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"Mattson Genealogy"


"What John Yochum has found out about his ancestor Mattsons so far."

May I have your attention: This is not complete. Please read with the knowledge that there may be errors and that there are certainly omissions. If you cannot bear this thought, please read no further. But please, if you can correct or add to this pool of knowledge I have tried to collect, please please contact me: John Yochum, P O Box 27, Sherwood OH 43556, or call (419)899-4227. Thanks. Last update 12/11/96. This does not include all the Mattson descendants. For more names, dates, begats, and detail see my page at GenCircles: Posted 3/25/06 to the net, in hopes of finding out more about my family.


Great-Great-Great-Grandfather Erick Mattson

Great-Great-Grandfather Charles Edward Mattson

Great Grandmother Edith Mattson (married David Hinsch)

Irene Hinsch (married William Woodrow Stahl)

Ruth Stahl (married Frank Yochum)

me, John Yochum

A very, very special thanks to Helen Matson-Olson, 540 Coffeen Ave, Sheridan WY 82801 for her very generous help in numerous encouraging letters and phone calls-- and even a personal visit!


Great-Great-Great-Grandfather Erick Mattson1834-1901


Grandfather Mattson was born in 1834 in Copenhagen. He died in August of 1901.

Grandpa and Grandma Mattson came from Sweden (son Charles'death certificate) and "were a very good couple." They bought a homestead one and a half miles from Ortonville, MN.


2.Charles (b.1865) --our direct ancestor, see below.


his wife

Margueritta Helberg was born in1837 in Sweden, and died January 7, 1907


his children

1. Charles Edward Mattson b.5/20/1865 Sweden-- our direct ancestor, see below

2. John b.1868 Sweden d.1895


Great-Great-Grandfather Charles Edward Mattson1865-1931


Grandpa Mattson was born May 20, 1865 (death certificate) in Sweden (death certificate, 1900 census), married February 27, 1888 Dora Ella Jones, and died March 24, 1931 (dc.) at University Hospital in MineapolisMN of benign prostate hypertrophy for which he had had an operation March 12. He was buried in Ortonville by the Washburn Mortuary March 26. His newspaper obituary listed him as "resident of this city for more than 40 years."

He is listed as a farmer, born in Sweden, immigrating to the United States in 1870, according to the Big Stone Township, Big Stone County, Minnestota 1900 US census.

"[Charles' brother] John wasn't much of a man, but Charles was a very good man. Charles was a very good violin player. After Charles married Dora, father Charles and Dora used to play for dances. Then Charles got to drinking and neglecting his farm horses and everything. His father talked to him and he took the Keelecure and didn't drink for 3 years. Then he started again and so his father took his farm (Neverlust Farm) away from him. Marvelle [Dora's sister] lived with them when she was 11 or 12 years old and took care of the children. Charles was so drunk he couldn't even go to his parents' funeral.

"When [her daughter] Amy was 18 years old, Dora decided to call it quits on being housewife and mother and left home in June to find a job. Amy had been in Minneapolis 6 months and decided to go home in July when [Amy's brother and sister-in-law] Clara and Lyman asked her and [her sister] Margretta to take [Clara & Lyman's son] Percy home with them to Ortonville. Amy wanted to go home and see her younger brother and sister. Percy was a small baby still on the bottle. She carried him several blocks as he couldn't walk. There were 9 of the family at home to cook, wash, and clean for without Percy. She made it somehow for a short time until her Dad tried to tell her she had to have his permission to go out. So Amy just packed up and left while her dad was out. Lyman picked up Percy later. Agness was 12 and could cook a little but their grandmother done the washing and baking at her home until the kids were put in an orphanage. Dora was working some place but thought she would be home soon. She didn't write to the family at that time (a couple months), but she never wrote much any time she walked away from home. The kids never heard from her until November 1915, asking for money to visit her parents in Ortonville after five years in the West. Amy sent the money and Amy didn't hear from her mother for another five years. Dora just wanted to stay away from her family and enjoy life in her own way. After the kids got married she wrote to them off and on until she died. Amy took care of Dora in1942 for a couple of months and buried her in California. Dora told her second husband she only had ten children as she was conscious of having thirteen."

--H A Larkin Clerk Districk Court Big Stone County OrtonvilleMN.


Helen Olson (daughter of Charles' son Lyman) remembers her grandfather living with them. He was supposed to be watching the kids while the parents were working. She remembers her job (at age 7) was changing her little brother Raymond's diaper because grandfather didn't like that job.


(Dora Jones) b.OH I was so fortunate to have mailed to me by Helen Matson-Olson a letter from Dora to her brother Bernard Jones in her own handwriting, dated February 21, 1940 from BreaCA:

"Well I have tried to get these dates down so one could tell some things of Our Familys and I think they are O.K. and I wish I could tell you of many good dates but I can not take it down in good words. But here are a few words that some of the Familys think that Grandfather was a drinking man, and all so that Pa was, but they were not of that type they might take there tody and they were good men as far as all good people were. Grandfather Jones was of a Royal descendant and if you Bernard look back you yourself can see the that trate of carecter crop out in many of us. This is true because many a times I have had Grandpa tell me he had Blue Blood in him and there was many of women told I must of had Blue Blood in me that I carried my self that But we I should not worry about that.

I am going to tell you I have a letter of Great Grandfather I do no remember that Date now. There is a think I must tell you of grandpa it was at the time that he lived on the Island and he came down to Big Stone City sell Hogs or meat, and He was not dress like a gentleman , But He and a friend came over to Ortonville to see "Buffalo Bill" when he was with wild west show in the 1900. Well Charles and I were at the show we came in was on the fifth row of seats and in looking around saw Grandpa two seats below us well he saw us and passed the time of day. The show was on. Well how good those stunts were I do not remember but biggest stunt was Buffalo Bill himself. He came on the arena with that Beautifull Horse of his and how he could shoot those glass balls I do Remember andt he amount of them he was to shoot but any he did not miss any of them. Then is when Grandpa jumped up and yeld out "Well done, Buffalo, well done," and then Buffalo Bill came up in front of Grandpa andtook of his fine fathered hat and bowed and waved his Hat and the Horse bown down on one need to Gradpa, well there was when the People just rose up and waved called and called, what a time they had. I was so astonded at it all. that was the bigest thing I ever saw in my life. Grandfather could not say anything more Was that a great hounor? I think so. Just keep this letter and think of Our People. Sometime I do wish I might Tell you many thing of Our life when you a little boy and when we lived in Ohio for I was 7 years when we came to Minn. and I went to school there and remember all about our trip to Minn. of Gradpa home in Ohio and all of them and saw the Places when I went to Ohio in 1918 back to Clyde, Freemont, and my other places.

"Mother said that Grandpa was John Jacob Batdorff and that is the right way to spell the name. He was Born Dauphin Co, Penn May 3 1806. Died July 10--1870 Delta Ohio.

"Christina Busch b. Oct 24--1818 Adams Co Penn. Died Aug 31--1884 Delta Ohio.

"The children born Batdorff. Cathrine B Oct 21 1839 Wayne Co Ohio. d.Aug 31--1918 PawPaw, Mich.

"John and Elizabeth b.Sept. 2--1841 WayneCo. John Died Nov 1-1911 Elizabeth Died Delta Ohio June. 1928

"Andrew Jackson B. Sept. 7-1845 Wayne Co. Ohio. D. Nov. 7-1918 Claremont Co Ohio

"Mary L. B.Oct. 10th 1848. Wayne Co D.Sept. 16-1935 Tumwater, Washington

"This dates are from an old Bible that Aunt Lib had and it was Grampa Batdorff Bible Della Crile sent me the Dates about 1926 I beleave and Mother told me many of the date so they O.K. and she told of Aunt Opha age as near as she could remember. Now Bern I have taking many hours to these Books and day s to gather the dates from the Folks Billy help me write and I have sent a lot of them I hope you enjoy this Book as much as I did and getting them ready for you I will write the names down again with the Birth Places.

"Aunt Orpha not down on the roll but ma said she b.Aug 1865 or about then. And she married Gary Smith of Fulton Co Delta Oh . I remember her very well.

Charles' children

1. Lyman Erick Matson b.6/15/1888 BigStoneCo OrtonvilleMN(bc. 1900 census) d.3/8/69 Mpls (dc) of arteriosclerosis & diabetes a carpenter/contractor, left Ortonville1910, lived in Minneapolis until 1918, then to AlbertLeaMN, then DesMoinesIA for one year, 1922. Detroit MI til 1928, then MemphisTN for 6mo, then StLouisMO for 6mo, then Mpls in1929 for 6mo. Bought farm at MonticelloMN, moved to Mpls and in 1938 to Spring Lake ParkMN, then to Mpls til their deaths

(Clara Hasse Brown) wed in Mpls MN

a.Percy (b.2/12/1909 MplsMN d.1937 HennepinCoMN)

(Susan Kurtz) m.7/31/22 DesMoinesIA b.8/27/1899 JolietIL (dc.) d.1/23/82 MplsMN. (dc.) p.John & Susan (Lazorcik) K.both b.Vienna orCzechoslovakia (dc) had an arranged, false marriage 1915 to John Vargo, writes her daughter Helen, but never had contact with the man both i.Glen Haven Memorial Gardens Crystal in HennepinCoMN

a.Mildred Helen Matson (b.7/7/24 1315 Horton FerndaleMI m.10/17/45 Little Rock PulaskyCoAK)

(Forrest Olson) b.12/5/16 AlbertaMN d.10/28/72 SheridanWY lung cancer i.CusterBattlefield MT. m.1stBerniece c.boy b1939&DonnaMay b.5/26/40

Olson ancestors:

Elmer O & Rosetta M (Kryter) Olson

Forrest (m.Helen Matson)

Cleo (r.CheyenneWY)

Mrs Irma Fredrickson (r.RichfieldMN)

Gladys (b.8/9/04 MacyNB d.4/4/81 WatertownSD)

(ElmerPalm)d.1969m.1/10/40 MonticelloMN r.LakeNordenSD

Gordon (m.Dianna r.LakeNorden)

Corrine ( r.NorthBranchMN)

Guy (m.Norma)

i.Donald Dale (b.4/8/50 MplsMN m.9/14/72 SheridanWY)

(Sharon Marie Johnson) her parents were .JoAnn Chapeck/Johnson/Smith/Wallack (who d.11/27/75) & Wm Halvor Johnson b.12/14/54 GilletteWY divorced D. Matson & m.2nd Kim Byrum)

A.Travis Christopher (b.7/14/75 SheridanWY)

B.Kevin Levi (b.6/30/77 SheridanWY)

C. Brandi Heather (b.9/4/79 Sheridan WY)

(Mary Edmundson) her parents .Jean & Charles Edmundson

ii.Darrell Duane (b.3/22/52 MplsMN)

(Linda Beach) b.2/8/55 SheridanWY m.9/25/76 SheridanWY

(Ralph Benjamin Bain) had son previously named Benjamin b.1968UT

"Let me explain why I think Lyman used only one 'T.' Dad was married to Percy's mother Clara...then he married my mother. To keep the two Lyman Erick Mattson's separte identities. A 't' was dropped when Lyman married a second time...I am a gal from Minnestoa...In Minneapolis I lived on Snelling Avenue...In 1952 Forrest...& I moved to Lynwood CA. We had a beautiful home, convertible car, boat, and all the nice things of life. But the smog was getting bad. We were invited to a Reunion in Wyoming for Forrests' folks...Wyoming skies were blue and NO SMOG. We had lived in California for 2 years...We moved to Wyoming just 18 miles West of Sundance. We had a very small trailer...Mr Krouse allowed us to park on their property [and after a very bad deal with Forrest's brother Clyde involving the Contract for deed onthe CA home] ...we had our small trailer pulled to Sheridan WY. We operated Ole's Standard Service at 2100 N Main St...An opportunity came up to purchase the Triangle Service & Motel at 502 Coffeen. We moved... August 15, 1965."

b.Leona May (b.5/1/23 d.5/1/23)

c.Doris May (b.3/15/26 FerndaleMI m.8/7/49MplsMN)

(John Onstad Blixrud) b.7/16/20 BarrettMN fills entire screen during scene filmed at FtSnelling Cem in Purple Rain

i.John Leslie (b.10/23/51 m.8/26/78 MplsMN)

(Mary Jo Heinsch) b.2/2/48

A.Jeffrey Jonathan b.8/21/80 MplsMN

ii.Diane Kay (b.1/7/53 MplsMN m.4/10/76 StLouisPkMN)

(Steven Lee Stewart) b.12/7/51

A.James Robert (b.2/11/79 MplsMN)

B.Michael David (b.9/20/81)

iii.Kathleen Marie (b.6/13/59 MplsMN)

d.Raymond Carl (b.1/20/28 FerndaleMI r.CA paints w/natural sand)

(Sharon Joanne Murphey)b.12/12/33 MplsMN m.9/29/51 LobbinsdaleMN

i.Kimberly Irving Matson (b.9/1/52 MplsMN)

(Mary Louise Curtis) b.2/5/52 BendOR

c.Jethro Karl b.1/2/72 MplsMN

Eric Damon Lyman b.8/14/73 MplsMN


ii.Pamela Ann Matson b.3/22/55 LynwoodCA m.Gerald Lakeman

c.HopeSheree b11/10/73 GardenGroveCA

DanielShane b12/31/74 FtValleyCA


(Lori O'Hearon) b.2/8/27 LaPorteIN

(Carol r.CA)

e.Ralph Bernard (b.12/14/29 MonticelloMN m.1/15/49 RobinsdaleMN)

(Jane Ellen Johnson) b.1/26/29 EllsworthWI

i.Steven Creg (b.2/5/50 MplsMN)

(Trina Kay Secrist) b.1/1/58 GardenCityMI m.12/29/75 PhoenixAZ

c.Venus Love Matson b.8/2/76 PhoenixAZ

(Debbie) b.1/13/60 m.5/17/86 PhoenixAZ

c.Jeremy b.11/4/80

ii.Stanley Curt (b.3/25/53 MplsMN d.9/14/73 NewLondonCT)

iii.Clifford Neil (b.9/28/54 MplsMN)

(Pamela Gail Secrist) b.2/16/52 GardenCityMI m.9/24/76 PhoenixAZ


c.Kurt (adopted by CNMatson)

Sheila Bauer (b.12/5/1970 adopted by CNMattson name chg to

Sabrina M)



c.Neil Christopher (b.9/26/88)

iv.Linda Fay (b.7/26/58 CoronaCA m.7/7/79 MplsMN)

(Lyle Gene Tucker) b.6/6/58 SirenWI

c.Stephanie Rae Matson b.8/1/76 GrantsburgWI

Christopher Stanley Tucker(b.11/10/81 StPaulMN)

f.Roland Robt (b.10/17/32 MplsMN r.Mpls occupation Ford Co)

(Joyce ODonnell) m.12/11/56 Robbinsdale MN

(Clayton Albert Terrell)

A.Clayton Albert "Mutzi" Terrell (b.4/18/54 MplsMN d.12/8/72 MplsMN

adopted by RR Matson)

B.Robert Roland (b.4/13/62MplsMN m.Terri Randall c.Nicole b.7/10/88)

C.Linda Lee (b.6/6/60 MplsMN)

D.Juanita Aletha Terrell (b.3/12/52 MplsMN adopted by RR Matson)

(Rich'd Wms) b.GA m.2/10/71CA

(Bill Fink) m.8/17/74 c.Jennifer Rebecca b.1/21/74

c.Jennifer Rebecca Fink (b.1/21/74)

(? Warren)

c.James Dean b.7/14/85 DeerRiverMN

E.Cynthia Lee b.8/13/57 MplsMN

(Marcus Chas Warren ) b.9/14/57 m.MplsMN

c.Melissa & Brandon b.9/2/81 both b.MplsMN

F.Scott Arnold Terrell (b.7/8/50 WasecaWI adopted by RR Matson)

(Gail Elizabeth Hurper)b.2/20/52 m./30/71 CA

c.Shilo Matson b.3/30/73 CA

Christina Matson b.10/28/.77 Mpls MN

Jessica Joyce Matson b.9/21/79 Germany

g.Mildred Marvella (b.10/18/34 MplsMN d.11/1/75 SirenWI i.ViolaLakeCem )

(m.ChasMatthewMcMillan) b.5/16/53MplsMN m.5/16/53 SirenWI

A.Debra Kay (b.10/26/54 MosesLakeWA)

(Randy Bruce Behrends) m.7/26/75 FrederickWI

c.Angelica Christina b.2/7/77 StCroixWI, Daniel Jay b.1979WI

B.Sandra Lee (b.3/13/56 MosesLakeWA m.10/15/77 FrederickWI)

(Michael John Swanson) c.StacyMill b.6/25/78, Katie b.9/8/81

C.Sheri Lynn (b.6/1/58 MplsMN m.Ray Martin )

c.Pamela Lynn b.10/10/77 ShellLakeWI & Joey b.1980

D.Kenneth Ross (b.11/30/59 MplsMN m.Gigi ? c.Jeremiah, Michael)

E. Karen Mae

h.MarionMae (b.1/9/38 m.1/29/60 RobbinsdaleMN)

(James Leonard Peterson)b.2/24/41 StacyMN

A.James Eric (b.9/27/62 MplsMN m.7/19/87)

(Debra Kay Lundstrom)

i.Robert Elsworth (b.1/6/41 m.5/24/62 RobinsdaleMN)

(Sharon Mae Hartig) b.1/21/43 SpringLakePark

A.Marilyn May Matson (m.Raymond Hazelip stepc.Raymond HazelipJr)

j.Susan Lee (b.3/5/42 MplsMN)

(Edwin R Hughes) m.10/21962

A.Robin (b.8/3/63MplsMNm.DanCogswell -dad of kids ChasBevard)

c.SusanLeeHughes(b.1/15/80),MichaelVanHughes (b.10/9/82)

(Thomas E Ashton)m.8/9/58 Lake LillianMN

B.Thomas Allen b.11/10/58 MplsMN

C.Barbara Ellen b.a5/10/60 MplsMN

2.Carl Merton (b.8/30/1889 BigStoneCo MN 1900 census d.5/17/18)

3.Bernard Orlando (b.12/29/1890 BigStoneMN census 12/26 bc. d.8/29/63)

(Hattie Spanier) b.3/21/1890 BigStoneCoMN m.1909 MplsMN c.Florence b.1909

4.Amy Theodora (b.4/9/1892 BigStoneMN census 4/9 bc.)

(Herman Peterson)

(Charles M Evans) m.5/3/15 GlendiveMontana

Margarette M Evans b.8/22/21

5.Margretta Marvella (b.7/21/1893 BigStoneCo MN census d.4/27/15OakForestIL)

(Joe Vittora) m.7/11/11 ChicagoIL

6.Edith Della (b.7/1895--our Grandmother, direct ancestor-- see below)

7.Victor Allen (b.9/31/1896 MN census d.6/3/05 OrtonvilleMN)

8.Agnes Mary (b.2/9/1898 BigStoneCo MN census d.7/28/26 OnalaskaWI)

(Elmer J Waters) m.6/5/17 ArcadiaWI c.WmDallas b.2/9/18

9.Edward Richard (b.5/14/1899 BigStoneCo MN census d.6/17/68

(Florence ?) m.2/7/18 NewarkNJ

c. ? b.4/29/20 TampaFL

(Opal May Jenkins)

Edward Joseph b.9/2/38

10.Sybil Frances (b.8/5/1900 BSCoMN d.6/12/62 PalmdaleCA)

(Arthur C Bundy) b.7/22/1887 MankotaMN d.3/21/43 DuluthMN m.8/25/19


a.Leroy Lorraine Bundy (b.7/25/20 Fergus FallsMN)

(Elaine Svdveling)b.3/3/22 m.12/944

c.Mahola Catherine Bundy b.8/22/55, Adam Cornelius Bundy b.5/31/59

b.Zelta Patricia (b.2/27/22 FFMN m.4/39)

(John Fritz Tesar) b.4/21/15

A.John Michael b.1/1/40

(Janice Neutgens)b.1/23/46 ShakopeeMN

c.Todd b.2/13/65, Gary b.3/7/64

B. Andrea Lyman b.11/2/45 m.David Croudray-- b.HopkinsMN

C. Jon Raymond b.4/3/53

D. Jeffrey Douglas b.5/13/55

c.Frances Mahola Bundy (b.12/16/23 SilverStarMN m.11/10/44 YumaAZ)

(Phillip Beckett)

d.Sharon Rae Bundy (b.10/21/36 DuluthMN m.11/1/52 SouthgateCA )

(Clayton Wilson Jones)b.5/5/30 BostonMA

c.Valerine Ann b.8/3/55 BractonMA, Lisa Sharon b.1/2/57 Bracton,

Julie Frances b.5/31/58 EBridgewaterMA

(Francis McCarthy) b.12/1942 DuluthMN m.1944 LA,CA

(Joseph Farkett) b.9/30/89 GalenaMT m.1949LA CA

11.Inez May (b.1/5/03 BigStoneMN m.4/3/23 WolcottND)

(Donard Arthur Thue)b.8/19/1895 RichlandCoND

a.Donard Arthur Jr (b.101/0/34 WahpetonND m.CarolynJeanCullen-b.12/13)

c.Todd b.5/27/61, Patty b.8/11/62, Sara b.12/13/67

b.Delores Isabel (b.9/2/29 WalcottND)

(Elva Junior Hart) m.9/4/49 WalcottND

A.Cheryl Carmon (b.8/18/52 BuckCreekIN)

(Marvin Dale Hall) p.W Jack Hall m.10/18/75 PauldingOH

B.Carol Maria b.1/12/54 BC,IN C.Shelia Rene b.3/16/56 DefianceOH

D.Tanya Lee b.8/27/58 DefianceOH E.Betsy Lynn b.12/25/62 D,OH

slight interrupt with Hart genealogy

Frank A Hart (b.1/12/1880 VanWertCoOH d.2/21/68 Cecil PauldingCoOH)

(GoldieMSmith)sibs:MrsKent(Myrtle)Brown d.LodiOH, ChasA, Jason, Mrs Carrie Miller.

1.Frances Elsie (b.1911 d.1983 )

(Arthur I Harrow) b.1906 d.1978 both i. BowholtzCem, PldgCoOH

2.Daisy E (b.1909 d.1910 i.Bowholtz)

3.Rosie L (b.1900 d.1902 i.Bowholtz)

4.Chester (b.2/13/16 PldgCoOH d.5/13/86 SherwoodOH WWIICoG i.RochesterCem


Roger (physician)

Mrs Bruce (Elizabeth) Mosier

Mrs Martin (Christine)Metzigian

(Elin C Borg) b.11/1/09 d.10/1/66 WWII Navy

(Julia Lichty) m.1969

5.Charles A (b.1903 d.1950 both i.Bowholtz Cem PldgOH

(Opal ?) b.1904 d.1960

c.Lester, Mrs Paul (Dolly) Laffin, & Mabel M (b.1930 d.1960 i.Bowholtz)

6.ElvaEHart (b.4/30/05 JacksonTwp PldgCoOH d.2/28/92 Pldg both i.RochesterCem

CecilOH m.6/22/26

(Alena Belle Calvin) p.RileyL & Fanny (Loar) C b.5/26/03 PldgCoOH d.8/86 Payne

PldgCoOH sibs:Riley,Mrs Edythe Diebert, Mrs Margt Maynard, Mrs Ethel

Reasoner, Mrs Manila Sorgen

a.Barbara Jean m.Charles Schuppenhauer

b.Elva "Junior" Hart

(Delores Isabel Thue)


c.Parnell Gerald Donald Thue (b.6/14/28 Kindred ND)

(Rose Lentz) b.2/14/??

c.Keith Parnell b.4/2/57, Kevin Chas b.7/59, Karen Claudine b.5/62,

Kim Emily b.3/64

d.Harold Donald Thue (b.8/4/25 WolcottND m.6/14/44)

(Lillian Kneltson)

c.David Harold b.5/3/47, Gail June b.6/12/??, James Wayne

Charles' children continued

12.Signor Jones (b.6/5/05 BigStoneMN m.9/5/29 OceanviewVA)

(Ollie Mae Miller)b.7/9/07 ClevelandTN

a.Mildred Louise Mattson (b.9/3/30 OceanviewVA m.GA)

(Thomas Sneed) b.BushcreekIN

c.Steven Sneed b.4/17/72 m.Diane Frazer

b.Frank Bartley "Fatback" Ernie Mattson (b.7/10/35 m.7/22/60)

(Lois Ann Hood) b.3/8/37 RockwoodTN

A.Bradley Frank b.2/12/66 ChatanoogaTN

B.Bartley Dale b.2/18/69 C,TN

c.Dennis Mattson b.9/27/38

(Glenda Keaton)

c.Richard b.8/20/65, Harold b.10/8/68

(Helen Murphy) c.Denise Murphy

d.Daryl Mattson b.9/27/38 m.6/1/61 Frances Louise Burgess

A.TracyKaren b.1/27/63

(Steven Wayne Coffilt) b.10/15/59 m.10/7/81

c.Daville Matson b.6/20/67, Steven Taylor b.7/22/82,

Matthew Ryan b.2/12/85

B.Gayla b.6/20/67

13.Mildred Helen Stough (b.1/3/06 BigStone,BSCoMN bc. m.8/15/23 StanfordMT,

adopted by Allen J Stough--b.9/12/53 Crawford CoOH m.7/4/1887-- and Alma C

(Culver) Stough)

(Charles "Buster" Rutherford Goyins) b.4/6/05 UticaMT d.4/13/83 Great FallsMT

a.Blair Allen Goyins (b.1/4/24 Great FallsMT d.10/14/68)

(Carol Hedrick) b.Great FallsMT m.MT

A.Sandra Kay b.11/30/46 GF,MT

B.Andrew Charles b.8/17/56 GF,MT

(JoAnn Morris) m.6/18/54

C.Pat D.Mike E.Vance

b.Naida Shirley Goyins (b.10/26/29 m.1/11/48 StanfordMT

(Hoyt DuBois)

A.Craig Hunter (b.12/30/49 GF,MT m.BosemanMT)

(Debbie Saylor)

c.Jason b.4/20/70

B.Lance Hoyt (b.10/13/51 GF,MT

(Billie Greavas) b.7/17/52 GF,MT

c.Mica b.6/13/76 BozemanMT

Sage b.10/7/82 BozemanMT

C.Sheila Rosalind (b.10/30/54 GF,MT)

(Loren Hess) c.Syri DuBois

slight interrupt with Goyins genealogy

Thomas Goyins (b.CornwallEN m.Elizabeth)

Andrew John(b.3/5/1870CornwallEN d.5/25/44 MT m.11/1/1897 YoloCreekMT)

(Carrie Misner)p.Hiram E & Hettie M d.4/5/45 sibling Bertie m.11/1/1897 Ed Husey at


Hettie b.12/25/1898 TallGateMT

Percy b.12/18/1900 UticaMT d.1/3/70 m.2/25/27 Ida May Proctor

Gale Percy (m.Patrica Brown c.Gerard,Gregory,Kathleen, Jeffrey,Denise)

Joyce Carol

Judith Rose (m.Richard Hueth c.Shannon Karol, Shawn Richard)

Don Larry Goyins(m.Terri Huffine c.Kelli Dawn)

George b.3/22/03 TG,MT

(Mary Johnston) m.9/5/26 c.Lorraine,Gary,Beverly

(Winnifred Larson) m.4/8/48 d.9/5/56 c.Max,Kenneth, Donna

Charles Rutherford "Buster" Goyins

(Mildred Helen Mattson-Stough)


Dora, Charles' ex-wife, remarried to

(William E LaBarre) p.John&Lydia sibling: JN b.4/11/1869 CedarFallsIA d.2/13/38 BreaCA m.10/19/21 TulareCA

(Ella Heller) d.6/27/20CA


WaterlooIA obituary:

William E. LaBarre, 71, native of Waterloo and son of Waterloo's early residents died unexpectedly in his home in BreaCA Sunday according to word received here Mondy by his brother J N LaBarre, 710 Grant Ave. Cause of his death was not known here. It was expected burial will be made in California. Born here April 11, 1867 he was the son of John and Lydia LaBarre. John had come to Waterloo in1855, only 10 years after the first settlers arrived. William's first wife was formerly Ella Heller. She died 6/27/1920 in California. FOr many years Mr LaBarre operated a dray line in Waterloo. The LaBarre family left Waterloo near the turn of the Century. After living on a farm for five years near CandoND they moved to CA. Mr LaBarre was married at TulareCA on October 19, 1921 to Mrs Dora Jones who survives along with seven children and nine grandchildren. The children: Mrs Ruth Patterson, PasadenaCA, Mrs Alice Edelman TulareCA, Ralph and Robert LaBarre CottonwoodCA, John LaBarre AndersonCA, George LaBarre PortlandOR, Jack LaBarre DunsmuirCA. Only family surviving besides the brother in Waterloo is Frank LaBarre MiamiFL. Wm LaBarre visited in Waterloo in the summer of 1936.


Great-Grandmother Edith Mattson1895-1974

Gramma was born July 17, 1895 in Ortonville, a city of nearly 3000 now, located at the foot of Big Stone Lake which forms the boundary line between Minnesota and South Dakota for 36mi. The Minnesota River begins there. It has 16 granite quarries. Due to a band of Sioux who swept across the Big Stone Lake area 8/21/1862, killing whites, western Minnesota was practically deserted. Only six houses were in Big Stone County up to August of 1870.

She married David Jackson Hinsch 4/8/15 in Wilbaux, Montana. Read about his family in the Hinsch chapter.

She died April 23, 1974 in Hicksville DefianceCoOH.

Other chapters of my family include the Yochums, and the Stahls.