenfelter) Stahl died 11:35am Sunday July 29,1990 in Paradise Oaks Quality Care Nursing Center in Cloverdale, PutnamCoOH of bilateral bronchopneumonia contributed to by diabetes and congestive heart failure. She was 96. Her grandson Rev Terry Porter, pastor of the Dupont Church of the Brethren, officiated at the funeral with Rev Robert Kinney. James Panico, Judy Mack, and Marjorie Stahl accompanied musically, and casket bearers were Don Moore (grandson through Ida), Rudy Straley (grandson through Alice), Chub Stahl (grandson through Ike), Mike Porter (grandson through Wilma), Gary Hasencamp, Jeff Panico (grandson through Coral), James Stahl (grandson through George), and John Yochum (great-grandson through William).


grandfather William Woodrow Stahl1922-1944


Born 3/8/22 at Rural Route 2, Grover Hill OH, "Woody" was married 8/11/41 at Montpelier, WilliamsCoOH by the Rev Abraham Miller to Miss Irene Christine Hinsch. Irene was born August 14, 1923 in Hodges, Montana to David and Edith (Mattson) Hinsch. There are later chapters on these families. Woody worked on the railroad until he was called into the service of his country in September of 1943, receiving his military training at Camp BreckenridgeKY, leaving behind his wife of two years, and daughter of one year (on September 24, 1942 Woody and Irene's first child, Ruth Irene Stahl, my mother, was born. A receipt from Paulding Co Memorial Hospital dated 9/27/42 notes the charge for three days in the OB was $22!). A little over a year later, October 29, 1944, Major General J A Ulio drafted a letter to Irene:


"Dear Mrs. Stahl:

"It is with regret that I am writing to confirm the recent telegram informing you of the death of your husband, Sergeant William W Stahl, 35,227,291, Corps of Engineers, who was killed in action on 12 October 1944 in France.

"I fully understand your desire to learn as much as possible regarding the circumstances leading to his death, and I wish that there were more information available to give you. Unfortunately, reports of this nature contain only the briefest details as they are prepared under battle conditions and the means of transmission are limited.

"I know the sorrow this message has brought you, and it is my hope that in time the knowledge of his heroic service to his country, even unto death, may be of sustaining comfort to you.

"I extend to you my deepest sympathy.

"Sincerely yours,"


January 19, 1945 Grandma Irene received a letter filling in the details:


"Dear Mrs. Stahl,

"Hope you are getting along good. I was in Sgt Stahl's squad, and he was some nice boy. I was in the same accident with Stahl. I have been in the Hospital since the 12th of October, the day of the accident. I was sent back to England and arrived here the 12th of January. They flew me back by plane. Jefferson was hurt at the same time. He lost his left leg and broke his right leg and lost his right eye and has a piece of shrapnel in his brains. Sgt Howath, our platoon leader, was killed sudden. Sgt. Stahl only lived about 10 minutes.

"We were cleaning a mine field and three of the mines went off-- there were three killed and ten injured. I have the femoral arteries and femoral veins cut. Guess I'll be a cripple for life. I am able to get around but they told me here that there was nothing else could be done for me.

"You had a fine husband and he spoke of you and the baby a lot. Sgt Stahl and Jefferson and I slept together all the time in the same tent-- I guess you remember me as my lived at the Monique Hotel in Muskogee where Mrs Jackson and Mrs Stahl lived. We met you on the street one night in Muskogee walking down the street with Sgt. Stahl. I didn't know whether the War Department wrote you the details of the accident so thought I would write you as you might want to know how it happened. If there is any information I can give you let me know and you have my deepest sympathy.

"Your friend,

"Oakley E Evans

"Ward C-15

"Maya's Gen. Hosp.

"Galesburg, Ill."


February 14, 1945 in Cecil OH at Gramma Hinsch's house, Dianne V Stahl was born, four months after her dad passed away. Gramma Hinsch wanted her middle name to be Valentine because of her birth date, but V was the compromise, as I understand it. :o)


August 16, 1946:


"Dear Mrs. Stahl:

"The War Department is most desirous that you be furnished information regarding the burial location of your husband, the late Sergeant William W Stahl, ASN 35 227 291.

"The records of this office disclose that his remains are interred in the United States Military Cemetery Ste. Mere Eglise #2, plot X, row 10, grave 195. You may be assured that the identification and interment have been accomplished with fitting dignity and solemnity.

"This cemetery is located twenty miles southeast of Cherbourg, France, and is under the constant care and supervision of United States military personnel.

"The War Department has now been authorized to comply, at Government expense, with the feasible wishes of the next of kin regarding final interment, here or abroad, of the remains of your loved one. At a later date, this office will, without any action on your part, provide the next of kin with full information and solicit his detailed desires.

"Please accept my sincere sympathy in your great loss.

"Sincerely yours,


"Major General

"The Quartermaster General"


In 1948 Grandpa Stahl's body was returned to this country and following a memorial service at the Didrick Funeral Home at Grover Hill, was buried at the Mt Zion Cemetery. Mom still has his US Army New Testament, written in the front "From William W Stahl to Ruth I Stahl Sept 24, 1943," as well as his Purple Heart, and burial flag.

On March 13 of the following year, Grandma Stahl passed away at the age of 25, after a one-day stay at Paulding Memorial Hospital, of cancer. The death certificate seems to indicate an operation occurred 1/30/49 and another 3/13/49. March 15 she was buried at Forder Cemetery. Her escorts were Charles Pepper (owned Pepper's Store in Cecil), Charles Thompson, Lester Hart (owned Hart's Auto Parts in CecilOH), Dale Breininger (Cecil Pentecostal Church of God evangelist, who'd come and pray for her recovery), Robert Riley (Paul Gunderman's brother-in-law) , and Claron Wonderly, with officiating clergyman, Rev Terry Diehl. Among the friends who called and signed the register were Mrs George Straley, Mrs Nolan Porter, Mrs Henry Stahl, Miss Coral Stahl, George Simpson (Cecil neighbor and family friend) and family, Mrs Paul Sawyer (Cecil neighbor), Mr & Mrs Robert Riley, Mr & Mrs William Gunderman, Richard L Gunderman, Hazel E Musselman (Cecil neighbor), Mr & Mrs Henry Schwab (Cecil neighbor) and family, Mrs Florence Thompson (see Hinsch chapter), Rosabelle Thompson, Nelda Gilbert, Mrs Ralph Hutchins (Cecil Neighbor), Mrs Laura Pepper, Mrs E J Renollet (see Hinsch chapter), Mr & Mrs Dale H Breininger, Mr David E Banks (see Hinsch chapter), Mr & Mrs R E Landrie, Mr & Mrs D J Eagleson (Paulding friends), John Morhart (see Hinsch chapter), Mr & Mrs Leo Keegan, Mrs Pauline Noffsinger, Mr & Mrs Elmira Gunderman, Mr & Mrs Theodore Penton, Paul Gunderman (almost married Irene after Woody's death and before her illness), Mrs Katie Reed, Mrs Irene Kupfersmith (Paulding friend), and Mrs Sarah Kupfersmith and daughter.

Their daughters, Ruth, now 6 years old, and Dianne, now 4, were raised by their grandmother, Edith Hinsch.






Aunt Dianne

Dianne lived with us (meaning Mom & Dad & us kids) for some time. I have memories of her reading to us at 407 S Bryan Street, Hicksville, with her bedroom just off the left of the front door, about JFK and PT109 and Tom Dooley. I remember waking up one cold morning feeling so warm and good and secure under what seemed like thousands of quilts and comforters, all of us kids and Dianne in one bed, looking over the edge of what seemed like a very high bed indeed. Of course when when we were in trouble with Mom and Dad, Dianne was there to buy us ice cream and tell us not to forget her when she got old. Of course, we knew we would never forget her and that she would never get old.

She married 9/7/65 John Leroy Larry (b.12/23/42) in HicksvilleOH at the ripe old age of 20. John's family tree looks something like this:


Charles McComas (married Nancy Knight)

Betty, Mrs Naomi Reese, Mrs Rose Rost, Mrs Peggy Miller, and

Ruth (b.4/16/1901 LowerCreekWVa d.10/28/96 at home cook at YellowstoneRestaurant Hxvl for 17yrs

m. 1924 r.408 S Bryan; Hxvl i.ForestHomeCem Hxvl ch:HxvlAssemblyOfGod)

(Wm Brown) d.1963

Mrs Martha Warner r.AuburnIN

Janet (m. Robt Hoover c.Kelly & Herbert r.SpencervilleIN),

Mrs Nanette Mansfield (c.Gary,Gail & Vicki), Dora (m.Jerry Bigger c.Kathy&Darlene), and

Willam Brown Jr (b.12/22/25 Hicksville d.8/88 Hxvl m.Margaret Menafee, trucker, WWII vet)

Sandy VanScoder, Colleen Miller, Sarah, Janice, Roseanna Schmucker, Debra Witmer,

Nancy Sather, Rachel, John , and William III.

Charles Brown

Mrs Eldora Bigger

Julia (b.10/2/02 MiltonWV d.4/22/81 FtWayne, AllenCoIN i.Forest Home Cem., Hxvl DefianceCoOH)

(Joseph Rhodes) d.1964FL

Mrs George (Luella) Strock, Mrs Betty Kurtman, Joseph, James,

Maxine (m.Seagraves, Olds, & Raymond Baker c.Raynelle, Shirley & June (b.3/23/60) Baker),

Charles Max (m.4/25/53 AuburnIN Rose Marie Carr (p.Sidney & Ethel Carr))

Mrs Timothy (Julia) Wort, Joni, Lori, Charles, James, Terri, George

Margaret Josephine (m.Madison Larry, Virgil "Buzz" Terrill)

David Larry (b.9/7/?? m.2/7/?? SouthernChOfGod, Hxvl c.David Jr & Joshua)

(Linda Schwab)p.John & Lily Schwab

Joseph Larry (m.Marsha c.Joseph b.2/19/??, John b.1/18/??)

Virgil "Buzzy" Terrill (m.Patricia)

John Larry (m. our Dianne V Stahl)

Tommy Lee, Margaret Josephine, Timothy John


Mom and Rosie were very good friends, as were Max and Dad, as were all their kids and all of us kids. In fact, they stood with Mom & Dad at their wedding. I remember Lori, who it seemed to me was twice as tall as I was, always wanted to play house. I thought we made an odd couple even then. We lived only two houses down on South Bryan St in Hicksville, and Mom says that we used to run off to Max & Rosie's shedding clothes on the way until we arrived totally naked. Chuck and Jamie were almost brothers to us. One memory I have is of Jamie being burned as a result of playing with matches in a hedge row atht eh Water Treatment Plant across from his house. Much later I learned Chuck stabbed an old man in Antwerp with a screwdriver many times and went to a prison for the criminally insane at Lima OH.

Dianne & John's first child, Tommy Lee Larry, was born 11/13/1965 at Hicksville. Active to say the least, little Tommy was just like us Yochum kids: he loved animals, liked to play in the puddles left after a rain, chased butterflies, rode bikes, slid down the railroad hill after a snow. He grew to a huge strapping red-haired #63 player for the Hicksville Aces football team. Unfortunately, he died in a tragic car accident 5/28/82 while bicycling to his home at 938 Haver Drive from his friend Middaugh's house, a block away. He was only 16. He is at rest in Forest Home Cemetery in Hicksville OH.

Margaret Josephine Larry (named for her paternal grandmother) was born 1/26/67 at Hicksville. Quiet and demure (NOT!), she wedded Jerry Steinman at the Hicksville Church of Christ and lived at Garret and AuburnIN with her three children: Buddy Alexander (b.5/9/87), Andrew Thomas (b.12/6/88) and Stephanie Nicole (b.10/15/91).

Timothy John Larry was born 11/20/71, becoming Timothy John Dietz when adopted by Dianne's second husband, Jack Dietz. Tim joined the army, and afterward worked at Regent Manufacturing in Edgerton, then Hudson Industries of HudsonIN. He really is quiet and demure! October 19, 1996 he married in Farmer Church of Christ Amy Lyne Cook, daughter of Norman and Norma Cook of Mark Center. She graduated from Fairview in1991 and works at Dekko Engineering in Butler IN. I had the privilege of playing the March and Recessional, as well as accompanying Brenda Zeedyk for the ceremony.

Jack Dietz (b.1951) and Dianne were married 6/11/88 at St Paul's Historical Church in Hicksville. I played the historic pump organ, and Margie and I sang. Who could forget the couple's dance at the reception later at the fairgrounds-- John Cougar Mellancamp's "Jack & Dianne?"

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