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Black Swamp Audubon Sanctuaries

(click on each for more details)

Something new to try: Should you visit, please be sure to report any new species of bird, mammal, insect, tree, flower, etc you might find for a census!


1.Paulding County Antwerp, on County Road 192 just off of State Route 49. 12' deep 1.35 acre pond stocked with 500 bluegills, 100 largemouth bass, 500 wetland plants. 3 wetlands-- 1/2 acre mudflat wetlands, 1.5acre recharge wetlands (15-25" depth), 3 acre managed wetland (27" depth). Maumee River on east and west ends. 74 acres.



2. Williams County Montpelier, bordered by CR M50, CR 13, and CR 1250. 14.161 acres



3. Defiance County Preston's Island, in the Maumee River, near the intersection of Carpenter Road and State Route 424. 23 acres. For more on this sanctuary